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This week’s random act of kindness was to leave notes of affirmation on canned foods at my local grocery. 

Just silly notes, like U R Great, 1 of a Kind, U R Special, Life is about giggles!

I felt like a secret agent trying not to be discovered as I did it.  I also didn’t hang around and stare.  I used post-it notes to they stuck to the cans. 

What have you done to spread kindness lately? 

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This week’s random act of kindness was to give a $1 to a random kid leaving the Wal-mart.  I did ask his Mom if it was okay first. 

It was so cute as he ran straight for the toy machines with it to get a prize.  Same thing I would have done at his age!  Or maybe I would have hit the candy aisle???  Hmmmmm…

What have you done lately? 

rak (321x209)So sorry I forgot about last week’s post!  I have no real excuse, but the week got away from me!

This week’s random act of kindness called for a bit of clandestine arrangements.  I work for a not for profit and we have a salon in our center without a chair to perform the services in. 

My trusty hairdresser told me about a chair that a man was selling that he found in a storage unit he posted.  I slipped the man the money for the chair and asked him to say it was donated.  So now we have a chair!

I love it when a plan comes together! 

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This week’s random act of kindness was to help out an employee that was in a very bad car accident.  She flipped he car several times and it was a miracle she was not killed in the accident. 

She had very little time off left so I found out that we could donate time to her.  With the caveats placed on the program, I was limited in the amount I could offer, but between myself and one other employee, she was able to have the rest of the time the doc gave her off using the vacation time that was donated. 

I am so glad to be a part of it and to help her out. 

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So sorry this is posted a bit late in the day.  This week’s random act of kindness happened at my favorite haunt, Goodwill.  I ran into a lovely elderly lady who wanted to check out a frame on the top shelf of the wall rack.  She was a bit frail and it was a really large frame. 

She told me what she wanted and I got it down for her.  She told me she was a painter and came to the Goodwill for for frames for her art.  She then asked me what I thought the dimensions were and that she left her large bulky tape measure at home.  I rooted in my VERY large purse and pulled out my mini tape measure that I keep in it just in case.  We then measured the frame and she decided it was the perfect size for her next work.  I then let her know she could keep the tape measure!  She said it is the perfect size for her purse and thanked me. 

She then asked my first name.  I told her it is Cindy.  She then told me hers was Millie and I asked her if I may have seen her work on display anywhere?  She told me that she painted only for herself and a few special friends as a way to make people smile.  I thought what a great reason to share art. 

I then shook her hand, wished her well and went on my shopping way.  It was a short interaction, cost me very little, but made me smile along the way. 

Have you shared a tiny kindness that gave you a big reward lately? 

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This week’s random act of kindness started with an observation.  I noticed a lady at my local grocery story that always looked so sad and forlorn.  I asked a couple of the cashiers about her and they told me her husband had recently passed and she was quite sad.  They told me that he would buy her a bunch of flowers on each of their shopping trips.  Now, they said, she just comes for her groceries. 

I handed them a $20 and said to buy as many bunches of flowers as that would cover.  They bought her three bunches and saw them scrounging some more money from the other cashiers.  They chipped in to buy her three more.  She was given the 6 bunches of flowers by the cashiers and she started to cry.  She told them that she had really been feeling all alone that day and the flowers were like her husband telling her all was going to be okay. 

She wiped her eyes and smiled a huge smile.  She told them with the exception of her wedding day and the birth of her kids this was the very best day!

It was for me, too!

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This week’s random act of kindness was to make a donation to the local food pantry.  They were having a donation event in the area and mentioned that $1= 5 meals, so I decided to spring for 250 meals. 

It felt good to help another and to supply that many meals.  We all have canned foods in our pantries that we will likely never, ever eat.  Why not clean out your pantry and donate it to your local food pantry.  Here at Feeding America, they have a listing of food pantries in all 50 states.  So check out your local one and then give those canned goods away. 

Let’s feed some hungry people!

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This week’s random act of kindness was buying a smoothie for the car behind me in line at McDonalds.  It was hot (really, really hot) and it is the perfect cool treat.  As I was pulling away from the window, I heard the crew kid say, “if you want one you can have a free smoothie compliments of the lady ahead of you in line.” 

I drove back to work!

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This week’s random act of kindness was to buy an ice cream cone for the driver behind me in line at McDonald’s.  It was a really hot day and it sounded so good so I went to McD’s to get an ice cream cone. 

The thought then hit me to buy one for the car behind me or whomever wanted one. 

I drove away licking my cold treat!

rak (321x209)This week’s random act of kindness was passing out 5 $1 bills to random kids in the Wal-mart store.  Of course, after asking their Mom’s if it was okay. 

The shy smiles as they took it from me turned to excited smiles and running to Mom or Dad and showing them what they had!

I remembered the joy of having my own money to spend on anything I wanted and smiled at the happy memory.

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