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getting in costume, grabbing the pillow case and hitting the houses.

coming home changing costumes and then going back out again!

getting caught by the lady in the next block.

hearing her tell the neighbors, that I had already been there!

moving on to the next block and collecting more candy!

I remember trick or treating!  Do you remember, too?

This video brought it all back.  The fun of playing in puddles!

Do you remember, too?

when a cashier at the store could tell you the total with tax BEFORE they ring up your items.

when a cashier would count your change back to you after the transaction.

when cash registers didn’t tell you the change to give back.

when sales tax was figured using a chart and added onto the register total.

when clerks looked you in the eye and said “thank you” as they gave you the change.

Do you remember, too? 

feeling on top of the world.

thinking my fellow men were ants.

wondering how far I could lean without spilling me out!

praying it didn’t stop too long.

loving it when it went backwards.

Do you remember, too?

feeling taller.

clopping like a horse.

trying to walk over stuff.

occasionally falling off.

I remember stilts.  Do you remember, too?

tossing and scooping.

trying to pick them up before a bounce.

trying to remember to keep the off the floor.

hearing my Mother holler as she stepped on one.

playing for hours on the sidewalk.

playing Jacks.

Do you remember, too? 

cracking open the top on a fresh box of 64.

using the built-in sharpener when I dulled one.

watching my pictures come alive.

seeing my artwork on the refrigerator. 

wondering how many colors matched my clothes.

thinking some of the names sounded like food.

Do you remember Crayola 64’s, too?

floating down the river.

feeling the water on my bottom and my toes.

holding a beverage.

letting my fingers drag in the water.

not needing to be anywhere fast.

floating on the water in an inner tube.

Do you remember, too? 

jumping over my brothers and friends.

clearing them in one mighty leap.

mimicking an amphibian. 

laughing when I fell

Do you remember Leap Frog, too?

hen-way I poke-say nother-ay anguage-lay.

hen-way I hought-tay o-nay nderstood-uay.

hen-way ig-pay as-way he-tay qy-qay.

o-day ou-yay emember-ray, oo-tay?

Made you work for this one, huh?

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