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the first time I held a puppy.

smelling its sweet little puppy breath.

feeling like I was an adult even though I was still little.

loving a little thing so much!

Do you remember, too?

kindness_Page_0[1]This week’s random acts of kindness involve two people that I have met along the way.  One is one of the caregivers where I work and the other the most excellent lady that cuts my hair. 

Both ladies are nice, both are hard working and both from time to time get a little down.  I thought that they both might like a little something to know I am thinking of them.  So I gifted both of them with pendants.  One received one of the neighborhood charms and the other a Scrabble tile pendants.  

It made them smile.  It made me feel good.  And is that not what random kindnesses are meant to do? 

What have YOU done lately? 

My friend, Vicki, scan0001 (1024x678) just finished a 9 year labor of cussing, swearing, and talking bad each and every post about a perfectly lovely cat.  You can read more about it hereMaggie The Messmaker can now cuss with the most drunken of sailors as Vicki has taught her well. 

Vicki decided to celebrate her completion by sending her friends (??) fabric postcards to commemorate her completion.  She entitled them Kitty Litter.  The cards are made from bits and pieces of the leftovers from Maggie.  Among her bits I see some embroidery floss, the directions, the floss color guide, and a bit of a picture. 

I made her promise me not to send any “kitty lumps” with the cat litter. 

The card made me laugh and isn’t that all that matters! 

DSC04601 (1024x981) My older niece, Allison, went to the beach recently.  She brought home some seashells.  She sent them to me and asked me to make her some jewelry with them.  I asked her what she would like and she agreed with me that a necklace and earrings would do the trick. 

I used one of the large shells for the focal point of the necklace and a couple of smaller shells on either side.  Drilling through them was tricky as a few of them cracked on me!  I added some Swarovski crystal stones with purple seed beads to give it a bit of sparkle. 

For the earrings I used some smaller shells and added the seed beads and Swarovski beads.  The chain is a thrifted chain which I believe is sterling, but am not completely sure.  It is a rolo link. 

I hope she will like it.  I mailed it yesterday to her and she will likely have it tomorrow. 

DSC04594 (1024x959) My niece, Audrey, loves horses.  She is taking riding lessons locally and is getting better all the time.  Last time I saw her she mentioned that she was having a hard time finding a purse with horses on it that she liked.  She then asked me if I would make her one.  I asked her what she put into her purses and there were only 3 items, so I knew it didn’t have to be a large purse. 

I found farm animal stencils at the thrift shop quite a while ago.  There was a horse stencil.  After backing the fabric square with wonder under I then traced out the horse onto the fabric.  Since it was a stencil I could orient it correctly for the front of the bag.  I then carefully cut out the horse. 

I found this fun batik fabric with hearts recently at Joann’s.  I thought since Audrey loves horses it would be the perfect fabric for her bag.  The interior is horse and rider silhouette fabric that I found a while back at the Goodwill.  I had planned to make something for Audrey with it. 

I made a simple envelope type of bag just roughing it out in my head.  You know how I don’t like to use patterns!  The stripes you see are from the denim I used as an interfacing in the bag.  It is actually not too bad an effect.  Call it a happy accident! 

The button is one that I found at Joann’s in the clearance bin.  I thought it “fit” with the feel of the bag.  I used craft string to sew it on since I knew it would get a lot of use. 

I made the strap long enough she could put it across her body to wear or as a shoulder bag.  She can just knot it where it is the right length.  I guesstimated at the length of the strap. 

I will drop it off on Thursday to her.  She is pretty picky so we shall see how it goes.  Cross your fingers! 

working hard to get the rope and my body working together.

singing silly songs while I jumped.

feeling the rope whirl under my feet and over my head.

wishing I could break a record for the most jumps.

jumping rope.

Do you remember, too? 

Pic from here.

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kindness_Page_0[1]This week’s random act of kindness was to hit a few lemonade stands that were out last weekend for the Anthem Lemonade campaign.  It raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network.   On the weekend they seem to have the stands everywhere.  I stopped at each stand I saw while I was out hitting my estate sales on Saturday.  It was 10 in all.  I left $2 each for my lemonade.  After the 5th, I let them keep the lemonade! 

It tasted good on a hot afternoon and I got to do some good, too.


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