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DSC08141 (1024x790)It was cloudy and breezy for the entire time, but the rain held off and we were able to have the show outside.  Thankfully, my stuff didn’t blow away!

I found some new display pieces at the Goodwill to give it a bit more verticality to my table and think they worked really well. 


DSC08136 (1024x768)

DSC08138 (1024x757)

DSC08140 (757x1024)DSC08137 (768x1024)

I like the wiry building for the earring display the most.  It is kind of wonky and fun, just like my creations.  I did well for the show given the weather conditions and the smaller crowd.  I also had great table neighbors, that makes all the difference when the sales are slow and you have four hours to kill!

DSC08142 (754x1024)

I just loved this display at the entrance with the Mums and the pumpkin!


DSC07956 (1024x450)

My friend, Mary, invited me to the 43rd Street Festival of the Arts about 3 years ago for the first time.  I drive to her home and then her husband, Mary, Farley her doggie and I walk up to the festival.  The art is awesome and there are usually over 70 vendors.  The work takes my breath away.

The festival is a benefit for Freedom House, so I am more than happy to drop $10 on some raffle tickets for a good cause.  The first year I went they had a single box for the entries so I put them in and won a $94 print.  The next year they had 3 boxes and I split my entries up and won nothing. 

DSC07958 (1024x616)This year we decided if there was more than one box we would only put them into one.  And it worked!

Clifford Earl makes the most magical creations and my friend Mary covets his bird sculptures.  So imagine my surprise when I received the call that I had won a Whale created by Clifford Earl!  He is valued at $247!

He is 42” long and is solid wood with the spout, fins and tail made of metal.  On the back is Earl in large letters and ‘05 for the year it was created. 

I have decided to name him Earl after his creator.  I have been holding him up to my various walls in the apartment to see where he fits.  So far, he fits best on my couch!  Soon he will have a permanent home, promise!

Today, I was making some chicken salad for my lunch and decided to add some chopped almonds and grapes to it.  I just purchased a new knife and decided to use it to chop the almonds.  I had chopped several and it was going quite well until I felt that tell tale pain.  You know the one of the knife cutting skin!

I then looked down to see it starting to turn red.  It got really, really red.  I went into the bathroom to get a bandage for it.  I cleaned it and then bandaged it up.  I put the bandage on tight and went back to the chicken salad.  As I started to cut I saw much more red again!  I realized that I had placed the tightened bandage below the cut and was squeezing out the red stuff.  OMG!

Back to the bathroom I go to clean it again and then re-bandage it.  I put two on this time to be sure I had it covered.  One over top and one around.  Finally, I was good and no red was visible.  I then inspected the chicken salad that was in progress to see if I dropped any in it.  It was all clear. 

Out came a fresh knife, I cut up the grapes and when it was done it was perfection!  I had a chicken salad sandwich recently on raisin bread and it was so yummy, so I made my chicken salad on raisin bread, too!  It was yummy. 

After my ordeal with the knife, I remembered this classic skit from SNL…enjoy!  In case it does not embed properly, you can use the link above.


If you are in the Forest Hill area and near 43rd Street, you will find me there from 12-4. 

• Moon Bounce • Large Slide
• Bake Sale • Fishing Game
• Ring Toss • Football Toss
• Carnival Games
• Pumpkin Bowling
• Cupcake Walk • Crafts

Located at the Corner of
Forest Hill Avenue and 43rd Street.

See you there! 

P.S. Bring Cash!!!  Lots of Cash!!!! 

I have not lost my joy!  I am starting to feel the best I have felt in a long while and am seeing the light at the end of my dark and painful tunnel.  So I thought we could all share a bit of joy!


It is always an even when bloggers meet.  It is a real event when an ocean is crossed to do so.  Kate made the trip across the ocean to visit her Mom who lives in Maryland.  Vicki drove and I rode along to Potomac Mills to meet up with Kate since it was between us.  Kate wrote about the meeting here.   Vicki added her take here

In the pic it is L to R, Vicki, me, and Kate. 

It is so great to talk about making things, to have some laughs (even if they were at Vicki’s expense), and to swap some gifties.  The highlight of my day was when I gifted Kate with some bits (charms of hands, feet, squirrel buttons, and telephone DSC04706 (791x1024)buttons, and other misc bits) to hear her son exclaim “Not more bits!  She has too many bits!”  Truly, can you EVER have too MANY bits?  I say not. 

Kate brought me this awesome ATC.  It is so beachy.  I love the beach and hunting for seashells is my very favorite thing to do.  I love the ATC, thanks Kate! 

Thanks, Kate for taking the time to meet with us on your vacation.  I hope we can make it an annual event.  Of course, I have to check with Vicki to make sure it is okay! ;o)


DSC01629 Look what started yesterday and finished up shortly after noon today!  SNOW! 

S – N – O – W!  I finally got my snow.  Snow.  Glorious snow!  Snow that will hang around for a couple of days and look pretty out of my windows as I sip my tea and eat my soup.  Snow that makes all of the scenery look pristine.



DSC01630   DSC01631

DSC01632 DSC01634

DSC01635 DSC01636




Guess who was the first one out of the door this morning so that she could take a walk in it???  It doesn’t get any better than that!  I spent a bit cleaning off the steps out front and sweeping off my car, too.


I love snow!  Thanks, God!

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