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DSC09799 (1024x717)

I was emptying a box I received via UPS today and decided to make some more postcard templates.  I cut off a couple of the flaps and then measured and cut them into 4X6 inch blanks. 

While I was feeling in the creative mood, I decided to make another postcard.  I started with the paints on the background, then used a bit of bubble wrap to make a stamp. 

I added an image I cut from a newspaper and wrote on some text that I thought fit the image. 

DSC09798 (1024x715)

The back of the postcard has some different colors of paints and a wash of glitter paint that I used the heating tool to bubble a bit.  I used the postcard, line and flourish stamp directly on the card this time. 

It has been addressed and this one will be taking an international journey.  Let’s see how it makes it!

DSC09690 (1024x702)

I was cleaning out some papers from my desk when I came upon a scarp of cardboard.  Likely it was packing for something I ordered from Etsy or Ebay.  I thought, “that is the size of a postcard.” 

Then the wheels got turning.  I mixed some paints to make the background, found an image in my tin where I cut out cute images to use one day, and stamped the quote by Thomas Edison. 

DSC09692 (1024x705)

On the back I used scraps of book text to stamp the postcard, the line and the flourish on it. 

I added a thank you message for some craft goodies I received recently from a crafty friend, affixed a postcard stamp and it will be on its way tomorrow. 

I hope the recipient enjoys it!

DSC08096 (1024x860)

We are having another event at work and prize ribbons were required.  This one is a pumpkin decorating contest and they asked for the one and a two and a three!

The black is crepe paper that I gathered, the paper layer is a page from a vintage Greek text Bible.  The number part is a covered pog to which I attached a sticker with the number.  I was looking for an eerie font and chose Chiller!  The ribbons are orange wired ribbon that I glued some scraps of Spooky Boo ribbon to. I got that ribbon a couple years ago on a package of candies and saved it for that special project! 

I love them and hope the wining recipients do, too!

DSC08039 (886x1024)

We had a special event at work last week and it was fun to get my craft on!  I made 15 prize rosette ribbons for an event we held.  I gathered the crepe paper, then glued down the circles of scrapbook paper on the front and back, added a bit of glitter.  I finished it off with some ric rac, silver ribbon, and satin blanket binding that I tore into strips to add some rustic charm. 

They were well received and I enjoyed watching the participants proudly wear them. 

DSC08040 (1008x1024)

I also had to make a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize ribbon for the game we played.

DSC08042 (477x1024)DSC08043 (1024x971)

It is always fun to get a ribbon!

DSC07777 (601x1024)

I was talking with a co-worker about making paper dolls.  She loved playing with them and had the idea that she would like to make birthday cards with a custom paper doll.  I thought what an awesome idea! 

Now I am not going to steal her idea, but did make this one to give her some inspiration.  I am dropping her off today to live in her new home. 

As I was creating this one it started with the thought about how sometimes inside of us our inner spirit soars, but we don’t let that out to the world! 

How about you?  Have you soared lately?

DSC05222 (669x1024) DSC05223 (596x1024)

One of my co-workers had a birthday last week.  I decided to make her a tag for her gift.  She is a scrapbooker so I knew she would appreciate the effort.  The front of the tag is rubber stamped with her name and a house and tree.  It is finished off with a bit of lace.  On the back I placed an image I cut a long time ago from a magazine.  I loved this image.  On her head I added a crown that I cut from a junk mail postcard.  I like to punch things from the glossy postcards especially, the ones with a bit of text. 

DSC05221 (653x1024)

She mentioned a while back that she liked brooches, but didn’t have too many of them.  I decided to make her a brooch for her birthday.  The body is some of the fabric left from that class of a year ago that I forgot I had.  I then added some of my face, hand and feet charms to complete this altered doll brooch. 

Jodi lives in the country so I thought that the cowboy boots were needed on her brooch.  It was quite a big hit!  Perhaps there are more in my future.

DSC05131 (531x1024)



I was playing with an old dictionary I thrifted and decided to use some of the pages to make tags. 







DSC05132 (577x1024)





I used this one to send the Poe brooch to Loralynn.





DSC05133 (585x1024)





And this one, well, I guess you can figure what inspired it. 





DSC05143 (1024x695)



I bought a pack of papers at the thrift shop and played while I was watching Sunday Morning. 




DSC05144 (589x1024)



I love my little creepy lady assemblage here.  Her head is a magazine image I but out a long time ago and thought it would be great for a paper doll.  Her arms are made using the Claudine Helmuth Poppet stamps I bought off Ebay recently. 






The fun part about tags is they are a quick and easy art fix. 

DSC04545 (696x1024)One little…

DSC04546 (1024x704)Two little…

DSC04547 (1024x708)Three little…

Kewpie postcards.  I got some new kewpie acrylic stamps so spent Sunday morning making some postcards.  I colored them in using gel pens.  If you would like one leave a comment and I will contact you for your mailing address.  Help me spread a little kewpie happy!

scan0009 (744x1024)On Saturday I went to the Goodwill outlet again.  It is always a crap shoot.  You get lucky some days, really lucky other days and come up craps sometimes, too.  On this trip I found some more game pieces, but cards for a card game called Funny Bone

It is played as a couple with another couple and the cards have instructions.  The hand bone is connected to the head bone.  Then you must put the card between your partners head and your hand and hold it there.  The game stops when a couple drops two cards.  Can you imagine?  you have to pick up the cards off the floor to play and continue to hold them as you go along against your partner.  That would truly be a game of skill. 

I guess it was the predecessor to Twister and was created in 1968. 

As I was checking out the cards I thought that they were the exact size of a postcard and, since they had a bit of thickness, would be a great base for a handmade postcard.  I also had a vintage pattern I found at the outlet that was for clown costumes. 

scan0010 (1024x736)


I rubber stamped the text and the flourish and used my new postcard rubber stamps from this Etsy seller to finish the back. 

It was quick, easy and a satisfying scrappy fix.  Now off to mail it!

I had a four day weekend this past weekend with the holiday on Monday.  One of my co-workers said about teh weather that it was not just hot, but it was nekkid hotDSC04073 (903x1024) I thought what a great description of the weather.  It is certainly weather that is not conducive to wearing clothing!  I made sure to stay inside for most of it with the AC. 

While I was inside I finished my mermaids for the Yahoo Fantastic Flat Paper Dolls May Swap.  The lady to the left is my paper art doll.  I called her Azure as she reminded me of the azure blue of the water.  Her body is some of my favorite basic grey papers on which I stamped the torso with a flower pattern and the tail with bubbles.  I added the tinsel for her crown and tied on the ric rac as I thought it looked like seaweed.  the face is also a rubber stamp.   She will be winging her way to Canada to live with Norma. 

The other mermaid is an ATC.  It has to be ATC size 2.5” by 3.5” and contain a paper doll.  I have been working lately to see how large I can make the dollies so they still fold to ATC size. 


DSC04075 (686x1024)

This lady is a full size paper doll, but she folds to ATC size.  She was created with basic grey papers on which I rubber stamped the body and tail.  I also rubber stamped her head.  She folds neatly to ATC size.  I got the template here

DSC04077 (768x1024)

She doesn’t look very comfortable, does she?  It will be a short trip to Georgia to live with Rosemary for her. 

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