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This week’s random act of kindness was leaving $2 at the drive thru window at McDonald’s one morning to pay for the next person that ordered a large cup of coffee.  I let the cashier know what ever change was left could be donated to Ronald McDonald House. 

The next time I went through the drive through the cashier let me know that four people kept it going.  The person I bought for left money for the next, and the next for the next, etc.  Feels good to start a kindness chain!

DSC06459 (642x1024)I had to make a custom order for a friend as well as a birthday present for a co-worker, so the Kumihimo disc was a smokin’!

This is the birthday present for the co-worker.  She mentioned a long time ago that she wanted one for Halloween.  I made this one with orange and purple yarns.  I covered the poker chip with scrapbook paper, some beads and a wooden flower button. 

DSC06458 (768x1024)

DSC06460 (733x1024)Then for the custom order I was asked to make a blue bracelet with a dolphin theme.   The dolphin image and text is from a vintage dictionary. 

DSC06442 (768x1024)

DSC06462 (842x1024)The other for the custom order was to make one in black and white with a knitting theme.  I found this great pic of Cary Grant knitting.  I cannot recall what movie it was for.  The background is text from a prayer missal in a foreign language. 

DSC06463 (866x1024)

I love making the Kumihimo cords.  It is repetitive and you never know what it will look like with the yarns you select until you are finished. 

DSC06443 (1024x687)

I played around with my Rummikub tiles, Mod Podge and rubber stamps.  Made some house tiles as well as some bike tiles (girl bike tiles as a gentleman pointed out to me).  Then he proceeded to go into greeeeeeaaaattttt… detail about the difference.  I stood there with my very best I kind of care face on while secretly wishing he would leave!

DSC06444 (1024x564)

I also stamped some ravens and owls.  I really loved the ravens and kept one for myself.  I thought they were very Poe! 

I met an interesting person at the festival.  He walked up to me and introduced himself as Nutty Buddy.  The band was playing kind of loud so I missed a lot of what he said, but my creep meter was in overdrive.  He came back a few minutes later and asked to take my pic with his camera on his phone.  What could I say as he snapped it before I replied!  He left again and came back a few minutes later to offer me a box of Cheetos.  I declined and he commented that he couldn’t find anyone that wanted the “da** things”!  Then a friend asked me what his last name was.  I told her I was not listening that closely.  She said that she thought it was a man that was pretty infamous in the area and had been banned from several places for less than gentlemanly DSC06445 (1024x551)behavior.  I said “great, my pic is on his cell!”  I watch the local news with one eye closed now waiting for my pic from his cell to be on there!

I made some more neighborhood charms.  I also made one pendant with paper only as I thought it was so pretty!

DSC06446 (1024x707)

And I made some more keys.  They got a lot of action, but only two people purchased one.  Guess like me when I saw the $70 one they were trying to figure out how I made them!  LOL!

I had a really great day and it was a profitable one, too!

DSC06455 (1024x912)

It was a lovely fall day for the festival!  The morning started off crisp, but as the day moved on the sun came out and it was glorious to be out.  There was a bit of a breeze and just the right hint of fall. 

The festival started at noon and the first hour or two was slow!  I was right across the street from the kiddies play area and the musical entertainment.  I got a show and some musical accompaniment, too!

DSC06456 (1024x525)DSC06457 (1024x581)

DSC06450 (1024x762)

The table was packed with pretties for the crowd I was awaiting.  It was fun to meet some like minded crafty peeps!  To talk to some shop owners, a couple of ladies planning their own Christmas market at their church.  It was a lot of fun! 

I had to chuckle at some of the people that scooted by looking until they realized I had “handmade” goods then turning the other way.  I realized I do DSC06451 (1024x789)the same thing at craft shows!  I peek and if it is not something I like I scoot right by!  To a crafter that smarts!  Then again, the people that did stop made up for it!

I also met a lovely younger crafter that is a repeat customer!  She purchased form a shop I consigned at and came by to purchase a few more.  She asked the lady that owned the shop if I bartered, I said sure.  That is the best part of DSC06452 (1024x638)crafting!  She came by and bought a couple of pieces from me.  I then returned the favor by buying one of her stained glass leaves.  It looks so pretty in my window with the sun shining behind it! 

All in all the proceeds were not too bad and I made some good connections for some future events! 

To everyone that stopped by thanks! 


If you are in the Forest Hill area and near 43rd Street, you will find me there from 12-4. 

• Moon Bounce • Large Slide
• Bake Sale • Fishing Game
• Ring Toss • Football Toss
• Carnival Games
• Pumpkin Bowling
• Cupcake Walk • Crafts

Located at the Corner of
Forest Hill Avenue and 43rd Street.

See you there! 

P.S. Bring Cash!!!  Lots of Cash!!!! 


This week’s random act of kindness is a personal challenge.  I have lately turned into a very aggressive driver and have been aggravated by the people that try to get one car length ahead. 

So I made a challenge to myself to make room for those people to merge in and to let people turn out into the street in front of me. 

What has been my reward?  Less aggravation and a few polite thank you waves. 

Give it a try!  It makes the commute much more fun!

Edgar Allan Poe raven cameo necklace in black stainless steel - halloween horror portrait pendant - as seen on Boing Boing

Look what arrived this weekend from this Etsy Seller, Fable and Fury

I love it a lot! 

(I borrowed this pic from the sellers listing of the item.)

If you love Poe, too, hurry!


DSC06383 (1024x667)

I love Edgar Allen Poe!  I have lived in a few cities in my life and had the good fortune to live in two cities that Edgar frequented, Baltimore and Richmond.  Both are lovely cities with lots of history.

A couple of years ago I made a couple of Edgar brooches.  I decided to do it up again and this time to make them a bit more elaborate.  I added some clear microbeads, placed his pic on an oval wood disc to make it more cameo-like, and added bits of lace. 

DSC06384 (1024x712)All of the fabrics came from this lady.  Vicki, hand dyes and paints fabrics.  She and I worked out a deal that she saves me her scraps and I keep her in vintage napkins for dyeing.  Good arrangement, no?  Every bag I receive from Vicki is like Christmas as I never know what will be inside.  Be sure to check out her Etsy shop! 

The brooches I made for the craft show the weekend of the 22nd.  It will be in the Forest Hill area on 43rd Street in front of the 43rd Street Gallery.  It benefits a local church school. 

I love playing around with Edgar!  He tells the best stories!


I was talking to the nurse that works for my company the other day and we got on the subject of karma.  I mentioned to her that I was a firm believer in “what goes around comes around.”  I also said, glibly, that I was trying to get some extra credit points with the “man upstairs”! 

She reminded me that it was not necessary to build up credit with God.  Nonetheless, I am going to hedge my bets just in case!

I realized the last several days that I have been a bit grumpy.  It seems like my soul is a bit miffed and my spirit edgy.  I started to realize that with my back issues and all the bills for the doctors, the lack of my crappy insurance to pay the bills, and the pain I was in, was stealing my joy.  I decided that my attitude stinks and to adjust it by being more thankful.  Every day I remind myself of the little victories that I have in my life.  That I no longer have pain in my leg or back from my injury, that I am once again able to make things for long periods of time, and that my creative spirit has returned. 

So this week’s random act of kindness is to myself.  I gave myself permission to find the beauty in life (in mine specifically).  I also signed up for a class this month at my local quilt shop.  There is nothing like getting together with like minded ladies and creating!  I also signed up for 2 craft shows within two weeks of one another which will force me to create! 

Every now and then it is good to take care of yourself and show yourself a bit of kindness!

You can read here about another local lady that is spreading kindness.  She was featured in the October O Magazine!

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