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This past Saturday I did something I have wanted to do since I moved to Richmond area, I went to hear the Richmond Boys Choir perform.  They were at the Main Branch of the Richmond Public Library as part of the Gellman Room Music Series. 

As I sat listening to their Angelic voices, I was reminded of some other children in Connecticut that now reside with the Angels.  The Director of the Boys Choir said they almost cancelled the event as they felt it was not appropriate to go on in light of the tragedy, then said they were doing it in their honor.  It was a lovely and moving tribute. 

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They are a phenomenal group of boys and young men.  They can join the choir when they are seven and “graduate” when they are 17.  One of the directors on Saturday was a former member who graduated, majored in music in college and is now back with the group. 

They closed the performance with the Temptations version of Silent Night.  It was great to hear the four soloists sing the Temptations’ parts. 

If you have the opportunity to hear them perform, I encourage you to do so.  They are awesome!