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This weeks’ random act of kindness involved a senior who appeared lost at a local shopping mall.  I work in an industry that takes care of seniors and I have learned a bit of the symptoms to show a bit of confusion or dementia.

I saw an older lady wandering up and down the aisles in the parking lot looking for her car.  Have we not all been there?  She appeared to be getting quite distressed and I asked if I could assist.  She said she had lost her car.  I asked her what kind of car it was and she couldn’t recall.  I then saw a Toyota emblem on her key ring and asked if it might be a Toyota.  It was a Toyota, but she didn’t remember what kind of Toyota it was. 

I asked her to see her key ring and noticed an alarm on the key ring.  I am quite familiar with the alarm as I am always setting it off on my car when my hand is full and I am trying to get in the front door of my home.  I pushed the button and we heard that tell tale honking.  We walked toward the honking and there was her car.  It was about 8-10 rows away from us. 

She thanked me for helping her and then we went our separate ways.  I made sure she got in the car, got buckled and then watched her drive off.   


This week’s random act of kindness involves a child and a toy he wanted in a coin machine.  As I was leaving a local store there was a little child asking his Mother for a quarter to get a prize.  I remembered the times I asked for change to get a prize and the times that my parents had no change to give me.  Normally, this would throw me into a pouting fit.

I noticed that the little boy didn’t act up at all to the announcement that Mom had no change to give him.  He said politely, “Maybe another time, Mommy.”  That was the sweetest thing I had ever seen.  No ugliness, no unpleasantness, just sweetness and the hope that next time there would be change. 

I had no idea of their circumstance, but dug into my wallet and fished out two quarters and asked him Mom if I could give them to him to get a prize.  I gave them to the little boy and he thanked me politely and then gave me the biggest smile as he ran to the prize machine.  I wished the Mom well on my way out and she told me that it was getting better.  She had been out of work, but had an interview and felt that it went well.  I told her I felt her luck was turning around and that I would think of her over the next week or two and hope that she got the good news and a job offer. 

I left feeling encouraged and know that I encouraged her.  The little boy was thrilled to get his prize.  I got the biggest prize of all!

Now get your minds out of the gutter! :O)

DSC06300 (1024x768)

Making Kumihimo cords is very mindless and repetitive work.  You can also do it in very low light situations.  So while the sun was up I picked out some yarns and set about making a cord.  Once you get it started you can kind of “feel” your way along.  One from the top to the bottom, once from the bottom to the top, rotate 45 degrees and start again…top…bottom…45 degrees…and on and on.  I make the cords until i run out of the yarns.  My cords are always longer then I need, but then I save them for when I need one. 

I make another bracelet, a necklace, a holder for a charm, whatever.  It is the gluing and the clasp that takes the real skill! 


DSC06301 (1024x768)The charm is made using a balsam wood circle disc that I painted, and added a piece of scrapbook paper that I stamped a bike image onto.  On the other side I punched another paper with a rosette punch and affixed it on top.  I added some beads, a lobster claw clasp, and it is finished!

I really like how this one turned out.  It is awesome!

kindness_Page_0[1]Working for a company that provides home care to seniors makes me keenly aware of the needs of seniors.  Perhaps just a smile, a kind word, help with something they are carrying, or just listening.  After all, they listened to use while we were growing up, so let’s return the favor. 

Next time you see some seniors out (they sometimes meet in the morning at a fast food restaurant for breakfast), why not listen to them.  Strike up a conversation, buy them a cup of coffee, a biscuit sandwich, just be there with them. 

It will mean the world to both of you!  I know ‘cause I did!

DSC06294 (1024x758)Sunday morning, the morning after Irene pummeled us all night long with wind gusts of 70 mph and sustained winds of 40 mph, it always amazes me how lovely the next day dawns.  This is the second hurricane I have been through at this home.  Isabel was the first.  

I am not on the water!  I am about 1.5-2 hours from the shore.  Quite a bit inland, but nonetheless those %$#@*&% find my tiny town.  The town I live in is full of very tall oak trees.  They take a lot of wind, but every now and then some come down. 

I lost power on Saturday afternoon about 3 p.m. and it was just restored on Tuesday night at 8:10 p.m.  Lots of dark nights and cold showers! 

These are some shots from my neighborhood as I went out walking around.  The first pic is my backyard.  Lots of limbs, leaves, and debris. 

DSC06295 (1024x747)

Here is the culprit for my power loss.  It is about 2 blocks up and there is a tree on top of the power lines.  During Isabel the same thing happened and it took a week to get our power back.  We had to wait for someone to cut up the tree before they worked on the lines. 

Apparently, the home owner remembered this, as the next day the tree was gone.  Despite the warnings to leave it alone and let the power pros handle it, Bubba and no doubt some buddies handled it!  The next day as I drove by to work it was gone and the only remnant was the dangling wires! 

Not that I am encouraging taking one’s life into their own hands, but way to go Bubba!  You saved us a few days of darkness!

DSC06296 (1024x737)

This much larger tree was around the corner from my culprit.  Thankfully, it fell away from the power lines, but it did block the street.  If you look closely to the left near the black mailbox, they have cut out a tunnel in the branches and leaves large enough to get a car through it.  Once again, let’s hear it for ingenuity!  Brains take a backseat to getting out of the neighborhood.  You can see the trunk of the tree.  It is HUGE!  If it had shifted, it would be a sad tale!  During Isabel, a woman and her daughter were going to a local mall and a tree came down on top of their car.  It killed them instantly!  I have a healthy respect for trees after seeing that! 

I think that there are special angels that God dispatches for the risk takers.  The cutting down the tree on the power lines or driving through the tree tunnel peeps.  Thank God that the angels don’t charge by the hour! 

One other sight I saw, but couldn’t get a picture of as I was driving down the highway at 60 mph passed it, was the billboard with it three support beams bent at right angles and the billboard was now parallel to the ground.  These were solid steel girders, like you see in big building framework.  That wind was fierce! 

Now as life continues to get back to normal, my thoughts are with 30% of the area’s population that is still without power.  Needless to say we no longer like the name Irene.  So sorry if that happens to be your name!


I am sure, by now, you have all heard about a little weather event that hit us called Hurricane Irene.  As I was sitting around most nights by candlelight and taking cold showers, as well as, emptying the contents of my freezer and refrigerator, I wondered aloud where was MY random act of kindness!  It was hard to stay positive, but as I heard the stories of flooding, houses leveled, tourist season revenues lost, I began to count my blessings. 

On Sunday, the morning after the hurricane, I went to my local bookstore to get a new book light as the bulb in my old one had died.  There were a few people in line to get coffee as they had no power.  I asked the cashier to keep $5 of my change and to use it to buy coffee for someone who’s check was about that amount.  I also asked her to not let them know it was me as I was going to sit there and drink my hot tea! 

An old fellow wandered in.  He looked a bit disheveled and was telling her about the tree that hit his house, evacuating to a shelter in the middle of the storm, and then losing power at the shelter.  He had had a lot worse time than I.  She used my $5 to buy him coffee and then told him that he had enough for a cookie, too.  I heard him exclaim, that this was the best thing that had happened to him this year!

Wow, who would have thought a coffee and cookie could mean so much!  I can tell you it meant the world to me! 

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