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This week’s random act of kindness was smile at everyone I came into contact with at the grocery store and ask them how they were today. 

It got me a few funny looks, a couple of smiles as they walked on by, two brief conversations about the weather, and one little elderly lady that I thought was going to literally talk my ear off.  Sweet lady that needed to talk to someone. 

Try it sometime, it is really kind of fun! 

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This week’s random act of kindness was to buy a dozen carnations at the grocery store and leave them stuck in a fence around the corner from my office with a note, “help yourself…and smile!”

It made me smile as I watched a couple of people sheepishly stake them out and then read the note and realize they could take one! 

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This week’s random act of kindness was to give a $5 Arch Card (McDonald’s) to a street person collecting change at the off ramp on the highway.  I would rather they get food than cash. 

I handed the card out the window and wished them well as I drove away. 

It felt good to help another. 

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This week’s random act of kindness was to leave a $5 bill on the gas pump handle when I pulled away for the next driver.  It is not much and a little more than a gallon at today’s prices, but nonetheless appreciated, I am sure!

What have you done for someone else lately?  It feels so good. 

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This week’s random act of kindness was to purchase a bouquet of flowers and leave them on the front porch of an elderly lady in my neighborhood with a note, “I hope you have a happy day!”

I just wish I could have seen her face when she opened her door to find them!

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So sorry for the lateness of this Thursday post. With my new job, the weeks fly by and I forget most weeks what day it is!

This week’s random act of kindness was paying the check for another table in a restaurant I was having lunch in.  The lady was having only a tea and some finger sandwiches and appeared very sad.  As I was leaving I asked the server if she had paid her check and she said she had not.  I then asked her to add it to my check and I would pay it. 

I then asked her not to say anything to the lady until after I left and then tell her she was blessed by an angel.  If she persisted, she could tell her it was the lady that just left. 

It makes me smile to know that I made another person’s day.  That I was able to spread some joy!  Kindness is much better when shared!

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This week’s random act of kindness was leaving $10 in addition to my tip for the server at lunch.  I was there one day last week and heard her lamenting to another server about some medical bills she had to pay for her latest illness.  I was there not too long ago, personally, with the medical bills and can appreciate it completely. 

So I went back and requested her section and when I was finished left her the $10 tip with a note that I hope that helped! 

It made me feel good to help another with medical debts. 

What about you, what kindnesses have you done lately?

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So sorry for the late post, I had it ready to go and put next Thursday’s date on it!

This week’s random act of kindness was to surprise a person on the street with a gift card from Hardees with enough money to buy a breakfast on it. 

In my new work location there are a lot of people wandering the streets that are genuinely in need of help unlike some other areas where they panhandle to make extra money.  I always check the shoes before I give them money.  I noticed a lot of people with clean and pristine and very expensive tennis shoes.  Those are people I am a bit leery of. 

It makes me feel good to give them food instead of money.  I ensure that they have a meal. 

What have you done for someone else lately?

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The city that came with my new job is very economically depressed lots of street people along the streets.  In the morning it is so sad as they sit in the sunshine along the street, I suppose to get warm after the cold night. 

I have several of the lap blankets that I picked up here and there.  A work giveaway here, a random salesman’s promo there…and they were all just sitting and gathering dust. 

I scooped several of them up and during my lunch hour I passed them out to the people on the street.  I knew they were homeless as they were the same people I see up and down the streets fishing out cans from the trash. 

I handed them the blankets with a simple, “God Bless You and I hope this keeps you warm.”  Most gave me just a slight smile, but one insisted on a hug.  Hugging is waaaaaayyyyyy out of my comfort zone with people that I know well, much less a homeless person.  But I let him give me a hug.  It is good to stretch every now and then!

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This week’s random act of kindness once again took a road trip as I am still training for my new job. 

I went through the drive-thru of Dunkin Donuts and left $5 toward the order for the car behind me.  I hope they had a chocolate donut for me!


Have you tried anything new lately?  I would love it if you shared it with me!


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