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Let’s see if I can stay awake to make it to midnight! 

002 (655x1024)Remember the days when you could spend a nickel and get a piece of candy?  Maybe a pack of smarties, a peppermint candy, or a dum dum lollipop?  Those were the days.  Of course, when these ladies were sharing a lollipop I was not even a thought in my parent’s minds.  My parents, in fact, would have been children themselves!

I found this pic at a local antique mall on my lunch hour today and love it.  I love that they are posed and that they are holding lollipops!  I paid a bit more than I normally do for a vintage pic, but how could I not?  I loved it!

What do you love?


This week’s random act of kindness was to leave $5 with a cashier at my local Wawa to use to pay for part of the gas purchase for the next customer after I left the store.  I didn’t want it left for the person behind me that heard me explain it to the cashier so asked that they do it after I left. 

It was quick, easy and took very little time.  With the price of gas I am sure it was appreciated. 

What have you done for a random kindness lately?  Remember, “to whom much is given, much is expected!”  Also, it is the nice thing to do!

DSC06736 (1024x611)

Or perhaps it was these quaint hand carved wooden little guys I found yesterday afternoon?  They are about 14 inches tall and holding an instrument or their music, but all are singing. 

I love their sweet little faces.  The only DSC06739 (1024x668)marking I can find on them is an E on one foot and a D on another of the same one.  There is only one of the set of four that are marked.  I have been searching on the internet, but have not located any others yet. 

They are carved from solid wood and are stained as you can see some stain drippings on the bottom of each one. 

I will keep looking and will likely stumble upon them eventually.   In the mean time, aren’t they cute?

From my crafty casa to yours,

Merry Christmas!


This week’s random act of kindness happened as a result of an E-bay Sale.  I had listed an Hallmark ornament and the buyer that won the auction asked me if I would be willing to mail it to another address. 

She then explained to me that it was a gift for a family that lost all of their Christmas ornaments in a fire and their friends were sending them new ones. 

I knew that I had some angel ornaments that I recently discovered and had not time to list them to sell this year, so I decided to wrap them up and send them with the ornament their friend purchased. 

The buyer contacted me to tell me that they were so excited to get the ornament and the extra angel ornaments.  She said that they said they had angels watching over them as they were not hurt in the fire and that reminded them of their blessings. 

How nice is that!

DSC06733 (1024x768)

I spied with my little eye a very large plastic barrel full of game pieces and printer’s blocks on the bottom shelf and behind the counter of my local thrift shop. 

I asked the clerk to pick it up for me as I was not sure of the weight and, since it was below my waist, I like to take care when lifting in light of my recent back drama.

He put it up on the counter all two feet of the plastic barrel.  It is one of those barrels that stores have hard pretzels they sell individually within.  On the DSC06734 (1024x716)bottom was about 4” of American Bricks (which are wooden, made by Halsam and pre-date legos).  On top of that was two large baggies filled with wooden dominos and on top of those were two baggies filled with wooden checkers.  There were also two vintage plastic checker games in their original packages.  And on top of that about 6-8” of printers blocks of all shapes and sizes.  The bag they are packed into is a gallon size ziploc bag. 

DSC06735 (1024x831)On the top of the barrel was a price of $30.  They told me that they needed to call someone as that was the price the donator wrote on it and that is not the price they are selling it for.  I thought that as it was not the stickers they use and they price differently.  They called the Pastor (it is a church owned thrift shop) and he had no idea what they were talking about.  They said it was marked $30 and he said give it to her for the $30!  One of the gentleman said I think you should charge $50, but the pastor let me have it for $30.  I gave them $30 and ran! 

As I was leaving the clerk said, “I don’t want to be here tomorrow when Mrs. Pastor realizes he let it go for $30!”  Apparently, they were talking about it earlier in the day and one of the prices being tossed around was $120!  It was well worth that as the printers blocks sell for from $4-15 per block and there were over 30! 

I was not planning to stop at all, but there was an accident at the end of my street and I had to go through their parking lot to turn on my street!  Perhaps it was divine intervention or perhaps, just the thrifty gods looking out for me!


This week’s random act of kindness happened at my craft show this past weekend.  There was the sweetest little girl that came to the table with her Mommy and saw one of my charms with Mary Poppins on it and kept repeating over and over “Mary Poppins, Mommy, Mary Poppins!”  Her Mommy was humoring her while she picked out a present for her sister. 

The little girl was so cute and she was fixated on Mary!  She told me how much she loved the story and the movie, that after I wrapped up her Mommy’s purchase I asked her if she wanted the Mary Poppins charm.  I then told her she could have it!  She went with the biggest smile on her face to pick it up off the table.  She then brought it around to me and I let her pick out a cord to hang it from.  She picked out a bright fuchsia color cord (girl after my own heart as that is one of my favoritest colors, too). 

I then wrapped the charm and put it in her very own bag.  She thanked me very politely and then gave me the biggest smile she could and skipped away.  That made me smile to know that someone else loved something I made that much! 

il_570xN_294884454 (480x640)I went to a craft show last week at the local library.  There I met Barbara and her custom handmade and hand dyed creations.  As I am known to do, I make adjustments and additions to purses when I make them. 

I asked Barbara to add some pockets and to make this style in the patchwork.  All of her creations are made from hemp fabric and she custom dyes the fabric to achieve the colors.  As dyes are prone to do you end up with an original as no two colors are exactly the same. 

This one is a bit brighter than the pic shows and there is some quilted detailing in some of the squares.  I borrowed this pic from her Etsy shop

Go and check out her creations!  They are awesome and I cannot tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bag! 

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"What this world needs
is a new kind of army
- the army of the kind."
~Cleveland Amory

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