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When I was a little girl, so my Momma told me, I had really blonde hair.  Some might say I was towheaded.  I have seen the pictures of my little girlhood and in not one of them do I have light blonde hair.  Since the pictures are mostly black and white it looks light gray.  I remember seeing, at one point,scan0002 (925x1024) a cut piece of my hair from my baby book and you guessed it, not light blonde. 

Today my hair is peppered with grey.  Slightly more than peppered to be honest!  Under the pepper is a snatch of mousy blonde hair.  Dark. blonde. hair.  For years I tried to turn the color back to the towhead of my past and bleached, dyed, and peroxided it.  And then I tried to make it curly.  I permed, and permed and permed and colored, and bleached, and bleached…until…

It started to break off.  I always tried to have long hair and for the longest time wore it just above my shoulders in all one length.  Then I gave in to what I knew all along that my hair looks better short.  So several years ago I, after talking my hairdresser down off the “are you insane legde??”  I started the process of shortening it.  It took us a few months to get her to cut it as short as I wanted it.  Then when we arrived at the short place she said,  “Wow, you were right.  It IS better this short!”  And short it has been since. 

It is easy, it is carefree, it dries with a towel rubbing and styles with a few spritzes of spray gel.  My new stylist cuts it with a razor to give it a bit of texture.  Easy, breezy and carefree! 

It is also very thin and fine.  Baby fine, to be precise.  It is not thinning, it has always been this way.  My Mom had the same hair and both she and I learned to live with it.  Others try to give suggestions for how to improve it.  Have you tried layers?  Check.  Tried Rogaine?  Check, and Rogaine only regrows lost hair mine was always this and never list.  My Grandma even suggested that I try mange soap (like for dogs that have mange and lose their hair).  Thanks, Grandma!  That does wonders for your 8 year old Grandaughter’s self esteem.  Amazing that I still remember that almost 39 years later! 

Why did I share all of this?  Who knows?  I think it was because of this thrifted picture I found recently. 

And now for the another…

For the last few weeks I have not been feeling the crafty mojo.  Just kind of going through the motions and trying to make myself create.  As you know, that stifles the creative process considerably.  So, I am taking a bloggy break until the 1st of March. Just to kind of regroup and get myself centered again.  Back on the crafty track, so to speak. 

I have a few things that I need to get working on, some projects I have been puttering around with in my mind and some that are just tiny seeds.  Speaking of seeds…I spent most of last night separating my seed beads into tubes that I bought and man, do I have a lot of those puppies! 

So take care of yourselves, have fun making and creating!  I will be back with you very, very soon!    

USA For Africa – We Are The World

when Earth Shoes were the it fashion item.

when clunky and comfortable was the thing to be.

when shoes didn’t have to hurt.

Do you remember, too? 

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday.  I came home on Wednesday with a sinus migraine and went straight to bed at 6 p.m. and woke up at 6 a.m. the next morning.  Nothing makes it better like sleep!

DSC03154 (1024x698) 

Wooly Lamb, Wooly Lamb, frisking along;
Wooly Lamb, Wooly Lamb, bleating a song;

DSC03155 (1024x766) 
Wooly Lamb, Wooly Lamb, wearing fur-coat,
Wooly Lamb, Wooly Lamb, looking so bright!

DSC03156 (1024x768)
Wooly Lamb, Wooly Lamb, eating green grass,
Wooly Lamb, Wooly Lamb, let me first pass,

DSC03157 (1024x768)  
Wooly Lamb, Wooly Lamb, grazing so nice,
Wooly Lamb, Wooly Lamb, what a surprise!

I found this awesome hand knit Scottish wool sweater at Goodwill today.  The color is awesome, it is light, but warm and furry.  I love the knitted details and the square pattern to the sweater.  So cool, it’s warm!

DSC03151 (584x1024)I mentioned previously about the 1:1 domino swap with Lori.   The theme she gave me for her domino was cats.  She loves all forms of cats.  I found this sweet image using Google image search and loved it.  The background behind the image is scrapbook paper and that is adhered to a domino that I painted a warm yellow color called Sunflower.  I then stamped and used clear embossing powder on the back and then painted over it.  The edge is finished with a brown gingham ribbon.  there is also an eye for hanging or using as a bale for a pendant.

DSC03152 (544x1024)

I also joined Karla’s Alice In Wonderland Tag Book Swap. 


You can click on the swap button above and get more details about the swap. 

Here it is the Monday after Valentine’s Day.  I ate a bit of chocolate over the weekend.  Since I cannot have caffeine I try to be moderate in that consumption, but every so often the holiday of chocolate makes it very hard.  Especially, when the day after it all goes on sale at 75% off.  Ah…bliss! 

I hit a few thrift shops over the weekend and had some real scores.   


DSC03142 (763x1024)

At my local Goodwill I found this St. John jumpsuit for $8.99!  The Goodwill pricer must have been taking a snooze the day this one was priced.  Their clothes normally retail starting at $400. 

It is not my thing at all and, also, since it is a size 2 I have listed it and already have a bid!  That is a very good sign!   


DSC03097 (1024x673)

I also found a pair of Dr. Marten’s shoes.   I have wanted a pair, but not enough to pay the $100 or more for them.  I thought these were my size, but I read the tag wrong.  They are actually two sizes too small. 

No problem they are quite popular and also listed.  No bids yet, but a few watchers.   


DSC03146 (1024x753)

And, I found this Vera Bradley bag.  It is the second one of the exact same style I have found over the last two weeks.  It is a bit too small for my tastes, but others seem to love Vera!  And I LOVE that they LOVE Vera! 

I also found a quilt for $25!  I think it is a newer one, but it is very pretty and after a good washing I will show you a picture of it.  Take my word for it. It is pretty and has the sweetest red gingham ruffle and vintage type flower squares. 

The weatherman is calling for rain and/or snow tomorrow.  I took my car to be washed today to get the white crust from Wednesday’s 2 hour long and 30 mph commute to Richmond off of it, so surely it will be a mess.  The washing the car is almost a guarantee. 

I leave you today with this clip  from Sunday Morning.  It features Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (parents of Ben Stiller).  They are talking about love. 

Happy day after Valentine’s Day!

when the facts of life made me laugh!

when friends were there for one another.

when Mrs. Garrett made me wish I could talk to her.

when I first laid eyes on George Clooney.

Do you remember, too?

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