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I recently contacted an Etsy seller about a custom stamp order.  She hand carved them to my size specifications to fit on Rummikub tiles.  I love them!

Glitter Gurl Creations created my new stamps and aren’t they fabulous!  

I really like them.  How about you?

DSC08003 (1024x956)

On Saturday and Sunday, I decided to make a crowd of my very own.  I covered buttons with fabric to make faces.  Then covered some other buttons to make bodies. 

I guess I am just a crafty Frankenstein? 

What will they be when they grow up, you ask?  Stay tuned!

There are three little words that make my heart sing like no other…what could they be, you ask?  No, nothing sentimental, nothing loving, just the three I love the most…




I was eating my lunch today at my fav tea room, The Blue Willow in Petersburg, when the owner told me about TWO new thrift shops in town.  One is run by a church and the prices are insanely low, the other is a consignment type that is HUGE.  It was closed when I did a drive by after work, but plan to check it out on Saturday. 

I will keep you posted after my visit to the other one. 


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My friend, Mary, invited me to the 43rd Street Festival of the Arts about 3 years ago for the first time.  I drive to her home and then her husband, Mary, Farley her doggie and I walk up to the festival.  The art is awesome and there are usually over 70 vendors.  The work takes my breath away.

The festival is a benefit for Freedom House, so I am more than happy to drop $10 on some raffle tickets for a good cause.  The first year I went they had a single box for the entries so I put them in and won a $94 print.  The next year they had 3 boxes and I split my entries up and won nothing. 

DSC07958 (1024x616)This year we decided if there was more than one box we would only put them into one.  And it worked!

Clifford Earl makes the most magical creations and my friend Mary covets his bird sculptures.  So imagine my surprise when I received the call that I had won a Whale created by Clifford Earl!  He is valued at $247!

He is 42” long and is solid wood with the spout, fins and tail made of metal.  On the back is Earl in large letters and ‘05 for the year it was created. 

I have decided to name him Earl after his creator.  I have been holding him up to my various walls in the apartment to see where he fits.  So far, he fits best on my couch!  Soon he will have a permanent home, promise!

I bought a new purse for fall on Etsy and I cannot tell you how much I love it!  The style is the Birdie Sling by Amy Butler.  This version was made by Jamie Lee Designs

She was having a sale and the price was can’t be beat and it is even prettier in person than the pic does it justice (I borrowed her pic for the one to the left). 

Go check out her shop, she has lots of other bags, the prices are crazy good and the quality is top notch. 

I am not going to start the change over from the old bag to the new! 

001I have been such a bum lately.  I have not had the gumption to make stuff and have not had the wherewithal to post on here.  I have neglected my readers down to the nubs!

I have been thrifting, estate saling, inspiring another beginning paper doll creator, but as for me nada, zip, zilch.  My soul has been missing it and I have been lately starting the seeds of some new ideas and inspiration, so I guess time will tell. 

My latest thrift acquisition is this lovely 1865 deck of stage actor playing cards.  Each of the face cards has images of stage actors on them.  Four to each face card. 

002The joker has the copyright info.  They were made by the U.S. Playing Card Co. of Cincinnati.  They are in really remarkable shape for their age and only missing the 2 of clubs.  I understand the Joker can stand in for the missing card, right?

What have you been doing lately?  Anything exciting.  I have also been leading our work team for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  So far we have raised $1060 as a team. That is really cool. We have some big fundraisers coming up so should end with a huge bang!

Until, soon take care of yourselves.  I have a craft show at the end of October to prep for, so will have items to show you. 

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"What this world needs
is a new kind of army
- the army of the kind."
~Cleveland Amory

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