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I thought I would revisit this post  since it is in the holiday spirit.   

I have mentioned my brother, Pat, before.  It seems that when Pat is around calamity befalls others, but never him.  You wonder why people hang out with him, don’t you?

Pat and his friends were coming home from a dance on Halloween and they were taking a short cut through the cemetery to get home that night.  As they were walking through the caretaker caught them and started chasing them.  Pat and his two friends started running.  Since it was night time they couldn’t see very well where they were going. 

When they came to the other side of the cemetery and hopped the fence Pat realized that one of his friends was missing.  They couldn’t go back and look for him as the caretaker was still chasing them.  So they decided to let him fend for himself and continued home.

Later that evening they decided to go back and see if the friend was caught by the caretaker.  They hopped the fence and headed toward the caretaker’s house, but were stopped short by someone wailing “help me.”  It must be a ghost they thought (after all they WERE in a graveyard).  Convinced they were hearing a spirit they decided not to hang around to see if it was a good spirit or a bad spirit and left. 

The next morning they were on their way to school and could still hear the wailing.  They decided, since it was daylight, to go and check it out.  As they got closer they could hear someone crying and pleading to be let out.  They realized it was their friend that had disappeared the night before. 

They followed the sound of his voice and found him!  He was at the bottom of a freshly dug grave.  He had, while they were running away from the caretaker, fallen into it.  He, because my brother was scared of ghosts, spent the night in that grave.  The cries they heard the night before were his pleading for them to let him out! 

They helped him out of the grave and took him home.  His mother asked what happened and Pat said he had fallen down a hill on the way to school.  The kid’s mother believed it.  That kid never let Pat talk him into any shortcuts that involved the cemetery ever again!

Can you blame him?

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I participated in Debra’s Halloween Flight Night swap.  For the swap you had to create a jointed paper doll, and ATC card, and an owl of your choice of medium.   My partner was Amy of Life In the Lyon’s Den.  I hope she liked the swap package.  I know it has arrived, but have not heard from her. 




First up is the ATC I created.  I love the Wizard of Oz and found this image of the Wicked Witch of the West.  I borrowed the title of Kermit’s book for the text on the card.  I gathered some raffia for the brook and tied it with some string.  A bit of ribbon with the word “yikes” and the background paper is some of Martha Stewart’s Halloween paper from Michaels.







My next creation is the paper doll that I settled on for Amy. I used this template to create the body.  I then created her clothing using various combinations of scrapbook paper and finished it with a bit of lace and ribbon, some gems and some raffia for her hair.  






DSC01304 Lastly, my owl item.  I used the image below to cut out the parts of the owl.  I enlarged it to the size I needed.image The owl is cut from felted wool, his branch is made with brown seam binding and yellow buttons make his eyes.  He is resting on a piece of vintage fabric I found at the Goodwill (1970’s I would guess).  I thrifted a messenger bag and he was placed on the bag.  Orange satin stitch completes it. 

I had the hardest time putting this bag in the swap package.  I wanted to keep it for myself.  I have a real sickness love for bags and this one was so very hard to part with.


I hope Amy likes her goodies.  I had a lot of fun creating them for her.  Thanks, also, to Debra for a fabulous swap! 

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Why yes, I can!  Meridien Ariel hosted an owl swap and I was partnered with Sara in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  DSC01591 Sara has a 4 year old daughter so I wanted to make a little something for her, too. 

I made Sara an appliqued owl tote bag.  the tote is denim and a thrifted one.  I appliqued the owl onto the pocket on the front.  I love the pink and green colors of the fabric that I used.  I outlined it with pink embroidery floss and added some pink buttons for its eyes. 

For her daughter I made an owl stuffie.  I made it using some blue corduroy fabric, some coordinating fabrics and some yarn covered buttons for its eyes. 

DSC01593 DSC01594


The package was to contain a thrifted item and candy, too.  This is the thrifted item I sent to her.  I found this lovely apron with the cutest border and smocking.  For the candy I sent along a large box of Mike and Ike’s.  A former co-worker got me addicted to Mike and Ike’s.  I love matching up the colors and eating them in pairs. 

Sara mentioned that she cannot get a lot of the neat craft items we can get here so I also added some crafty items.  I added some letters, borders, trims, and some scrapbook papers. 

I am crossing my fingers that it makes it there.  It was still in transit last time I checked.  Sara mentioned that things occasionally “go missing” there.  It has been in transit since the 12th of February! 

In keeping with the Haloween spirit, I thought I would share this recipe.

Cheese-Finger Food

Click the pic and you will be taken to the recipe on Family Fun’s site.

I am dog sitting away from home for the 2nd week and have not been able to create much.  I have found some great things at local estate and rummage sales, but more on that later. 

To keep the ole blog perking along I want to share with you this article  on frugal Halloween costumes.  I like some of the ideas, especially, the speed bump!

I will share one other with you that I did back in my naughtier days.  My friends and I went to a costume party as “safe” trick or treating (*wink* *wink* if you get my drift).  We found tan trash bags, cut a hole for our faces and put them over our bodies and wrapped them a bit.  I didn’t say I was proud of it, but we did win the costume contest with it. 

I will now go hang my head in shame!

the first time Julie was a nanny.

when she was able to fly using only an umbrella.

when she sang a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious song.

when she used a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

If you remember, too, you can check it out here

I have long been a fan of Etsy seller Untamed Menagerie.  If you have been reading the ole’ blog for any length of time you know I gravitate to the quirky, the unique and the graphic.  I love jewelry.  I love all aspects of jewelry.  brooches. necklaces. bracelets. rings. etc. etc. etc.  I like vintage jewels, I love handmade jewels, I love wearing something that likely no one else will have.  No one will ever walk up to me and say “I have that exact same (insert item here).”  I like it that way.

A Lady OughtSo imagine my delight to own one of their pieces of my very own.    I was concerned about the size.  At 3.5” long I thought it might be too big so didn’t purchase it.  One of my co-workers who I turned on to Etsy showed up wearing it one day.  I almost died!  She was wearing the object of a many years long desire.  I made up my mind then and there to buy it. 

Horrors!  I went to their site and they were making new designs!!!!!  OMG, I have waited too long and now it is gone! 

Then a few months later I checked in again on their Etsy show and there it was!  So I snatched it like a hot cookie from the cooling rack!  It is now mine!  I am so thrilled to own it finally. 

Isn’t she lovely?  It is titled A Lady Ought.  In my case a lady ought to buy it the first time she sees it and loves it!

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