rak (321x209)

So sorry this is posted a bit late in the day.  This week’s random act of kindness happened at my favorite haunt, Goodwill.  I ran into a lovely elderly lady who wanted to check out a frame on the top shelf of the wall rack.  She was a bit frail and it was a really large frame. 

She told me what she wanted and I got it down for her.  She told me she was a painter and came to the Goodwill for for frames for her art.  She then asked me what I thought the dimensions were and that she left her large bulky tape measure at home.  I rooted in my VERY large purse and pulled out my mini tape measure that I keep in it just in case.  We then measured the frame and she decided it was the perfect size for her next work.  I then let her know she could keep the tape measure!  She said it is the perfect size for her purse and thanked me. 

She then asked my first name.  I told her it is Cindy.  She then told me hers was Millie and I asked her if I may have seen her work on display anywhere?  She told me that she painted only for herself and a few special friends as a way to make people smile.  I thought what a great reason to share art. 

I then shook her hand, wished her well and went on my shopping way.  It was a short interaction, cost me very little, but made me smile along the way. 

Have you shared a tiny kindness that gave you a big reward lately?