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Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around!

Funny, but he never did.

DSC01920 (768x1024) This month’s theme for the Yahoo Fantastic Flat Paperdoll group was Marie Antoinette.  I have made a Marie ATC previously, but never an entire doll.  I was inspired by the work of Norma’s bird cage skirts.  She even has a tutorial here.  Since I neither draw or have the patience for cutting all of that out, I decided on an alternative.  I found a picture using Google image search of a Victorian birdcage and resized it to make her dress. 

I added the head, arms, hair and feet are from this pdf.  The face is from the flickr collage image group.  The doll is embellished with some gems, small flowers, bits of lace and birds from a birding book. 

DSC01921 (766x1024)

DSC01922 (512x1024)



I love how she came out and am very proud of her.  I like the bird cage I selected for her torso and it fits beautifully with the other parts of the doll after some resizing. 

I am proud to pass her onto my partner this month.  Hopefully, she will be as pleased. 



This month’s challenge from MAD MAMMA was to create a no sew doll.  DSC01914 (767x1024) It is batting wrapped around a chopstick and tied to form the body. 

This doll was made using strips of fabric that I wrapped around the batting and chopstick.  It was tied with gold wire and metallic yarn.  I also added some beads and various yarn fibers. 

Her face is made from sculpey clay and the flower behind her is a petal from a silk one that I took apart. 

I think I will call her Mother Nature. 

DSC01912 (510x1024)

I enjoy the various dolls that MAMMA finds for us to create.  It is fun to learn new doll styles.  It was really hard not to take out the needle and thread to create her, but she is held together with some thread, wire, and yarns, with a bit of glue here and there.

Babies are the sweetest things.  They make the sweetest faces and they smell so clean and divine.  There cheeks are made for squishing and they smiles will light up a room.  I have not had children of my own, but have been privileged to be an Aunt and a Great Aunt many, many times over. 

One of my friends is having a baby very soon and I wanted to make her something for her new little boy.  She has settled on a couple of names, but wants to see the little man before she decides what is his name.  Isn’t that a cool way of thinking of it. 

DSC01910 (768x1024) I decided to make her some bibs.  Something she could use for a while.  I tried a couple of bib patterns, but settled on this one.  They whipped up very easily and were a cinch to make.  I made four of them in less than 30 minutes.  For the closure I used Velcro as I didn’t have the snaps.

DSC01911 (733x1024)

The front fabric is a t-shirt like material and the backing is some very soft flannel.  Vicki suggested that I buy a terry cloth towel for the back so that she can wipe the face with it when they are done, but the towel I bought and used for bib try #1 was too thick.  I found the flannel on the remnant rack and got the 1/2 yard for about 2 bucks.  The half yard of each would have made 5 bibs, but I cut the front fabric for one wrong side up!

I don’t know if you can see the background of the pics?  It is a vintage receiving blanket I found for her.  It has some great vintage images on it.  As I was wrapping it up with the bibs, I realized it was a boy blanket.  It has images and the saying “Rusty nails and puppy dog tails”  on it.  It also has babies in train conductor outfits, cowboy outfits, and other boy things.  How great is that?  I bought it for the images, but didn’t realize it was for a boy!  The blanket is also immaculate, but has clearly been used and loved. 

They are inducing her on the 30th in the morning.  So join me in hoping that her labor is easy and her time is quick.  I am going to see her on Friday and hope to get a peek of the little man. 

I hit a couple of yard sales Saturday in my area.  Yard sales for me are fun and I get excited over the big score and the little cool finds.  I am a bit like a crow or a magpie in that I tend to gravitate to the shiny objects that sparkle and catch my eye, but I am also drawn to the quirky and different. 

DSC01923 (628x1024)


One of the shinier finds is this sweet handmade felt brooch.  I love the beading on the edges that it is made in two pieces and the sentiment that is written on it in beads.  There is a safety pin sewn onto the back for wearing it. 

Someone spent a lot of time putting this one together and put a lot of handmade love into it.  The stitches on the back are barely visible through the felt. 

I wonder if it was for a Mom or a beloved sister.  What were the circumstances it was made for?  Was it a Mother’s Day present or for a birthday?  Perhaps it was a sentiment made for a loved one or part of an engagement or dating sentiment?

It was 10 cents.


DSC01924 (1024x849) Now onto the quirkier item I found.  This dollhouse stove fascinated me.  It is made from solid wood and painted to simulate a zinc finish with the white with black edging.  The handles are metal and have a darker red paint edging them.  The burners are made using some metal and the tines that hold the pots and pans over the “flames” are bent brads.  I also like the detail on the burner knobs and the oven knob and the cut out section for the griddle. 

It appears from the two lines on the back that there may have been a top section attached that was either broken off or removed.  I would guesstimate this was made in the 1950s by the style of the stove.  Does anyone remember playing with one like this?  The brads make me think it was handmade as a commercial maker would have surely used something else for them.

DSC01925 (1024x708) DSC01926 (1024x880)

I remember when I was little playing with my Barbie dream house.  She had appliances, but they were either made of plastic or were incorporated in the design on the wall and not useable.  I love this kind of attention to detail, but it was long before choking hazards and lead concerns.  It is amazing, at times, that a lot of us lived. 

It was $2. 

Virginia plans to shutter 19 of its 42 rest area facilities by July 21, four of them along Interstate 95, a main travel corridor along the East Coast.

In a cost cutting measure Virginia closed 19 of it rest areas.  It is to save over $9 million a year.  (Source)  I am really torn about this. 

On the one hand, it will cause the drivers to venture off the interstate to patronize local businesses and put some money into local economies.  On the other hand, it will increase traffic in these areas for both cars and large trucks. 

Truckers will no longer have the rest areas to pull into to get a few winks, a soda or a sponge bath in the sink.  So where will the truckers pull over to get a bit of shut eye?  Will they keep driving to the peril of the rest of the drivers?  What about sleepy car drivers?  Where will they pull over to get out, stretch, and regroup before getting back behind the wheel? 

Most of these rest areas just had large renovations so there are dollars (excuse my pun) tossed down the crapper!  If they decide to open them at a later date will they need repairs due to the inactivity? 

A couple of our candidates running for Governor have jumped on the bandwagon.  One, who will remain nameless, proposes having businesses adopt a rest area?  Can you see it now? 

Welcome to the (Insert Your Company Here) Toity we are glad you are here! 

Paper towels with company logos, the toilet paper emblazoned with the company of your choice?  Advertising posters and signs throughout.  Perhaps a greeter that will try to get you to sign up for an IRA, a frequent shopper discount card, a life insurance policy or perhaps with free samples of their latest product. 

Since they are rest areas would the products be of the personal nature?  The Stayfree sample bar?  The Tampax lounge?  And not leaving the guys out “the Itch” spraying bar.  The vending machine will dispense toothbrushes courtesy of Colgate, mouthwash from Listerine, undies from Victoria Secret and Jockey.  I could go on and on. 

Times are tough and we are trying to save money I get that, but why would we close these rest areas?  How many times have you, as you were travelling, stopped in one and picked up a brochure of a local site or got a free map?  The brochures were possibly the springboard for your next trip.  Closing these rest areas will also close the door on some of the tourists that are just passing through and may have stopped since it was close by.  Do we really want to stop commerce? 

Just one more thing that makes me go hmmm…

mamma atc Thrift shops, and yard sales, and bargains aplenty,

Clothing, and notions and fabrics aplenty,

Baubles, and bangles, and all thinks that sparkle and shine,

Yes these are a few of my favorite things…

This week’s theme for the MAMMA challenge was favorite things.  One of which has to be vintage jewelry.  I love vintage jewelry!

This is a mixed media piece.  The background is black felt (like in the jewelers showcase) and to that I needle felted some fancy yarn and recycled sari yarn to the background.  On top of that I added glass, pearl, a crystal and other seed beads to make the “necklace” more ornate. 

This weeks swap cards are being sent to Margaret, our beloved MAMMA, to help put a smile on her face.  She very recently lost her beloved husband Ernie who had been sick for a while.  It is also to celebrate the first anniversary of the group. 

DSC01902 (759x1024)

Dear angel, Ever at my side
Be there today, my feet to guide.
Help me dance high, and light, and free,
So everyone will be proud of me.
May the judges be fair and the stages be spacious.
In winning and losing let me be gracious,
So that every dance I’ll remember with pride.
And angel, please keep my shoelaces tied.

From: "A Dancer’s Prayer"
By: Maria Spratford

This lovely ballerina paper doll was sent to me for the Yahoo Fantastic Flat Paperdolls June theme.  It was created by Brenda Moss of Missouri.  I love her hand painted face.  Lovely.

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