Sherry and I were the only members of the Altered Dominos and other Game Pieces group that were up for a birdie charm swap.  So we had a 1:1 swap of a birdie charm using a game piece.

This is the lovely items I received from Sherry.  A sweet puzzle piece charm.  

DSC07394 (950x1024)

She packed it in the greatest altered matchbox complete with a drawer pull and another birdie charm. 

DSC07393 (694x1024)

This is the charm I sent to her. A collaged birdie on a rummy-o tile. 

DSC07391 (1024x725)


It was a great swap and to see what else I sent with it you can check out Sherry’s post here.  And while you are there poke around and see all of the lovely things that Sherry makes. 

Thanks, Sherry, for swapping with me!