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Happy New Years’ Eve and almost the new year!

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I hope you are celebrating with family, friends and all the people you hold dear tonight! 

Each year for Christmas, I made ornaments for the family I spend Christmas with.  I try to mix it up every year and when I found the vintage tins in a lot of ornaments from Goodwill, I hatched this year’s design. 

DSC08483 (1200x1600)DSC08485 (1343x1600)

DSC08487 (1247x1600)DSC08489 (1318x1600)

DSC08491 (1519x1600)DSC08492 (1461x1600)

The snow is from a cotton ball I pulled apart (several in fact), the miniatures from a large lit of miniatures I scored at an estate sale, the trees are for train garden displays also scored at a thrift shop, the wooden snowman is a small ornament, the leaves and berries from a silk plant I had.  The snow is the stuff that you use in the Christmas house displays.  I used spray adhesive to adhere it to the ornament. 

I used my crop-o-dile to punch the holes at the top and the sparkly hanger is some vintage package wrapping ribbon with a bit of elastic. 

They were quite the hit and add to the collection of several years long I have going.

Remember, that feeling when you got exactly what you asked Santa for?  I have to think I made the same face! 

Here’s hoping Santa makes all your wishes come true.

Merry Christmas!

‘cause Santa Claus is comin’ to town!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Today, on my lunch hour I learned an important lesson…

I went to the shoe repair shop in the city next to the one that I work in.  There is a gentleman that works there that has been doing it for like ever.  He has also been incredibly testy and kind of short with you.  He is inexpensive and does awesome work and is honest with you and will not do work that he feels should not be done.  He will tell you he cannot do it instead of taking your money and making you think he did or making you unhappy with the result. 

I went back to my co-workers, after I found he was still in business, to tell them he was still working and still cranky!  I let everyone know not to expect fluff, but to expect the crank. 

Today, when I went to pic up my Dansko clogs he was stretching, I found out why he has been so cranky.  His wife has Alzheimer’s Disease and has been battling many health problems as a result.  He is caring for her at home and has a nurse during the day so he can work, then he goes home to care for her.  As he talked about his wife, I saw the tears start to form in his eyes.  I felt that instantaneous feeling of GUILT for running my mouth to everyone about how cranky he was. 

I listened to him talk about how he had built his work day around the care giver taking care of his wife.  From working in this industry for the last several years, I know it is not cheap.  Here he is in his advanced years also, dealing with all of this.  I am not sure if he has any support in the evenings and weekends, but now I understand that he may be a little short. 

I talked with him a bit about where I work and the resources we have to offer as well as some other resources available to him.  Hopefully, he will avail himself of them. 

When I got back to work, I let all of my co-workers and everyone I told he was cranky that I took it all back and why.  I then asked all of them to be sure to take their shoes to him for work. 

I will try, but won’t promise, not to make snap judgments about people until I have spent a bit of time in their shoes. 

Pinkie swear!

DSC08469 (1600x1186)

This past Saturday I did something I have wanted to do since I moved to Richmond area, I went to hear the Richmond Boys Choir perform.  They were at the Main Branch of the Richmond Public Library as part of the Gellman Room Music Series. 

As I sat listening to their Angelic voices, I was reminded of some other children in Connecticut that now reside with the Angels.  The Director of the Boys Choir said they almost cancelled the event as they felt it was not appropriate to go on in light of the tragedy, then said they were doing it in their honor.  It was a lovely and moving tribute. 

DSC08468 (1600x1179)

They are a phenomenal group of boys and young men.  They can join the choir when they are seven and “graduate” when they are 17.  One of the directors on Saturday was a former member who graduated, majored in music in college and is now back with the group. 

They closed the performance with the Temptations version of Silent Night.  It was great to hear the four soloists sing the Temptations’ parts. 

If you have the opportunity to hear them perform, I encourage you to do so.  They are awesome!

It is Friday for the Arts in Olde Towne.  I will be at the Appomattox Tile Works with my crafty creations.  Please stop by and say hello!  There will be other crafty makers there, so it will be one stop shopping!

I am not on the linked schedule as I invited myself at the last minute!  Smile

Here are some pics from last weekend’s festivities at Christmas on Macarthur. 

DSC08425 (1600x1306)

DSC08428 (1600x1200)

DSC08436 (1600x1198)

DSC08440 (1600x919)

DSC08442 (1600x1144)

Hope to see you tonight.  The fun starts at 6 p.m!

DSC08419 (1024x944)

I have been making stuff, I swear!  I made several Kumihimo Santa bracelets for a craft show last weekend. 

DSC08422 (952x1024)

I was a success and one of my crafty friends made a trip across town to buy FOUR of them.  I also sent one to my niece that asked for one.  One for me and a few for the next craft show. 

DSC08421 (1024x863)

I cannot wait! 

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