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DSC07388 (927x1024)

I saw a tutorial in a craft magazine years ago about a brooch made with old guitar keys.  I set out to locate some old guitar keys.  No one seemed to want to give them up if they might have them.  I checked guitar sales stores, guitar restoration stores, but no one wanted to sell any. 

I went to an estate sale company’s warehouse sale and found a bag of banjo keys.  The motherload! 

Then I couldn’t find the magazine that I was sure I saved with the pic, so I went for it. 

For the body I used a Jenga game piece, the head a checker, the arms the banjo keys.  I added some twisted wire for her hair, a watch crystal to cover her face.  I printed some music images onto a transparency and then put text from book pages inside it.  

I added some brass feet and seed beads and called her complete. 

DSC07390 (895x1024)DSC07389 (993x1024)

I love how she ended up and she proudly sits on my kitchen windowsill.  I just love her.  My altered angel. 

DSC05969 (1024x944)I love looking in gift shops and at the work of other artists.  Recently I was in a shop that I frequent in the West End of Richmond.  I saw a lovely altered skeleton key and wanted to purchase it.  I am all for supporting local art, but the price tag gave me pause.  I couldn’t justify paying $70 for a charm on a simple ball chain.  Especially, since I had some skeleton keys, the book pages, the beads and the other materials to make it. 

One of my buddies from the Flickr Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces group and I were getting together for a day of thrifting.  She lives a bit south of me and once a year we get together to thrift for the day.  We decided to swap an found object charm and I thought this the perfect time to try my key. 

I first distressed the key a bit using alcohol inks.  It was bright, shiny and new looking so needed some age.  Then I cute a verse from a 1934 bible that I thrifted at the Goodwill Outlet a few weeks ago and used Mod Podge to adhere it to the key.  I then sealed it with Polycrylic.  I added some beads and was thrilled with the end result.  Jo loved it, too!

DSC05134 (1024x725)

Sue started an interactive mail art challenge and I was thrilled to receive a postcard from MaryAnn.  My contribution is the stop and smell the flowers one.  I mailed it next to a local artsy friend of mine that I thought would enjoy the challenge, too. 

You can learn more about the project here.  It is fun to be part of an art project. 

It is so great to have met so many people via the internet and this blog.  It has been fun getting to know people that I may not have otherwise met.  One of those people is Kayenderes.  She is a Mohawk Indian who lives in Canada.  DSC04877 (1024x782) She freely shares with me her work. 

Recently, I helped her to get some charms to make art dolls via the internet.  To say thanks she sent me this little batch of goodies.  A pin cushion with a Halloween theme, a Dotee doll, and a bookmark. 

I love them all.  The pincushion is a great addition to my handmade and vintage pincushion collection.  The Dotee will be a great addition to my Dotee collection.  And the bookmark will help to mark my crafty endeavors. 

Thanks, Kayenderes, I love them all!

DSC03733 (752x1024)Sherry makes the most awesome dolls and paints the greatest faces.  I have been privileged to receive a few.  So imagine my delight when I opened a birthday package from her and this Alice dolly was inside!

She is so awesome from her stripey legs to her satin dress, to her text body parts.  I love, too her tile A with the wirey beads attached. 

Thanks, Sherry!  she will be placed among the other dollies and artwork I have received over the years. 

DSC02744 (615x1024) There is a nursery rhyme that talks about a dish running away with a spoon and a cow jumping over the moon, but in the case of this spoon it is staying right here with me!

I bought the spoon at my local Goodwill thinking it might be sterling silver.  After some research, I found it was silver plate.  As I had set it aside to return it to the Goodwill I looked at it one day and thought it would make a great altered doll. 

I used wire to make the arms and legs and covered it with brown twine to make it match the spoon’s tarnished color better.  To the bowl of the spoon I added an image that I rubber stamped onto a sewing pattern and then used mod podge to adhere it to the spoon.  I like how it looks like I stamped it directly onto the spoon and fades into the spoon. 

DSC02743 (622x1024)

Her dress is made using scrapbook paper that I glued together to sandwich the spoon inside.  I added bits of lace to the bottom, the sleeves, and gathered it a bit for the collar.  I made a lace apron and finished it off with a button to add a bit more jazz. 

I really like how she came out and plan to make some more as I find other interesting silverware pieces.  What do you think?

I have them by a few feet and several inches, they have that living with Santa thing, but I think that I can match them brushstroke for brushstroke and item for item.  This year for my annual tradition of ornament giving on Christmas Day I decided to make altered domino ornaments for the giving. 

DSC02738 (1024x1018)

I started by painting the back and the sides of the dominos with gold Plaid acrylic paint letting it dry between each coat.  I then rubber stamped the back and added silver embossing powder to give it a raised design.  The images on the front are vintage Christmas images from the Flickr Collage Images group and are adhered with Mod Podge.   

I drilled the top then screwed in a small eye to hang the ribbons from.  I finished it off with some fancy red/gold trim and green ribbon. 

I made then ornaments and passed them out on Christmas Day.  They were very well received!  Everyone was curious if I painted the design on the back of the domino. 



DSC02734 (1024x574) DSC02736 (1024x566)

I was very pleased with the end result and plan to use this technique a lot more in the near future. 

there was a Christmas Envelope from Sherry containing a lovely ATC,

DSC02722 (587x800)

a Christmas angel made using vintage sheet music,

DSC02721 (634x800)

I love Sherry’s art.  Her ladies have a very sweet and whimsical quality. 

And from Kayenderes to thank me for sculpey faces I made for her was a dream catcher…

DSC02724 (768x800)

or two…

DSC02725 (726x800)

She explained in her note that in her culture that corn is the most important of the three sisters to her.  The other two are beans and squash.  Her stitching is lovely and the woven dream catcher great. 

What a lucky girl I am to have great crafty friends.  I met both of these ladies through art swap groups.  Sherry commented that she doesn’t know what her life would be like without her arty friends on Flickr.  Amen.  I have “met” some of the nicest people and the greatest artists, too. 

Life is good! 

DSC02236 (1024x726) Vallen asked in a comment recently for me to show how I display the paper dolls, Dotees and stuffies that I have received.  So I thought I would use this post to show you how I show off the things I have received. 

My craft room window is actually two windows side by side making one very large window.  On that window I added cafe curtains to shade me from the hot afternoon sun that shines through it.  On top of the curtains and pinned to the rods I used paper twist ribbon that was left unopened for a clothesline.  I use small doll sized clothespins to hang the items on the line. 

On the top is a banner that Christy made for me for a Thanksgiving swap which spells Thankful.  I thought it was appropriate to keep up so that I remember that I need to stay thankful. 

DSC02234 (1024x463)

DSC02235 (1024x508)

There are also other items hanging on my line.  A Christmas stocking Christy made me for a swap after I mentioned how much I loved one in the Anthropologie catalog.  The Japanese Owlies made for me by Jenny The Artist for a 1:1 swap, two uglies that Mary Ann made for me.  In front from some plant hooks hangs the Hanging Heart from Barb and a dragonfly mobile from another swap. 

Every time I walk in the room it makes me smile. 

This month’s challenge from MAD MAMMA was to create a no sew doll.  DSC01914 (767x1024) It is batting wrapped around a chopstick and tied to form the body. 

This doll was made using strips of fabric that I wrapped around the batting and chopstick.  It was tied with gold wire and metallic yarn.  I also added some beads and various yarn fibers. 

Her face is made from sculpey clay and the flower behind her is a petal from a silk one that I took apart. 

I think I will call her Mother Nature. 

DSC01912 (510x1024)

I enjoy the various dolls that MAMMA finds for us to create.  It is fun to learn new doll styles.  It was really hard not to take out the needle and thread to create her, but she is held together with some thread, wire, and yarns, with a bit of glue here and there.

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