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This week’s random act of kindness was to give a $5 Arch Card (McDonald’s) to a street person collecting change at the off ramp on the highway.  I would rather they get food than cash. 

I handed the card out the window and wished them well as I drove away. 

It felt good to help another. 

Today is the big day!  On this very day some 49 years ago a big baby girl was born.  The story has it that my Mom went to her appointment and the doctor told her that she was ready to deliver me!  Off they whisked her to the delivery room and when it was all over and done, they called my Dad at work to tell him that he was the Father of a bouncing 10 pound 9 ounce girl!

Then the story varies a bit from there.  My Mom’s side is that Dad finished his shift and then came over to see me.  Dad’s side is that he rushed to my side immediately.  Either way, I arrived, I was loved and here I am 49 years later. 

So in honor of my big Day, I invited the Beatles and they have graciously agreed to serenade me! 

Beatles It’s Your Birthday

rak (321x209)

This week’s random act of kindness was to leave a $5 bill on the gas pump handle when I pulled away for the next driver.  It is not much and a little more than a gallon at today’s prices, but nonetheless appreciated, I am sure!

What have you done for someone else lately?  It feels so good. 

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So sorry for the lateness of this post.  Work has been crazy this week and it completely slipped my mind. 

This week’s random act of kindness was to slip a wal-mart gift card into the purse of one of my co-workers.  She has several children and it has been kind of tight for her, so I thought I would help to pay for some groceries.  I signed the card from Your Secret Grocery Fairy.  She has no seen my handwriting so it won’t give me away. 

I like to give anonymously! 

What have you done lately?

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This week’s random act of kindness was to purchase a bouquet of flowers and leave them on the front porch of an elderly lady in my neighborhood with a note, “I hope you have a happy day!”

I just wish I could have seen her face when she opened her door to find them!

Sugar: The Bitter Truth


I was watching Sunday morning (as I do faithfully every Sunday morning) and saw this segment by Sanjay Gupta.  It talked about all the bad stuff that sugar causes in the human body.  I started to identify with parts of it.  Like the part the more you eat, the more you crave.

I would buy a box of cookies and could never stop at just one.  Some might call that willpower, but it seemed to be beyond that for me. 

After watching that segment and watching the video above, I have decided to cold turkey off of the extra sugars in my life.  So, as of Sunday, no more sweets or candy.  And you know what?  I can already feel a difference.  I am no longer famished before meals.  I would often have a sweet before meals and then something for dessert, too.  That craving has stopped! 

I write this blog post to help keep me honest on this mission and along the way, I might just loose some weight, too.  I confess I ate a LOT of sugar!

Quote O’ The Month

"What this world needs
is a new kind of army
- the army of the kind."
~Cleveland Amory

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