I watered my plants today

And my eye caught something flit by

I pushed aside a leaf and moved a flower bud

But off it flew to the next pot.



She was dressed with sparkles

Yet she flew so quickly

I almost missed her,

But that was what she wanted.



DSC01108I looked a little to the left

Is that another I see

Or could my eyes be playing tricks on me

Well, I’ll be, maybe two.



I found myself chasing them

In order to get a better look

But in an instant they were gone

They were too quick for me.




Was that something blue

Was that a petal

Imagine my surprise

Suddenly there were three.



I chased a little faster

I almost had them in my reach

The giggled and mocked me

Claiming they were faster than me.




Oh my there are four

Playing in the flowers

Right outside my door

Could it be the sun playing tricks on me?



This one was a bit more elegant

She had a bouquet of roses, too

She seemed dressed for a party

Which was happening outside my door.




The fifth one wore a hat

With a very wide brim

She thought it made her look prim

But it is not proper to laugh at others.


They are my little garden fairies

They giggle and laugh

And flit among the blooms

It is their paradise there. 


(Attempt at a poem by me!)