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I went to see the spine doc on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.  He said that I have ruptured a vertebrae in my back.  Thankfully, it is one of the lower ones and has some room to swell without affecting the others.  He says since I was 50% better than my initial visit, I should be able to heal.  It will likely take 5-6 weeks to do so. 

So my posting might be a bit sporadic for a while.  I have not been able to craft for a while, but do find little bits of time to play.  As I have something to show I will post.  So please bear with me as it might be choppy until the first of the year.  I go back to work full-time starting tomorrow.  So I will likely be very tired when I get home as I have not worked full-time since November 4th. 

DSC05260 (1024x580) While I was laid up I did find some time to work on my charms for the Flickr Altered Dominos & Other Game Pieces group swap of Christmas or Winter charms. 

DSC05259 (1024x676)

I used scrapbook paper for the background and used my little snowflake punch and some holographic paper to punch out a snowflake.  I glues down the snowflake and then put diamond glaze on top.  I added a few sprinkles or iridescent glitter to the diamond glaze for a bit of extra sparkle.  I then painted the tile blue on the sides and back and added an eye hook for the bale.  The letters got filled in so I took my Sharpie and colored them back in. 

I was so happy that the diamond glaze behaved this time.  Normally, when I use it I have about 30% that don’t play right.  This time all seven that I made worked!  Woohoo! 

DSC05262 (918x1024)

I made a Christmas card to go with them featuring an image of Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch story.  I then bagged the charms in grey drawstring bags and added a snowflake to the ribbon. 

A few of the ladies have received them and they have won raves!  That is the best praise of all for me!  That others like them!

DSC05260 (1024x581)

They say this year will be a little light on the snow for us.  I am not complaining at all!  We got creamed last year, so less is more is my motto for this year! 

For not writing sooner to all of you.  In the early part of November, I pinched my sciatic nerve.  The pain since then has been indescribable.  I have been to the primary care doctor, an ortho specialist and am now waiting for my MRI and appointment with a spine specialist (as it is apparently connected to the spine).  I am not on any meds right now and can only lie on my stomach or back or stand for short periods of time.  It is hard to type standing up!

My appointments are scheduled for Thanksgiving week and I have been without anything to take the edge off for that time.  I will be back as soon as I can and in the interim, Happy Thanksgiving, as I will surely not be back before then.


Someone I know got some really crappy news confirmed this week.  It was a diagnosis that no one wants to ever be sitting across the desk from.  Needless to say, they have been devastated.  In that time you choose your words carefully, you pray and you hope.  You also try to find bits of humor and brevity in the world. 

Today, while at the Goodwill, I came across a gnome.  It was an NFL collectible and was ironically the favorite team of this person.  So I picked it up.  I reminded the person that they once said that they “had no one to watch football games with.”  I then presented my gift and said “now you do!”  We laughed and laughed.  Upon recognizing the favorite NFL team there was a smile!

To me that random act of kindness was worth the world!

Thanks to a pattern from Amy Butler, some fabric I scored at a church rummage sale, and a few hours on Sunday…I have a new favorite purse. 

DSC05254 (554x1024) DSC05255 (702x1024)

I improvised on the inside a bit.  I made the small pocket, but instead of the other large pocket I made a long multi pocket.  That way I have a place for my sunglass case, my eyeglass case, and my notebook.  On the end of the small pocket I sewed a pen holder.  Other than that it is true to Amy’s pattern.

DSC05257 (1024x768) DSC05258 (1024x744)

I had my junk inside it when I realized that I had not taken the pic.  I learned some new techniques, like making pleats and stitching in the ditch (well mostly).  It took me a long time to make it about four hours.  Next time, it will be faster as I had to read her directions over and over a couple of times. 

I don’t think I got her gusset directions, so did my own thing using her measurements.  Oh well, it is finished and I love it!  That is good enough for me!

DSC05222 (669x1024) DSC05223 (596x1024)

One of my co-workers had a birthday last week.  I decided to make her a tag for her gift.  She is a scrapbooker so I knew she would appreciate the effort.  The front of the tag is rubber stamped with her name and a house and tree.  It is finished off with a bit of lace.  On the back I placed an image I cut a long time ago from a magazine.  I loved this image.  On her head I added a crown that I cut from a junk mail postcard.  I like to punch things from the glossy postcards especially, the ones with a bit of text. 

DSC05221 (653x1024)

She mentioned a while back that she liked brooches, but didn’t have too many of them.  I decided to make her a brooch for her birthday.  The body is some of the fabric left from that class of a year ago that I forgot I had.  I then added some of my face, hand and feet charms to complete this altered doll brooch. 

Jodi lives in the country so I thought that the cowboy boots were needed on her brooch.  It was quite a big hit!  Perhaps there are more in my future.

DSC05245 (1024x755) I do, lots of them.  Too small to do much of anything with so when I happened upon this video tutorial on Youtube I thought just the thing to try!  It was super easy.  I used a toothpick to wrap them on.  I then added bits of embroidery floss and yarns to embellish them.  I just wrapped and tied the yarns on the beads.  I didn’t glue them like she did. 

When I play with beads on them I will have to glue them.  It was quick, easy and mindless.  Just the kind of craft to play with while watching a TV show.

DSC05247 (1024x748)

DSC05249 (633x1024)

Then when I had finished making the beads, yesterday morning, I made them into a necklace while I watched Sunday Morning.  I thought that a long necklace fit with the beads better.  I used some other beads in between for some spacing and to break them up a bit. 

DSC05253 (734x1024)

Cute, no?

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