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This past Saturday I did something I have wanted to do since I moved to Richmond area, I went to hear the Richmond Boys Choir perform.  They were at the Main Branch of the Richmond Public Library as part of the Gellman Room Music Series. 

As I sat listening to their Angelic voices, I was reminded of some other children in Connecticut that now reside with the Angels.  The Director of the Boys Choir said they almost cancelled the event as they felt it was not appropriate to go on in light of the tragedy, then said they were doing it in their honor.  It was a lovely and moving tribute. 

DSC08468 (1600x1179)

They are a phenomenal group of boys and young men.  They can join the choir when they are seven and “graduate” when they are 17.  One of the directors on Saturday was a former member who graduated, majored in music in college and is now back with the group. 

They closed the performance with the Temptations version of Silent Night.  It was great to hear the four soloists sing the Temptations’ parts. 

If you have the opportunity to hear them perform, I encourage you to do so.  They are awesome!

DSC06699 (1024x749)

We were in a former theatre, my table neighbor said when she was a girl it was a skating rink (ice skating).  It had only stage aimed spotlights.  They tried to get us as much as they could to no avail and the one that I had burn out!  Anyway, it didn’t stop my buyers!

Santa was in the building on the stage and I had the entertainment of watching the children pose with Santa.  DSC06703 (703x1024)I also got to see the ones that were scared of Santa.  It was quite entertaining.  There were a LOT of parents with their children.  In front of my table was the let’s see what they think of Santa area.  I saw many a parent pointing while the child cowered behind them.  Then, I saw the ones they tried to force into a Santa pic.  Kids are very determined when they don’t want to do something! 

My favorite was the little boy that was mortified that they made him sit on Santa’s lap.  He kept looking around, I assume to see if any of his buddies were around to see.  It was too funny! 

You can see in the picture background how dark it really was!  It was so cool to be a room with people that “got” and enjoyed what I made!  It was certainly Christmas on Macarthur for me!


Cindy is Crafty will be in the Samis Grotto today for Christmas on Macarthur from noon until 4 p.m.  If you are in the area stop by.  I would love to meet you!

P.S. I will let you in a little secret…my buddy, Santa, will be in the Grotto with me! 

Publication2 (2)

As you are reading this I am at the Jewelry Box for the Holiday Shop.  If you are in the Richmond area stop by!

Wednesday night I finished the scrabble tile pendants and earrings. 

DSC06682 (885x1024)

DSC06686 (1024x863)


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

DSC06455 (1024x912)

It was a lovely fall day for the festival!  The morning started off crisp, but as the day moved on the sun came out and it was glorious to be out.  There was a bit of a breeze and just the right hint of fall. 

The festival started at noon and the first hour or two was slow!  I was right across the street from the kiddies play area and the musical entertainment.  I got a show and some musical accompaniment, too!

DSC06456 (1024x525)DSC06457 (1024x581)

DSC06450 (1024x762)

The table was packed with pretties for the crowd I was awaiting.  It was fun to meet some like minded crafty peeps!  To talk to some shop owners, a couple of ladies planning their own Christmas market at their church.  It was a lot of fun! 

I had to chuckle at some of the people that scooted by looking until they realized I had “handmade” goods then turning the other way.  I realized I do DSC06451 (1024x789)the same thing at craft shows!  I peek and if it is not something I like I scoot right by!  To a crafter that smarts!  Then again, the people that did stop made up for it!

I also met a lovely younger crafter that is a repeat customer!  She purchased form a shop I consigned at and came by to purchase a few more.  She asked the lady that owned the shop if I bartered, I said sure.  That is the best part of DSC06452 (1024x638)crafting!  She came by and bought a couple of pieces from me.  I then returned the favor by buying one of her stained glass leaves.  It looks so pretty in my window with the sun shining behind it! 

All in all the proceeds were not too bad and I made some good connections for some future events! 

To everyone that stopped by thanks! 


If you are in the Forest Hill area and near 43rd Street, you will find me there from 12-4. 

• Moon Bounce • Large Slide
• Bake Sale • Fishing Game
• Ring Toss • Football Toss
• Carnival Games
• Pumpkin Bowling
• Cupcake Walk • Crafts

Located at the Corner of
Forest Hill Avenue and 43rd Street.

See you there! 

P.S. Bring Cash!!!  Lots of Cash!!!! 

DSC06294 (1024x758)Sunday morning, the morning after Irene pummeled us all night long with wind gusts of 70 mph and sustained winds of 40 mph, it always amazes me how lovely the next day dawns.  This is the second hurricane I have been through at this home.  Isabel was the first.  

I am not on the water!  I am about 1.5-2 hours from the shore.  Quite a bit inland, but nonetheless those %$#@*&% find my tiny town.  The town I live in is full of very tall oak trees.  They take a lot of wind, but every now and then some come down. 

I lost power on Saturday afternoon about 3 p.m. and it was just restored on Tuesday night at 8:10 p.m.  Lots of dark nights and cold showers! 

These are some shots from my neighborhood as I went out walking around.  The first pic is my backyard.  Lots of limbs, leaves, and debris. 

DSC06295 (1024x747)

Here is the culprit for my power loss.  It is about 2 blocks up and there is a tree on top of the power lines.  During Isabel the same thing happened and it took a week to get our power back.  We had to wait for someone to cut up the tree before they worked on the lines. 

Apparently, the home owner remembered this, as the next day the tree was gone.  Despite the warnings to leave it alone and let the power pros handle it, Bubba and no doubt some buddies handled it!  The next day as I drove by to work it was gone and the only remnant was the dangling wires! 

Not that I am encouraging taking one’s life into their own hands, but way to go Bubba!  You saved us a few days of darkness!

DSC06296 (1024x737)

This much larger tree was around the corner from my culprit.  Thankfully, it fell away from the power lines, but it did block the street.  If you look closely to the left near the black mailbox, they have cut out a tunnel in the branches and leaves large enough to get a car through it.  Once again, let’s hear it for ingenuity!  Brains take a backseat to getting out of the neighborhood.  You can see the trunk of the tree.  It is HUGE!  If it had shifted, it would be a sad tale!  During Isabel, a woman and her daughter were going to a local mall and a tree came down on top of their car.  It killed them instantly!  I have a healthy respect for trees after seeing that! 

I think that there are special angels that God dispatches for the risk takers.  The cutting down the tree on the power lines or driving through the tree tunnel peeps.  Thank God that the angels don’t charge by the hour! 

One other sight I saw, but couldn’t get a picture of as I was driving down the highway at 60 mph passed it, was the billboard with it three support beams bent at right angles and the billboard was now parallel to the ground.  These were solid steel girders, like you see in big building framework.  That wind was fierce! 

Now as life continues to get back to normal, my thoughts are with 30% of the area’s population that is still without power.  Needless to say we no longer like the name Irene.  So sorry if that happens to be your name!

DSC03744 (1024x530)The day was windy.  Really, really windy.  So we made me a little bunker under a tent in front of Linda’s shop.   Across from me and facing the street was a two high rack of clothes.  I sat right against the shop which blocked all but the heartiest wind gusts.  I only had a few felty brooches go flying and one topple of the earring rack, but other than that few calamities. 

To the left of my table was a florist and I spent the afternoon and evening watching people of all persuasions and ages stop by to pick up flower DSC03745 (1024x729) arrangements.  There were plants outside and when the wing gusted bits of dirt and Spanish moss flew at me along with the plant identification cards.  My table was covered with dirt most of the day, but what the hey?

I made enough to cover my trip there and then some, but the crowds were small mostly due to the wind (I believe).  All in all, it was a great afternoon to sit, crochet a bit, listen to my I-pod and watch the cars drive by. 

I gave up pretty early on keeping the stuff straight as you can probably tell!


DSC03746 (1024x858) DSC03747 (1024x755)

DSC03748 (737x1024)

DSC03059 (1024x764) DSC03060 (1024x768)

DSC03061 (1024x768) DSC03062 (1024x765)

DSC03063 (1024x756)

So we had another storm hit us this passed weekend, and another yesterday that resulted in my commute of 25 minutes taking over 2 hours!  They say we are getting some more on Saturday and another batch on Monday. 

All I want to say is E N O U G H already!  Make it stop.  As I was listening to the radio  on the way to work this morning someone suggested we go groundhog hunting!  I am with them.  I know a certain groundhog in PA that better watch his back!

Phil, if you are listening…be afraid, be very afraid!

DSC02953 (1024x764)This was at 9:30 on Saturday morning.  Snowing hard, fine and non-stop.  It continued for another 6 hours at 1 inch per hour according to the forecasters. 

DSC02952 (1024x768) 


DSC03006 (1024x757)  This was when it was finished.  We got 8 inches of the white stuff.  Lovely to look out the window at, but nasty to get around in.  I stayed in the house mostly except to go out and clean off the car, shovel the steps and snap a few shots. 

DSC03005 (1024x767)

DSC03008 (1024x730) DSC03009 (1024x768)

Let’s cross our fingers that they plow my side street soon!  It is only 40 feet to the main road, but it helps when the street is plowed as I can stop at the stop sign before proceeding to the main road!  Wish me luck!

It is really pretty, but will be gone by early this week as the temps are expected to climb to the 40s.  The Lord giveth and Mother Nature taketh away!  Oh well, it will nice while it lasts!

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