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rak (321x209)

So sorry for the lateness of this Thursday post. With my new job, the weeks fly by and I forget most weeks what day it is!

This week’s random act of kindness was paying the check for another table in a restaurant I was having lunch in.  The lady was having only a tea and some finger sandwiches and appeared very sad.  As I was leaving I asked the server if she had paid her check and she said she had not.  I then asked her to add it to my check and I would pay it. 

I then asked her not to say anything to the lady until after I left and then tell her she was blessed by an angel.  If she persisted, she could tell her it was the lady that just left. 

It makes me smile to know that I made another person’s day.  That I was able to spread some joy!  Kindness is much better when shared!

Canvas Ticking Market Bag Navy Cotton

It is so pretty and so simple and sweet.  it is just ticking fabric, a hobo style, sweet ruffles and lots of interior pockets and a key hook.  What more could a girl ask for? 

I found it in the Etsy shop of Raggy Baggs.  She was nice enough to let me use on of her pictures to show it to you on the blog. 

I love that it is so light and strong, too.  I have already received compliments on it from a few ladies and I sent them back to the shop. 

Check out her other designs and you, too, will all in love!

letter L Foam letter  i letter F Christmas Sparkle letter E letter i Ben Eine letter s G O letter o letter D

rak (321x209)

This week’s random act of kindness was leaving $10 in addition to my tip for the server at lunch.  I was there one day last week and heard her lamenting to another server about some medical bills she had to pay for her latest illness.  I was there not too long ago, personally, with the medical bills and can appreciate it completely. 

So I went back and requested her section and when I was finished left her the $10 tip with a note that I hope that helped! 

It made me feel good to help another with medical debts. 

What about you, what kindnesses have you done lately?

I love birds and I love Spring. Since it is the first day of Spring I propose that we have a little swap.

We will each make one charm and have one partner to swap with. If there is fewer participants, then we might make more than one. We can decide.

The charm will be any size you would like it to be (charm bracelet size or pendant size). The only catch is it must be bird themed and use a game piece in the composition.

I will close taking new swappers on the 15th of April and the mail date will be May 1st.

Join us, won’t you?

If you are interested, post here.

It will be a lot of fun!

rak (321x209)

So sorry for the late post, I had it ready to go and put next Thursday’s date on it!

This week’s random act of kindness was to surprise a person on the street with a gift card from Hardees with enough money to buy a breakfast on it. 

In my new work location there are a lot of people wandering the streets that are genuinely in need of help unlike some other areas where they panhandle to make extra money.  I always check the shoes before I give them money.  I noticed a lot of people with clean and pristine and very expensive tennis shoes.  Those are people I am a bit leery of. 

It makes me feel good to give them food instead of money.  I ensure that they have a meal. 

What have you done for someone else lately?

When I was recently out of town for work for three weeks, I packed a lot of essentials.  Clothes, undies, bras, toiletries, and my Tide pen.  It is my go to for spot removal. 

DSC07123 (1024x768)

I went to the Goodwill in Williamsburg on the way back from a day of training in Newport News for the new company.  I have been wanting to try some wet felting to make some bracelets.  I have read on various sites that a washboard helps for the friction in the felting process.  Imagine my surprise to find one in nearly new condition!

The part that caught my eye is on the back.  DSC07126 (1024x741)Can you read the third sentence?  It says “Packs easily into suit case or traveling bag.”  Packs in your suitcase?  And while I am on the back it is ideal for hosiery and lingerie??  How tough were their garments if it could stand a scrubbing on this board??

And while I am at it, it “just the right size to fit in a bucket, pail or lavatory.”  When I was little that is what my DSC07125 (1024x743)Grandma called the toilet, the lavatory.  Back in the day it was a bucket or a bedpan, right?  So ewwwww… scrubbing your dainties in the toilet! 

I love the name of it, the Dubl Handi!  Sounds like it means business!  I am knitting a small piece to make into a bracelet, well, fiber cord first. 

Hopefully, I will have something to show you next week.  Time will tell. 

Have you tried wet felting?  Any success? 

About the Dubl Handi:

DUBL HANDI Washboard for Silks, Hosiery, Lingerie and Handkerchiefs! Circa 1930-50s. This is an original travel washboard made by the Columbus Washboard Company which began operation in 1895 and is the only American washboard company still in existence.

rak (321x209)

The city that came with my new job is very economically depressed lots of street people along the streets.  In the morning it is so sad as they sit in the sunshine along the street, I suppose to get warm after the cold night. 

I have several of the lap blankets that I picked up here and there.  A work giveaway here, a random salesman’s promo there…and they were all just sitting and gathering dust. 

I scooped several of them up and during my lunch hour I passed them out to the people on the street.  I knew they were homeless as they were the same people I see up and down the streets fishing out cans from the trash. 

I handed them the blankets with a simple, “God Bless You and I hope this keeps you warm.”  Most gave me just a slight smile, but one insisted on a hug.  Hugging is waaaaaayyyyyy out of my comfort zone with people that I know well, much less a homeless person.  But I let him give me a hug.  It is good to stretch every now and then!

rak (321x209)

This week’s random act of kindness once again took a road trip as I am still training for my new job. 

I went through the drive-thru of Dunkin Donuts and left $5 toward the order for the car behind me.  I hope they had a chocolate donut for me!


Have you tried anything new lately?  I would love it if you shared it with me!


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