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kindness_Page_0[1]This week’s random act of kindness involved an elderly lady and a very large shopping cart.  After she emptied the cart she was on her way back across the lot to take it back inside.  She was struggling to get it up over the curb.  I took it from her and put it back for her.  She thanked me and I went happily on my way.  Total time expended: 1 minute.  Feeling gained by helping, priceless!

What have you done for someone else lately? 

DSC06292 (1024x752) and she makes a request, you try your hardest to do it. 

Recently, my niece called to ask me to make her a hair bow.  She sends me a picture.  Cheetah ribbon, no sweat!  Silver ribbon, no prob!  Black ribbon, a cinch.  Then you hit every fabric and craft store in your town.  That is 15 in all.  15! 

You find the silver ribbon, you locate an acceptable substitute for the cheetah ribbon and then go on the hunt for the perfect sparkly and wide enough black ribbon.  Then you find some ribbons that will be about right and hope for the best once you put it together. 

You put a pic on her facebook page and she tells you how much she likes it.  Then you hold your breath until she sees it in person.  She does and then tells you how much she likes it.  You can breathe now.  Mission accomplished!  Thank goodness no small countries were hurt in the process.  LOL!

kindness_Page_0[1]I thought this story was too great not to share.  What a remarkable way to be remembered to do a last kind act for a random stranger!

If you haven’t heard the story a police officer bought 3 cookies for a young boy at McDonald’s as he was short 10 cents.  The officer left and was then shot and killed in his police car.  He has just survived two tours in the Marines overseas, but sadly lost his life at home. 

In case the video does not embed, here is the link.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


I hope you don’t think that while I was laid up with my back issues that my kindness took a vacay?  Truth is, I was still practicing random acts of kindness.  And since I was really hurting and ticked off that I felt so crummy, it was just the necessary ingredient for keeping my good karma going.  I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around and if you do bad on a regular basis, you better watch out!  So I try to be good and kind to others.  Some people make it really, really hard!  But I try.  Every. stinkin’. time!

This week’s random act is an easy one which you can practice every time you visit the Golden arches (McDonald’s, that is).  There is a box at the window for the Ronald McDonald House.  Instead of taking your change let them drop it in the box for you.  After all, change DOES make a difference

I contacted Rick Rack Ruby after reading on her blog about this messenger bag and how she didn’t like it.  I asked her if she might be willing to sell it to me.  She asked me to make her an offer and I did.  She accepted my offer and mailed it to me! 

I am beyond thrilled with it!  It is so pretty that I cannot stop looking at it.  I pinch myself daily with my good luck.  That I am bold enough to ask and that I was lucky enough to get it! 

Thanks, Laura!  I love it and adore it.  And…I hope you don’t mind my using your pic as mine were pretty crappy. 

If you click the link to her blog above it is the post about the bag and you can see the other shots of it and the one she made for herself.  Also, check her blog often as she gives me a lot of inspiration!

The key to a good blogger is regular posting. 

The key to a good crafter is regular, well, crafting.

The key to a good blog post is interaction.

The key to slackerdom is not posting regularly.

The key to getting healthy in the back is a lot of PT and some meds every now and then.

The key to keeping it in shape is knowing its limitations and how to mend it from time to time. 

DSC06183 (1024x871)The key to mending it is knowing when it has told you ENOUGH! 

The key to keeping it in shape is keeping it moving. 

So, while I get my legs back under me, I will leave you with some new keys I made for a local shop, ReFinery.  I delivered them Saturday.  I was so glad to hear that Linda is doing well.  She had the same back issue as I, but she is just about healed now.  Good for her.  A good month for backs indeed!


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"What this world needs
is a new kind of army
- the army of the kind."
~Cleveland Amory

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