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I hosted a swap on the Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces Group.  I only had two takers for the swap, so I made a couple of charms.  I will receive two in return and will share them when they arrive. 

Here is mine!

DSC08830 (1600x1199)DSC08834 (1600x1199)

I used an alphabet game tile that I painted black on the edges.  There is a perfect little recessed area on both sides so I painted the inside of that area on both sides to make it POP a bit.  On the letter side I used a straight pin to scrape off the messies I made painting it.  I never stay in the lines!  Once it was painted and then dried I used polycrylic to coat the paint. 

On the blank side of the game piece, I cut a square of Greek bible text to fit inside.  I found this image.  I cut out the heart part of it.  The Bible page was antiqued with some dark stain.  Over the top, after sealing it with mod podge to prevent the air bubbles, I used Mod Podge Dimensional Glaze to seal it. 

I then drilled it for the jump ring and than threaded some seed beads onto the jump ring before I sealed it.  I made the initial of each recipient and one for me, too! 

The criteria for the swap was to use a game piece and have a heart on it.  Nothing too Valentiney.  I made a tag to go with them. 

DSC08826 (956x1600)DSC08829 (1008x1600)

I wish I would have made myself a tag, too!

Sherry and I were the only members of the Altered Dominos and other Game Pieces group that were up for a birdie charm swap.  So we had a 1:1 swap of a birdie charm using a game piece.

This is the lovely items I received from Sherry.  A sweet puzzle piece charm.  

DSC07394 (950x1024)

She packed it in the greatest altered matchbox complete with a drawer pull and another birdie charm. 

DSC07393 (694x1024)

This is the charm I sent to her. A collaged birdie on a rummy-o tile. 

DSC07391 (1024x725)


It was a great swap and to see what else I sent with it you can check out Sherry’s post here.  And while you are there poke around and see all of the lovely things that Sherry makes. 

Thanks, Sherry, for swapping with me!

I love birds and I love Spring. Since it is the first day of Spring I propose that we have a little swap.

We will each make one charm and have one partner to swap with. If there is fewer participants, then we might make more than one. We can decide.

The charm will be any size you would like it to be (charm bracelet size or pendant size). The only catch is it must be bird themed and use a game piece in the composition.

I will close taking new swappers on the 15th of April and the mail date will be May 1st.

Join us, won’t you?

If you are interested, post here.

It will be a lot of fun!

DSC06676 (1003x1024)

Sometimes an idea is set before you even get started and other times it evolves from your idea as you go along.  This is one such project. 

I joined the Altered Dominos & Other Game Pieces group’s Christmas ornament swap.  It was to create an ornament with the theme of “What Christmas means to me?”  To me Christmas has always been about angels.  I love that scene at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life where Zuzu tells her Dad that “Everytime a bell rings an angel gets its wings.”  I cannot hear a bell without thinking of that. 

I was going to make snowflakes with the center as an altered poker chip with an angel image.  When I finished the snowflake it looked a little blah, so I added the fringy light covers I found at DSC06677 (1024x732)the Goodwill outlet to the back.  Then that looked a bit too blah at the back so I glued in a big pearl.  Now it has some zing from the front and from the back. 

I also added some clear beads to the snowflakes where the joints connect to give it a bit more sparkle.  You cannot see it on the angel image, but there is a wash of glitter over top. 

Now I have to figure out how to package them so they arrive in one piece.  Especially the one travelling to the UK.  Wish me luck!

DSC06611 (851x1024)

Sadly these will be my last ATCs for Kate’s Birthday swap.  She has decided to take a break and while I completely understand her why, I will nonetheless miss the beauty in my mailbox in April.  Oh well, it was awesome while it lasted!

I had the inspiration hit me as I was driving down a road over the weekend.  It is a road I take for a shortcut and it is shrouded in trees and in the fall it is awash with color and leaves. 

After a trip to Quilting Adventures to find the wool felt squares it came together in my head.  I needle felted the pieces together and then punched the leaves from a couple of vintage books.  One white and one with some yellowing to the pages.  I didn’t want a lot of color, but preferred it a bit stark. 

I like how it came out and hope the birthday girls will, too.  I thought I needed to make 4 so there will be one in my Flickr photos and is available for trade if you are an ATC maker and interested in a trade. 

And here is one of my favorite poems when I was a little girl:


by Joyce Kilmer

I THINK that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree.


A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear

A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;

Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree.

DSC06317 (763x1024)

I participated in a swap for the Flickr Altered Dominos & Other Game Pieces Group.  The challenge was to use text and a game piece.  There were 3 ladies beside me participating.  Two in the US and one in Norway.  I wanted to use maps of each of our hometowns, but couldn’t find two of them.  So I used a map from Spain.  I affixed that to a domino using Mod Podge.  I then rubber stamped the house and layered it on top. 

Around the edge of the domino is the quote “No matter when I roam, there’s no place like home!”  I added a sterling wire bale, a wooden flower button and some turquoise beads. 

DSC06318 (1024x554)DSC06319 (1024x768)

DSC06321 (1024x732)

I finished them off with a matching tag and some string and wrote a little note for each lady.  I hope they like them as much as I liked making them. 

It occurred to me today that I didn’t share with you the ATCs I received from Kate’s Birthday ATC swap for my birthday.  So sit back and enjoy!

DSC05988 (1024x709)

This ATC was created by Tract Pereira from the UK.






 DSC05973 (768x1024)

This lovely was created by Jeann Clarke of Australia.









DSC05974 (1024x709)

This paper beauty was created by Linda Schiffer.







 DSC05975 (878x1024)

This ATC was created by a person that didn’t sign it and I (duh) tossed the envelope before I realized it.








DSC05976 (774x1024)


This sparkly on was created by Sheila. 








 DSC05977 (781x1024)

This lovely contrast in white was created by Libertybelle from the UK.









DSC05978 (828x1024) 

This flowery pretty was made by Joy Vale of Australia.









DSC05980 (1024x706)


Kate North created this lovely paper ATC. 






 DSC05979 (826x1024)

This lovely collage of a card was created by Maria Clara from Spain.









DSC05981 (1024x917) 

This texturiffic one was made by Pauline Charlesworth.








DSC05983 (826x1024)


This party of a card was created by Marina from Spain.








DSC05985 (854x1024)  This house card was made by Plum.    










DSC05984 (821x1024)

This confection of a card was made by Montse Bolibar from Spain.









DSC05987 (842x1024)

The green card was made for me by Mariet Maas of the Netherlands.  It lost a couple of beads in the mail.









DSC05986 (831x1024)

This graphic card was created by Simone De Haan of the Netherlands.









DSC05982 (819x1024)

This one kind of reminds me of when the party is over!  It was created by Susana Gallego. 









Now who has the better presents this year?  ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC05969 (1024x944)I love looking in gift shops and at the work of other artists.  Recently I was in a shop that I frequent in the West End of Richmond.  I saw a lovely altered skeleton key and wanted to purchase it.  I am all for supporting local art, but the price tag gave me pause.  I couldn’t justify paying $70 for a charm on a simple ball chain.  Especially, since I had some skeleton keys, the book pages, the beads and the other materials to make it. 

One of my buddies from the Flickr Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces group and I were getting together for a day of thrifting.  She lives a bit south of me and once a year we get together to thrift for the day.  We decided to swap an found object charm and I thought this the perfect time to try my key. 

I first distressed the key a bit using alcohol inks.  It was bright, shiny and new looking so needed some age.  Then I cute a verse from a 1934 bible that I thrifted at the Goodwill Outlet a few weeks ago and used Mod Podge to adhere it to the key.  I then sealed it with Polycrylic.  I added some beads and was thrilled with the end result.  Jo loved it, too!

DSC05964 (769x1024)Man, it has been a long time, huh?  Let me introduce myself.  I am Cindy is Crafty…and I make things, too! Not so much since November of 2010 when my back odyssey began caused by the herniated a disc in my back.  Since then, I have been to twice weekly physical therapy, taken mountains of anti-inflammatory pills, had two prednisone Z-packs, eaten lots more dairy (to help the anti-inflammatory go down), been within a month or two of being done with physical therapy, and then…

One of the exercises in PT I was doing wrong.  I mentioned to the tech that I was “feeling it” in my lower back.  The precise spot exactly where I injured my back.  She replied, “that it what you should feel it is to strengthen you lower back.”  Two weeks of this exercise and I was flat on my back again.  Not quite at the starting over part, but pretty close.  I was so ticked and frustrated. 

Back to PT I found that the tech was no longer there and my PT told me that the exercise was for my core (read tummy area), not my lower back.  A couple of weeks later after much protesting, we reintroduced that exercise the Praying Mantis.  Now my tummy is hurting, but that is GOOD pain (I keep telling myself)!  I am getting back to okay again, but it is going to take some time.  It is hard to create when you can only stand to do so.  I sit all day at my job so when I get home I use that time to walk, work on my home PT exercises, and to lie down in my special position with my torso propped on pillows to bow my back a bit and help with pushing the hernia back in.  So that is my life lately. 

DSC05967 (1024x930)But I do…make things, too!

The flickr Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces Group held a swap.  I was the organizer as I am one of the group’s moderators.  The challenge was Rebirth.  I thought that was appropriate since it was spring and I was in a rebirth myself.  Rebirth always takes me to butterflies.  I love that they start out as wooly worms, climb into a cocoon and then bing. bang. boom. they become butterflies.  They get wings and they can fly.  I decided to make a butterfly domino doll.  I also challenged myself to use recycled materials in its creation to give the trash a rebirth, too. 

The domino is from the thrift store, the bottle cap holding her face I found smashed in my driveway, the wings are made from a recycled soda can (A&W Root beer, one of my favs!).

DSC05965 (940x1024) I painted the bottle cap and domino blue.  To the domino I added some glitter paint on top to give her a bit of a sparkle.  The bottle cap I left with only the color.  I twisted a bit of wire for the antennae.  I stamped the wings using ink made for metal then carefully cut them out.  The wings were a bit too shiny for her initially, so I put sewing pattern tissue on top of the front and back.  The face image is from the Collage Images group, and I added a few gems to the wings for a bit of sparkle.  On the back of the bottle cap I glued a vintage button to cover the back of the antennae and the toothpick I glued it to.  

The only parts of my butterfly that are not recycled are her antennae, the gems on her wings and the paint I used.  I think she meets the criteria for rebirth!  How about you? 

Now, let’s work on my rebirth, shall we?

DSC05826 (1024x767)It is hard to make a fabric ATC without using your sewing machine, but I pulled it together.  It kind of bugs me that the edges are not sealed, but I will learn to live with it!  The back still will not permit me to sit at the sewing machine, and since I was grossly late for my cards for Kate’s B-day ATC Swap, I decided to press on. 

The ATC was created using some Japanese silk fat quarters that I scored at a local thrift a while ago.  In scouting Michaels in order to spend my gift card I received for my birthday, I found the geisha stamp.  The bunny is a punch from a Japanese novel, and the flower and gem added for some extra sparkle. 

The fat quarters came in 8 colors, but I only used 4.  I cut them in 2” strips and laid them beside one another on the timtek and then fused it.  I rubber stamped the geishas in a repeat on the fabric.  I adhered the bunny punch (I was born in the year of the rabbit) with some mod podge to give it a good seal.  I glued on the flower and the gem.  The beads were sewn on for a bit of sparkle. 

I made 18 in all while I was at it.  That will take care of the year except for the November birthdays.  I was late for November of 2010 so couldn’t send them two!  LOL! 

I spent yesterday evening addressing, stamping the envelopes and adding a note.  Tomorrow is mail day. 

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