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DSC06694 (1024x688)

I made a few more flower brooches for the show.  Sadly, no one was interested in buying any!  Lots of handling, lots of oohing and ahhing, but no dinero passed hands!




DSC06697 (1024x716)

Anyway, they are still pretty, still sparkly, and still in my home to enjoy! 

DSC02670 (1024x620) A while back, I was trolling some of my favorite thrift stores as I seem to do a lot when I spied a button necklace.  It was lovely, had some great buttons and was really different.  I, however, didn’t like the price tag.  The buttons were great, but not $25 worth of great.  Instead of waiting for markdowns and hoping it stayed there I decided to think through a way that I could make it. 

The buttons on the thrift shop necklace were held on a carrier that was plastic.  I have seen them since at some of the craft stores, but thought I could figure out how to make it with what I already have.  I was picking up some wooden checkers DSC02671 (1024x896) when the inspiration hit me.  Use the checkers to hold the buttons.  That is how this necklace came to life. 

I love how it came out.  I added a second string so that I could add some additional beads to the front of the necklace.  I like how it turned out. 

Next time I will make some changes: use thinner checkers, drill two holes in the checkers so they will sit flat with the help of the necklace, and make it a tad bit shorter.  This one is 18” and it could be a bit tighter, but not a choker.  I cannot tolerate chokers!

What has inspired you?

Why yes, I can!  Meridien Ariel hosted an owl swap and I was partnered with Sara in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  DSC01591 Sara has a 4 year old daughter so I wanted to make a little something for her, too. 

I made Sara an appliqued owl tote bag.  the tote is denim and a thrifted one.  I appliqued the owl onto the pocket on the front.  I love the pink and green colors of the fabric that I used.  I outlined it with pink embroidery floss and added some pink buttons for its eyes. 

For her daughter I made an owl stuffie.  I made it using some blue corduroy fabric, some coordinating fabrics and some yarn covered buttons for its eyes. 

DSC01593 DSC01594


The package was to contain a thrifted item and candy, too.  This is the thrifted item I sent to her.  I found this lovely apron with the cutest border and smocking.  For the candy I sent along a large box of Mike and Ike’s.  A former co-worker got me addicted to Mike and Ike’s.  I love matching up the colors and eating them in pairs. 

Sara mentioned that she cannot get a lot of the neat craft items we can get here so I also added some crafty items.  I added some letters, borders, trims, and some scrapbook papers. 

I am crossing my fingers that it makes it there.  It was still in transit last time I checked.  Sara mentioned that things occasionally “go missing” there.  It has been in transit since the 12th of February! 

‘Cause it is sure bloomin’ up a storm here at the Casa de Crafty…DSC01569

Here a posey, there a posey…








Everywhere a posey, posey…








The Casa de Crafty is a bloomin’ along…




Have you seen any signs of spring?

You put some yarn in,

You add a crochet hook,

Top with a pretty button,

And follow with a pin back…


You do the crocheted broochey pokey and you pin on your lapel

And that’s what it’s all about!




Last week’s mail was great.  There was a lot to be happy about in my box. 

First up is my new necklace from Fruitcake Designs courtesy of Etsy.  I loved the acorn image and it is a piece of fabric that she sealed with resin and then embellished with red and black flowers.  The necklace is thrifted. 









I also purchased the fat birdie brooch from her.  Isn’t it so cute and oh so fat!  She sent along the flower brooch to say thanks!









I received the button swap from my partner, Shelby.  She said in her note with the swap that she is a paper artist.  Her origami bugs she sent along are too cute!  I also love the button flowers she made for me. 


Thanks, Shelby, I love all of my goodies and my blue buttons, too! 






I also received a package from Sew Spun.  She had a blog contest to name her new yarn creation.  My suggestion won. 

The yarn is a dark lavender and the bias trim is a light lavender.  the fabric behind it is my fav colors of yellow and pink. 

It is amazing how you take a bunch of pics at the same time with the same light and this is what you get. 


What made you happy last week?

I think it is very apparent to everyone that I have a bit of an addiction!  A broochy addiction.  I am like a crow, if it catches my eye it is mine!  I like every so often to search on brooch tutorials and see what new things are out there in the broochy world. 

Made with Love By Hannah has a tutorial for ric rac dahliahs.  She also made some using patterned ric rac, too.  Aren’t they so cute?  I can see that on my enormous to do list!

Boutique Nutmeg has this really intricate fabric flower tutorial.  I love several of them combined to make a bouquet brooch.  Can you see that one written on my to-do list?

If you have a bazillion buttons like I do you might want to try Artsy Crafty Babe’s button brooch tutorial.  I am thinking that it might be cute for the center of a flower brooch.  What do you think?

Yoonie-at-home has a tutorial for a yarn and felt brooch.  Could a brooch be any easier to create?  Felt, yarn, glue and a pinback, what could be easier?

If you try any of them let me know.  I would love to see how they worked for you. 


DSC01131 DSC01132

I found this crocheted double bed sized afghan at the Goodwill Outlet.  In case you don’t have an outlet it is the last outpost for the goods that they sell.  If they don’t sell at the outlet it is off to the scrap bales.  This afghan is crocheted in this awesome square pattern and in perfect shape.  I bought it for 59 cents per pound which works out to about $3.00!  Can you believe nobody bought it before it hit the outlet?

Button Bonanza…


I found the buttons at the 17th Street Farmer’s Market on Sunday.  The small buttons I bought from one gentleman.  He started with a large jar of them and they whittled down to a small batch.  I asked him today what he would sell the remainder to me for.  He told me he was selling them for the price on the card.  He sold them to me lock, stock and barrel for $6.  I was also going to buy the 2 sets of beading needles priced at 25 cents each, but he threw them in for free.  The buttons on the left side I bought from another seller for 50 cents per card.  I also bought the vintage shoe clip and the set of vintage clip earrings and the foreign coins from another vendor.




The Midlothian Antique mart was having a celebration so all of the booths were 20-30% off the marked price.  There is a booth that I hit often that sells vintage sewing notions and fabric.  She had the ric-rac for $1-3 per pack and with the 25% off they were 75 cents to $2.10 per pack.  The buttons were 50 cents and the packet of vintage button cards was 75 cents.  I also found the hand painted tape measure, the necklace (for the beads) and the flower brooch. 



I also found the box of vintage flashcards and the book at the Goodwill outlet.  The box of flash cards is almost filled.  The vintage bridge pad and the purse handles I found at the Thrifty Quaker along with some fabric. 


I watered my plants today

And my eye caught something flit by

I pushed aside a leaf and moved a flower bud

But off it flew to the next pot.



She was dressed with sparkles

Yet she flew so quickly

I almost missed her,

But that was what she wanted.



DSC01108I looked a little to the left

Is that another I see

Or could my eyes be playing tricks on me

Well, I’ll be, maybe two.



I found myself chasing them

In order to get a better look

But in an instant they were gone

They were too quick for me.




Was that something blue

Was that a petal

Imagine my surprise

Suddenly there were three.



I chased a little faster

I almost had them in my reach

The giggled and mocked me

Claiming they were faster than me.




Oh my there are four

Playing in the flowers

Right outside my door

Could it be the sun playing tricks on me?



This one was a bit more elegant

She had a bouquet of roses, too

She seemed dressed for a party

Which was happening outside my door.




The fifth one wore a hat

With a very wide brim

She thought it made her look prim

But it is not proper to laugh at others.


They are my little garden fairies

They giggle and laugh

And flit among the blooms

It is their paradise there. 


(Attempt at a poem by me!)

DSC00961_0Ann, who is from the Netherlands, contacted me about a 1:1 trade for a couple of my ATCs.  She also asked me to create a button fairy for her.  I hesitated at first to use this image, but relented as I really liked it.  I thought why can’t a fairy have a drink?  Do we know that they don’t drink?  Maybe after a hard day of flitting around they imbibe.  Maybe they imbibe daily?  Maybe they flit as they are tipsy?

I mailed her on Monday to Ann along with the ATCs that she requested.  I hope you like her Ann. 

Now where are my wings and my cocktail?  Hmmmm…..

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