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DSC08141 (1024x790)It was cloudy and breezy for the entire time, but the rain held off and we were able to have the show outside.  Thankfully, my stuff didn’t blow away!

I found some new display pieces at the Goodwill to give it a bit more verticality to my table and think they worked really well. 


DSC08136 (1024x768)

DSC08138 (1024x757)

DSC08140 (757x1024)DSC08137 (768x1024)

I like the wiry building for the earring display the most.  It is kind of wonky and fun, just like my creations.  I did well for the show given the weather conditions and the smaller crowd.  I also had great table neighbors, that makes all the difference when the sales are slow and you have four hours to kill!

DSC08142 (754x1024)

I just loved this display at the entrance with the Mums and the pumpkin!

DSC08096 (1024x860)

We are having another event at work and prize ribbons were required.  This one is a pumpkin decorating contest and they asked for the one and a two and a three!

The black is crepe paper that I gathered, the paper layer is a page from a vintage Greek text Bible.  The number part is a covered pog to which I attached a sticker with the number.  I was looking for an eerie font and chose Chiller!  The ribbons are orange wired ribbon that I glued some scraps of Spooky Boo ribbon to. I got that ribbon a couple years ago on a package of candies and saved it for that special project! 

I love them and hope the wining recipients do, too!

So have you been wondering what happened with these faces?  They got bodies and a bit of sassiness. 

DSC08044 (983x1024)


And then they got a bit smaller…

DSC08049 (1024x626)

Now they have bails on the back and they are pendants.  And I must admit the idea was not original.  I was inspired by this lady’s design. 

DSC08039 (886x1024)

We had a special event at work last week and it was fun to get my craft on!  I made 15 prize rosette ribbons for an event we held.  I gathered the crepe paper, then glued down the circles of scrapbook paper on the front and back, added a bit of glitter.  I finished it off with some ric rac, silver ribbon, and satin blanket binding that I tore into strips to add some rustic charm. 

They were well received and I enjoyed watching the participants proudly wear them. 

DSC08040 (1008x1024)

I also had to make a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize ribbon for the game we played.

DSC08042 (477x1024)DSC08043 (1024x971)

It is always fun to get a ribbon!

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