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I am going to be selling at t wine festival in September, so thought I would get out that collection of corks I have accumulated from the thrifts shops and my Broski’s house. 

DSC09933 (1024x768)

I added some beads, buttons and the altered washers I made recently.

Had to stop and make some more washers!  That and locate that large Ziploc bag of corks I have…

DSC09935 (1024x368)

They have more to be done to them, but it is a good start. 

DSC09929 (1024x757)

I had seen a tutorial somewhere on the web to make these and thought I would give it a shot.  I had purchased the washers a long time ago at an estate sale for $1 for like a thousand.  After seeing the tute I thought I would give it a try. 

I used Mod Podge to put the text from a French book on the front and back of the washer.  After they were on the page (20 of them), I folded up the other half of the page after slathering the back with more Mod Podge.  I then took my brayer and rolled it over both sides several time to be sure they were tightly adhered to the page. 

DSC09930 (1024x846)I then let them dry.  After drying, I cut them into little individual squares and let them dry a bit more. I then used a sanding block to cut off the remaining paper and leave it only on the washer.  To make the center hole, I used my hole punch as it was the perfect sick. 

I then put Mod Podge Dimensional Glaze on top to give it a bit of depth.  I am working on some cork necklace for a wine festival I will be at in early September.  This will be on the top and bottom of the cork, so I only put the glaze on one side.  

I love how they came out! 

DSC09766 (555x1024)Recently, I came upon a vintage Anagrams game.  It is from the 50s.  The tiles were plastic and were open at the back.  I liked the look of the letters and then the idea came to me…shadowbox! 

I do not solder, so look for ways to incorporate that look using other mediums.  I do want to learn to solder, but until I do, I will try this trick again. 

DSC09764 (598x1024)

Inside, I put a square from a vintage French dictionary, then sealed it well with a few coats of Mod Podge.  On top I glued a mother of pearl button with E6000 glue.  I let the glue dry overnight as it says. 

Then I filled the inside compartment with Diamond Glaze sealing in the button.  I took my time to make sure there were no spots that an air bubble could be created.  Sealing around the button tightly, then filling the button holes completely.  As you know, with Diamond glaze you will get air bubbles anywhere that air can be trapped.  I watched it for several hours checking for air bubbles so I could pop them if needed.  I only had one tiny bubble, that I popped!

When it had set up overnight I then drilled two holes at the corners for the jump rings.  Since it is a plastic game piece it is pretty light, so used some heavier beads at the bottom to give it some heft. 

I love how it came out in the end.  My next one, I will be sure to overfill the center as if you look closely you will see a bit of a wave effect as the Diamond Glaze settled. 

I saw this image and fell in love immediately.  DSC09572 (814x1024)

So much so, I made 5 with different backgrounds on a Rummikub tiles.

DSC09571 (1024x625)

I gave three away on Sunday, the one at the top and the two on cards below. 

DSC09574 (731x1024)DSC09573 (665x1024)


One of the remaining two will be for me and I will give the other away to a lucky reader.  It is the one on the right of the top two that are not tied to a card you will have to choose from. 

Just leave a comment and you are entered to win!  I will pick a winner on Friday, the 21st!

DSC09042 (1600x1200)

I was honored to be asked by a co-worker what she could do with a vintage velvet dress that belonged to her Grandmother.  Whatever was made was to be given to her sisters that were also her bridesmaids. 

My initial thought was to make some of the some of these flowers, but the velvet burned and would not melt. It also was too heavy to hold the shape.

I then went to my old fave and added a bit of a new twist ala Kim.  After I tore the velvet in strips and then gathered them, I then added some fun fur yarn and a clip earring or necklace bit to the top.  On the back is a balsam wood disc to cover up the stitches and a pinback. 

I then ran the edges of the flowers over the candle and it turned them brown and melted them a bit.  I am thrilled with the end result.  Below are some close ups of each. 

DSC09034 (1600x1200)DSC09035 (1600x1200)DSC09036 (1600x1200)DSC09037 (1600x1200)DSC09038 (1600x1200)DSC09039 (1600x1200)DSC09040 (1600x1200)DSC09041 (1600x1200)

Pretty, no?  I also took some of the beaded trim and sewed it to a headband for her to wear in her hair for the wedding.  It will be her something old. 

What a lovely way to honor her Grandmother! 

I hosted a swap on the Altered Dominos and Other Game Pieces Group.  I only had two takers for the swap, so I made a couple of charms.  I will receive two in return and will share them when they arrive. 

Here is mine!

DSC08830 (1600x1199)DSC08834 (1600x1199)

I used an alphabet game tile that I painted black on the edges.  There is a perfect little recessed area on both sides so I painted the inside of that area on both sides to make it POP a bit.  On the letter side I used a straight pin to scrape off the messies I made painting it.  I never stay in the lines!  Once it was painted and then dried I used polycrylic to coat the paint. 

On the blank side of the game piece, I cut a square of Greek bible text to fit inside.  I found this image.  I cut out the heart part of it.  The Bible page was antiqued with some dark stain.  Over the top, after sealing it with mod podge to prevent the air bubbles, I used Mod Podge Dimensional Glaze to seal it. 

I then drilled it for the jump ring and than threaded some seed beads onto the jump ring before I sealed it.  I made the initial of each recipient and one for me, too! 

The criteria for the swap was to use a game piece and have a heart on it.  Nothing too Valentiney.  I made a tag to go with them. 

DSC08826 (956x1600)DSC08829 (1008x1600)

I wish I would have made myself a tag, too!

DSC08419 (1024x944)

I have been making stuff, I swear!  I made several Kumihimo Santa bracelets for a craft show last weekend. 

DSC08422 (952x1024)

I was a success and one of my crafty friends made a trip across town to buy FOUR of them.  I also sent one to my niece that asked for one.  One for me and a few for the next craft show. 

DSC08421 (1024x863)

I cannot wait! 


DSC08141 (1024x790)It was cloudy and breezy for the entire time, but the rain held off and we were able to have the show outside.  Thankfully, my stuff didn’t blow away!

I found some new display pieces at the Goodwill to give it a bit more verticality to my table and think they worked really well. 


DSC08136 (1024x768)

DSC08138 (1024x757)

DSC08140 (757x1024)DSC08137 (768x1024)

I like the wiry building for the earring display the most.  It is kind of wonky and fun, just like my creations.  I did well for the show given the weather conditions and the smaller crowd.  I also had great table neighbors, that makes all the difference when the sales are slow and you have four hours to kill!

DSC08142 (754x1024)

I just loved this display at the entrance with the Mums and the pumpkin!

DSC08006 (1024x768)

I recently contacted an Etsy seller about a custom stamp order.  She hand carved them to my size specifications to fit on Rummikub tiles.  I love them!

Glitter Gurl Creations created my new stamps and aren’t they fabulous!  

I really like them.  How about you?

It felt like a million degrees outside on Saturday, so I decided to stay in and do some crafting.  I had found a Mexican matching game that had the best largish square tiles that I thought would be perfect to alter to hang onto a LONG chain. 

DSC07702 (845x1024)

I started with the text from the pages of a 1920s spelling primer.  I covered the entire tile and sides, too.  I then inked the edges to age it a bit more.  I then rubber stamped the image of a very old typewriter.  On the other side I added a bit of lace.

DSC07703 (1024x919)

I used Mod Podge to seal it all down. 

I went to Friday for the Arts on Friday evening and bought a necklace from my artsy buddy, Rose.  She put it in the prettiest little bag and I saved it.  I thought it would be perfect to cover another tile.

DSC07704 (1024x914)

I again covered the entire tile and then added a bit of lace and a vintage flower button.  I left the back as it as I liked the design.

DSC07705 (1024x961)

I really like them both.  I will test them out later this week on a really long chain. 

What have you made from your trash lately? 

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