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rak (321x209)

This week’s random act of kindness was buying a smoothie for the car behind me in line at McDonalds.  It was hot (really, really hot) and it is the perfect cool treat.  As I was pulling away from the window, I heard the crew kid say, “if you want one you can have a free smoothie compliments of the lady ahead of you in line.” 

I drove back to work!

I was out thrifting a while back and came across the ugliest bangle I think I have ever seen.  It was made from Sculpey and had a Bible verse stamped into it.  Now, I have nothing at all to say about the Bible and its verses, but take my word for it this was a U G L Y bangle!

DSC07509 (1024x1009)I then had the brainstorm to cover it with some book pages.  I tore the pages into strips and then adhered them with Mod Podge. 

I covered the entire bangle and then coated the top with another coat or two of Mod Podge.  Then I let it sit for a week or two while I decided what else.  I thought buttons…No!  Vintage jewelry bits? 

Sunday I stopped into the Midlothian Antique mall and bought a baggie of vintage shoe clips in various stages of need and dug out the perfect complement to complete my bangle. 

DSC07510 (1024x722)

Do you agree?  it has a bit of tarnish, some serious rhinestone action and it hangs just a bit over the sides.  I kine of wish there was a second in the baggie, but there was not.  I think that the single accent is just the ticket.

What do you think? 

Have you made anything with jewelry bits lately?

I have been tearing and braiding strips of fabric lately.  I have also been checking out Pinterest, Flickr and Google Image Finder for inspiration.  I have some thoughts percolating, but time will tell. 

rak (321x209)

This week’s random act of kindness was to buy an ice cream cone for the driver behind me in line at McDonald’s.  It was a really hot day and it sounded so good so I went to McD’s to get an ice cream cone. 

The thought then hit me to buy one for the car behind me or whomever wanted one. 

I drove away licking my cold treat!

rak (321x209)This week’s random act of kindness was passing out 5 $1 bills to random kids in the Wal-mart store.  Of course, after asking their Mom’s if it was okay. 

The shy smiles as they took it from me turned to excited smiles and running to Mom or Dad and showing them what they had!

I remembered the joy of having my own money to spend on anything I wanted and smiled at the happy memory.

Sherry and I were the only members of the Altered Dominos and other Game Pieces group that were up for a birdie charm swap.  So we had a 1:1 swap of a birdie charm using a game piece.

This is the lovely items I received from Sherry.  A sweet puzzle piece charm.  

DSC07394 (950x1024)

She packed it in the greatest altered matchbox complete with a drawer pull and another birdie charm. 

DSC07393 (694x1024)

This is the charm I sent to her. A collaged birdie on a rummy-o tile. 

DSC07391 (1024x725)


It was a great swap and to see what else I sent with it you can check out Sherry’s post here.  And while you are there poke around and see all of the lovely things that Sherry makes. 

Thanks, Sherry, for swapping with me!

rak (321x209)

This week’s random act of kindness was smile at everyone I came into contact with at the grocery store and ask them how they were today. 

It got me a few funny looks, a couple of smiles as they walked on by, two brief conversations about the weather, and one little elderly lady that I thought was going to literally talk my ear off.  Sweet lady that needed to talk to someone. 

Try it sometime, it is really kind of fun! 

DSC07388 (927x1024)

I saw a tutorial in a craft magazine years ago about a brooch made with old guitar keys.  I set out to locate some old guitar keys.  No one seemed to want to give them up if they might have them.  I checked guitar sales stores, guitar restoration stores, but no one wanted to sell any. 

I went to an estate sale company’s warehouse sale and found a bag of banjo keys.  The motherload! 

Then I couldn’t find the magazine that I was sure I saved with the pic, so I went for it. 

For the body I used a Jenga game piece, the head a checker, the arms the banjo keys.  I added some twisted wire for her hair, a watch crystal to cover her face.  I printed some music images onto a transparency and then put text from book pages inside it.  

I added some brass feet and seed beads and called her complete. 

DSC07390 (895x1024)DSC07389 (993x1024)

I love how she ended up and she proudly sits on my kitchen windowsill.  I just love her.  My altered angel. 

rak (321x209)

This week’s random act of kindness was to buy a dozen carnations at the grocery store and leave them stuck in a fence around the corner from my office with a note, “help yourself…and smile!”

It made me smile as I watched a couple of people sheepishly stake them out and then read the note and realize they could take one! 

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