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scan0006 (786x1024)I admit that I wear an apron when in the kitchen.  I wear the one that covers the entire front of your outfit.  I am messy and this helps keep me clean.  It also lets me concentrate on what I am making instead of the splatters or plops. 

Since I have started wearing aprons I find that I cook better.  Perhaps, it is channeling the spirit of Donna Reed or Harriet Nelson or maybe Alice from the Brady Bunch.  Perhaps it is that I am hungry!  Who knows, but I wonder. 

Do you wear an apron when you cook?  Do you own an apron?  If not, what is stopping you from owning one and using it? 

scan0009 (531x1024)  scan0005 (391x1024)

DSC04259 (1024x678)

Very well, thank you!

DSC04263 (1024x768)

It grows with flowers of my own design…

DSC04264 (1024x768)

Accented with vintage jewelry bits and bobs…

DSC04267 (1024x691)

And hand dyed fabric from this lady


Yes, it grows very well and doesn’t require water!  Good thing with the weather we have had lately!

I have to tell you about my most excellent weekend.  It started, actually, last weekend with a trip to a local antique mall in the area that I had not been to for a while.  I saw a necklace in a showcase and bought it, but there was also a baggie with 4 bead bracelets for $10.  I was about to move on when I saw Lilly peeking out among the bracelets.  I opened the baggie and pulled out the Lilly bracelet.  It was not remarkable to me, but to a person that loves Lilly it would be bliss. 

I put the bracelet on Ebay and it sold yesterday for $157.37!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!  Why $157.37?  After getting it home and upon closer inspection I found that the bracelet was sterling silver, the Lilly charm sterling silver, the palm tree toggle closure, you guessed it, sterling silver.  The.bracelet.was.sterling!  S C O R E !!!!!

Friday, I hit an indoor yard sale I spied on Craig’s List.  The post mentioned “lots of Vera Bradley bags”.  I hit the yard sale earlier than the posted time about 15 minutes (I never arrive more than that early and am fully prepared to wait if I have to).  The place was a small apartment and it was crammed!  The seller had not even unpacked it all and was not planning to by the looks of the space she had.  In the bedroom, under a pile of stuff I spied a Vera tote bag peeking out.  It was one of the largest totes used for travel.  It was literally CRAMMED with Vera Bradley bags.  I peeked through a bit, but not a lot.  I saw a few price tags so knew a lot of it was new.  I carried the tote around while I looked.  Both the lady holding the sale and the gentleman helping her said you know there are bags inside that tote.  I said I did.  All in all, there were 30 Vera Bradley bags in that tote.  Most looked brand new and a few had the tags to prove it.  I got all 30 for $120!  That works out to about $4 an item.  S C O R E !!!!!!!

The ad also mentioned that there was a large lot of yarn.  I searched and searched, but no yarn.  I finally asked the man helping her where it was.  She came into the room and said she had not put it out as she wanted to keep about 9 balls of yarn out of it and didn’t have the time to go through it.  She let me go into the room it was in alone and look through it.   It was a HUGE bag of yarn.  Like the huge plastic bags they use in the parks for the trash cans.  I found 8 skeins of hand spun yarn that I thought would work for necklace cords.  I held my breath as I asked how much.  She said $5 per skein.  S C O R E !!!!!!

She also had a lot of sewing notions and some jewelry supplies.  Yep, I bought a lot of that, too.  It was a good weekend indeed.  I pinched myself when I woke up the next day and checked around to make sure I didn’t dream it!

when punk was all the rage.

when suburban kids thought it made them cool.

when they put safety pins through their faces.

when they wore leather and studded collars and cuffs.

when you wondered what they would do after the fad went away.

Do you remember, too? 


This week’s random act of kindness was to gather all the paper grocery bags I had in my house and took them to my local Meals on Wheels office.  Meals on Wheels, in case you don’t know, provides meals and some staples to shut ins.  They are always looking for bags to pack the food into. 

While I was there, I asked what staples they might need for donations so that i might remember them when I see the items on sale.  You can find you local office here

scan0009 (744x1024)On Saturday I went to the Goodwill outlet again.  It is always a crap shoot.  You get lucky some days, really lucky other days and come up craps sometimes, too.  On this trip I found some more game pieces, but cards for a card game called Funny Bone

It is played as a couple with another couple and the cards have instructions.  The hand bone is connected to the head bone.  Then you must put the card between your partners head and your hand and hold it there.  The game stops when a couple drops two cards.  Can you imagine?  you have to pick up the cards off the floor to play and continue to hold them as you go along against your partner.  That would truly be a game of skill. 

I guess it was the predecessor to Twister and was created in 1968. 

As I was checking out the cards I thought that they were the exact size of a postcard and, since they had a bit of thickness, would be a great base for a handmade postcard.  I also had a vintage pattern I found at the outlet that was for clown costumes. 

scan0010 (1024x736)


I rubber stamped the text and the flourish and used my new postcard rubber stamps from this Etsy seller to finish the back. 

It was quick, easy and a satisfying scrappy fix.  Now off to mail it!

DSC04256 (1024x764)I finally finished my fabric flower necklace.  I added a loop of seed beads to secure it through the eyelet and then strung alternating copper and green beads to form the necklace. 

I also embellished the flowers with beads and seed beads to jazz them up a bit.  I have already made some changes in my mind for the next one.  Isn’t making things always a process?  Do you ever get it “finished”? 

DSC04251 (766x1024)



I received one of my birthday ATCs in the mail over the weekend from Kate’s Birthday ATC swap. It is by Dove Shelton from Virginia.  I just love the colors, the flowers, and the sparkle.

This weekend I worked on the ATCs for June and July.  They will be in the mail tomorrow as some of the July birthdays have to travel quite a bit.  One to Australia. 





DSC04253 (732x1024)


I entitled it Wildflowers.  I started with a fabric background and then couched some fancy fur yarn on top of it after securing it a bit with Misty Fuse.  I then added a lace flower that I made and some seed beads and sequins to simulate other wildflowers. 

I made 7 in all to mail to the June and July birthday ladies.  I hope they like them. 


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