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DSC09696 (759x1024)I took a drive on Saturday to Smithfield, VA.  Yes, THAT Smithfield, home of the ham!  The old town section was lovely and so quaint.  It was lined with art, shops, antiques and restaurants.  Also, many historic homes.  It was one of those trips that fed the soul as well as the junking jones!






DSC09700 (1024x755) (2)

I ran into Ben Franklin outside of the Smithfield Times newspaper office.






DSC09697 (1024x756) (2)

This porky beauty outside of the art gallery and visitor’s center.  It is part of their Porcine Parade






DSC09701 (570x1024) (2)This lovely was given to the Isle of Wight County by the Isle of Wight, England.  The phone was long gone, but it still had the crown at the top. 








DSC09705 (1024x768) (732x998)

I would love to live in this house beyond the Crepe Myrtles.  I love that window on the 2nd floor. 







DSC09706 (768x1024) (2)

Check out this lovely confection of a Victorian home.  Isn’t the Gingerbread fabulous! 








DSC09703 (756x1024) (2)

This was the view over the hill at the corner of Main and Church Streets.  It was lovely! 







I managed to find a few trinkets and hit a few thrift shops, too.  I also had the best burger ever!  So, I will definitely be back again! 

Happy 4th of July!

I thought this one was too great not to share! Hope you are having a snappy 4th, too!

It is Friday for the Arts in Olde Towne.  I will be at the Appomattox Tile Works with my crafty creations.  Please stop by and say hello!  There will be other crafty makers there, so it will be one stop shopping!

I am not on the linked schedule as I invited myself at the last minute!  Smile

Here are some pics from last weekend’s festivities at Christmas on Macarthur. 

DSC08425 (1600x1306)

DSC08428 (1600x1200)

DSC08436 (1600x1198)

DSC08440 (1600x919)

DSC08442 (1600x1144)

Hope to see you tonight.  The fun starts at 6 p.m!

So have you been wondering what happened with these faces?  They got bodies and a bit of sassiness. 

DSC08044 (983x1024)


And then they got a bit smaller…

DSC08049 (1024x626)

Now they have bails on the back and they are pendants.  And I must admit the idea was not original.  I was inspired by this lady’s design. 

DSC08003 (1024x956)

On Saturday and Sunday, I decided to make a crowd of my very own.  I covered buttons with fabric to make faces.  Then covered some other buttons to make bodies. 

I guess I am just a crafty Frankenstein? 

What will they be when they grow up, you ask?  Stay tuned!

rak (321x209)

This week’s random act was to buy a McDonald’s Arch card for the man who panhandles at the Boulevard exit.  There is a revolving door at that exit, but I determined to give a donation to the one that my gut said to do so. So one day my gut said to give and I gave it to him. 

It felt good!

rak (321x209)

So sorry for the lateness of this post.  Work has been crazy this week and it completely slipped my mind. 

This week’s random act of kindness was to slip a wal-mart gift card into the purse of one of my co-workers.  She has several children and it has been kind of tight for her, so I thought I would help to pay for some groceries.  I signed the card from Your Secret Grocery Fairy.  She has no seen my handwriting so it won’t give me away. 

I like to give anonymously! 

What have you done lately?

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