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DSC05826 (1024x767)It is hard to make a fabric ATC without using your sewing machine, but I pulled it together.  It kind of bugs me that the edges are not sealed, but I will learn to live with it!  The back still will not permit me to sit at the sewing machine, and since I was grossly late for my cards for Kate’s B-day ATC Swap, I decided to press on. 

The ATC was created using some Japanese silk fat quarters that I scored at a local thrift a while ago.  In scouting Michaels in order to spend my gift card I received for my birthday, I found the geisha stamp.  The bunny is a punch from a Japanese novel, and the flower and gem added for some extra sparkle. 

The fat quarters came in 8 colors, but I only used 4.  I cut them in 2” strips and laid them beside one another on the timtek and then fused it.  I rubber stamped the geishas in a repeat on the fabric.  I adhered the bunny punch (I was born in the year of the rabbit) with some mod podge to give it a good seal.  I glued on the flower and the gem.  The beads were sewn on for a bit of sparkle. 

I made 18 in all while I was at it.  That will take care of the year except for the November birthdays.  I was late for November of 2010 so couldn’t send them two!  LOL! 

I spent yesterday evening addressing, stamping the envelopes and adding a note.  Tomorrow is mail day. 

DSC05375 (1024x902)I was reading Calamity Kim’s blog several weeks ago and came upon this post.  You know that I love a few things: vintage neckties, flowers and brooches!  So you know I bought the pattern! 

You can find it either at Indigo Junction or I found it on Amazon

My boss’ birthday was this past weekend and I needed a gift for her.  She likes brooches, too, so I made one for her.  I really like how it came out and it was quite a hit! 

What do you think? 

Thanks to a pattern from Amy Butler, some fabric I scored at a church rummage sale, and a few hours on Sunday…I have a new favorite purse. 

DSC05254 (554x1024) DSC05255 (702x1024)

I improvised on the inside a bit.  I made the small pocket, but instead of the other large pocket I made a long multi pocket.  That way I have a place for my sunglass case, my eyeglass case, and my notebook.  On the end of the small pocket I sewed a pen holder.  Other than that it is true to Amy’s pattern.

DSC05257 (1024x768) DSC05258 (1024x744)

I had my junk inside it when I realized that I had not taken the pic.  I learned some new techniques, like making pleats and stitching in the ditch (well mostly).  It took me a long time to make it about four hours.  Next time, it will be faster as I had to read her directions over and over a couple of times. 

I don’t think I got her gusset directions, so did my own thing using her measurements.  Oh well, it is finished and I love it!  That is good enough for me!

DSC05135 (726x1024)I finished my shirt over the weekend and I love it!  I cut out 6 of the images and then bonded them on using Wonder Under.  I then zig zagged with some variegated threads around the edge.   I placed 4 images on the front and two on the back. 

DSC05125 (768x1024)

I cannot wait for Halloween to wear it.  I am sure I can eek out a few other times to wear it between now and then. 

Halloween here in central Virginia is a mixed bag.  Weatherwise you never know what you will get.  Lately it has been mostly warm.  The scarf I made worked for one year, then it never was cool enough to wear again.

DSC05112 (696x1024)



This year, I am altering a denim shirt to wear.  I went to my local Goodwill and found this denim shirt for $4.99.  It looks almost new, but has been washed enough to take out the stiff. 







DSC05113 (759x1024)



On Ebay, I found this great Alexander Henry fabric called The Ghastlies.  I plan to cut out images and appliqué them onto the shirt randomly.  I would have finished it this past weekend, but instead spent most of Sunday watching some of the “new” DVDs I picked up at the Goodwill. 

I plan to work on it this weekend as this is the first weekend in a while I have nowhere to be or do. 

Stay tuned to see what I conjure up!



DSC04948 (779x1024)Remember when you were in grade school and the  day was broke up a bit with lunch and then recess?  You got to go outside and play for a half hour?  That was my favorite part of the day.  I was able to visit with my friends, swing, and giggle with my friends. 

As I was making the ATCs for Kate’s Birthday ATC Swap I was remembering that time.  I was inspired by some plastic buttons I picked up thrifting.  They are kid buttons which are dancing, skateboarding, pogo sticking, running and playing. 

The background is composed of random strips of fabric in play colors.  I cut one inch strips and then pieced them together. On top of that I fused a bright color confetti yarn and some ribbon yarn pieces and topped that with black tulle.  I then zig zagged the outside with bright pink thread. 

I am quite pleased with how they came out.  It looks like they are having a lot of fun, doesn’t it? 

DSC04949 (768x1024) DSC04950 (745x1024)

Since I am behind (as usual) for the swap, I made a month ahead while I was at it.  Nine in all.  I also had some left over fabric so made 3 more in case anyone would be interested in a 1:1 trade.  The three below are the 3 available for trade. 

DSC04945 (748x1024) DSC04946 (756x1024)

DSC04947 (767x1024)

I am going to add the three to my flickr available for trade group.  So leave a comment on this post or on Flickr if you are interested. 


with a little help from my friend

DSC04868 (1024x749) I am going to try with a little help from my friend.

DSC04869 (1024x756)

Thanks, Vicki, for the fabric scraps.  All of the fabrics for my flowers are hand dyed by Vicki.  She saves me her scraps and I pick her up vintage napkins at estate sales and thrift shops.  Since my flowers don’t use much fabric it is the perfect arrangement.  Do you have a crafty friend that you share supplies with? 

And, if you would like some of Vicki’s hand dyed fabrics for yourself you can get them here in her Etsy shop. 

I still have to add the pinbacks and the vintage jewelry bits, but the hard part is done!

Now get your mind out of the gutter! 

I have been captivated by the latest trend of cutting up t-shirts and then turning them into scarves and necklaces.  So I thought I would give it a try.  I went to my local Goodwill and bought 3 ugly t-shirts in the same color family.  I have two black/white ones and one that is gray/black. 

DSC04701 (1024x922)

Enter the scissors and they were all cut into strips.  Since they were varying sizes the strips were various lengths.  I then hit the trusty sewing machine to sew them all together into one looooooooong strip.  I then ironed the strip into half so when I sewed it that it made a long tube when it was turned inside out. 

DSC04704 (1024x903)

I then spent a LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGG time turning that long beast inside out using a safety pin that was fed through the tube.  It literally took hours!  Once it was done I then made a long loop and bound the necklaces together using one of the ends. 

Do I like the result?  Yes.  Will I make another?  Probably not as the turning it right side out was horrendous!  I am going to wash it and put it in the dryer to see what that does to it.  I will let you know. 

DSC04754 (706x1024)

Sorry for the fabric bunnies and the non-matching shirt!

In case you are wondering, this is the video that started me on this quest.

DSC04594 (1024x959) My niece, Audrey, loves horses.  She is taking riding lessons locally and is getting better all the time.  Last time I saw her she mentioned that she was having a hard time finding a purse with horses on it that she liked.  She then asked me if I would make her one.  I asked her what she put into her purses and there were only 3 items, so I knew it didn’t have to be a large purse. 

I found farm animal stencils at the thrift shop quite a while ago.  There was a horse stencil.  After backing the fabric square with wonder under I then traced out the horse onto the fabric.  Since it was a stencil I could orient it correctly for the front of the bag.  I then carefully cut out the horse. 

I found this fun batik fabric with hearts recently at Joann’s.  I thought since Audrey loves horses it would be the perfect fabric for her bag.  The interior is horse and rider silhouette fabric that I found a while back at the Goodwill.  I had planned to make something for Audrey with it. 

I made a simple envelope type of bag just roughing it out in my head.  You know how I don’t like to use patterns!  The stripes you see are from the denim I used as an interfacing in the bag.  It is actually not too bad an effect.  Call it a happy accident! 

The button is one that I found at Joann’s in the clearance bin.  I thought it “fit” with the feel of the bag.  I used craft string to sew it on since I knew it would get a lot of use. 

I made the strap long enough she could put it across her body to wear or as a shoulder bag.  She can just knot it where it is the right length.  I guesstimated at the length of the strap. 

I will drop it off on Thursday to her.  She is pretty picky so we shall see how it goes.  Cross your fingers! 

The yard sale on Saturday was da bomb!  I advertised that I had clothing for women of a certain size and shoes for the wide feeted among us.  Well they came out, they brought their friends, they told their friends, their friends came, their relatives came and their friends of friends came.  I had a sweet group of early ladies that were telling me how excited they were as “we never see yard sale stuff for women our size!”  I know!!!!  “We never see shoes for people with my feet!”  I know!!!

By 9 in the morning I had already seen over 30 ladies.  They were buying the clothes by the armloads.  All mentioning that they saw the ad on Craig’s List.  They also had their paper grocery bags in tow.  The clothing was priced at $2 for the tops and bottoms, but if you brought a paper grocery bag it was all you could stuff for $12!  Yes, I had THAT MANY clothes to get rid of .  One of my early shoppers was also an organizer for the local Relay for Life yard sales.  I told her to come back at 12 and she could have what was left. 

After the initial rush of ladies I saw 3 other people between 9:30 and 11.  At 11:30 I decided that I had other stuff I could be doing so decided to pack it in.  As I was bagging up the leftovers for the lady to pick up a lady pulled up and said “you are closing it up?”  She asked if she could look at what was left.  I let her then she asked if she could have the remaining bags of clothes for $15.  I was giving it away so took her up on it.  Then another lady drove up to ask about the shoes and if they were all gone.  I said no and let her look.  She picked out several pair and some purses and offered me $20 for them.  I took it. 

When I was done I had two bags left for the Relay for Life.  I made $290 from my yard sale.  It feels good to have my savings built back up a bit!  Also, I was donating 10% of my proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association so donated $29 to them, also.  A good day.

DSC04355 (1024x676)

I purchased this slightly blah orangey linen jacket at the Goodwill for $3.  I thought it looked a bit blah and thought I would jazz it up a bit. 

DSC04358 (1024x750)

I made more of the twisted flowers.  This time I made them out of a sheer brown fabric with a white stripe and sewed them onto a circle of fabric instead of gluing them.  Then I glued the flowers onto the jacket using Fabric-Tac.  The flowers go all the way around the collar of the jacket.

DSC04357 (1024x768)

I love the way it came out in the end.  It is much nicer and has a bit of the WOW, that it was lacking. 

What do you think? 

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