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DSC06694 (1024x688)

I made a few more flower brooches for the show.  Sadly, no one was interested in buying any!  Lots of handling, lots of oohing and ahhing, but no dinero passed hands!




DSC06697 (1024x716)

Anyway, they are still pretty, still sparkly, and still in my home to enjoy! 

I have been tinkering and noodling  with this type of necklace for a few years now.  I had the wrong hook, the wrong string, the wrong technique.  I have been trying hard to make it work out.  Recently I bought some pearl cotton string at an estate sale and it is what I had been searching for. 

Add a few beads, a vintage button (or two) and a vintage clip earring and it finally worked!

DSC03248 (1024x697)  

Then there was the red beads and the pendant from the too small for my neck(lace) I bought on Etsy and necklace number two!

DSC03251 (1024x745)

I loved the pendant the moment I saw it and had been waiting for just the right necklace for it.  Me smells a new product!  :O)

DSC02294 (1024x767) I love fall and I love brooches so what would fall be without a fresh batch of flower brooches?

I made a fresh batch for this past weekend’s block party.  They were a hit!

DSC02295 (1024x768)

DSC02296 (1024x768) DSC02297 (1024x768)

Aren’t they pretty (if I do say so myself)???? 

Before I get to the suckin’ part, I thought I would fill you in on my weekend’s activities.  My friend, Kim, held an open house and silent auction for the Richmond SPCA.  She had lots of great artists, businesses and individuals (like me) that donated items for a silent auction with all the proceeds benefitting the SPCA.  I helped to set up and also to help settle the tabs when they finished. 

The house is a great fixer upper originally built in 1810.  It had a lot of the most awesome wallpaper in all of the rooms.  In one of the rooms we found where the wallpaper had the paperer’s name with the date 1940.  I wanted to rip large pieces of the wallpaper down and take it with me, but Kim wouldn’t let me! 

Kim raised hundreds of dollars for the SPCA Sunday afternoon and I was happy to be a part.  The SPCA brought a canine representative to attend the event.  Josie is part hound and part beagle and was the sweetest doggy.  At the end people were fighting with the SPCA rep in order to adopt her that evening!  It was hard NOT to love her. 

Now on to the suckin’…

DSC01681 This week’s MAMMA theme was basques (corsets) and this was my creation.  I used my crochet twine and my tiniest hook to create the corset and added beads to simulate the bones of the corset.  The skirt is fashioned from a bit of lace that was gathered.  I finished it off with a vintage image, ribbon bits for her straps, gems for her hair.  The background is scrapbook paper that was stamped and inked. 

I also received the card for the Mother’s love swap from Flipp

DSC01684 (729x1024)


If you enjoy a good challenge and love to create ATCs consider joining MAMMA.  This week’s theme is Easter and we are using an egg template for the ATC. 

‘Cause it is sure bloomin’ up a storm here at the Casa de Crafty…DSC01569

Here a posey, there a posey…








Everywhere a posey, posey…








The Casa de Crafty is a bloomin’ along…




Have you seen any signs of spring?

You put some yarn in,

You add a crochet hook,

Top with a pretty button,

And follow with a pin back…


You do the crocheted broochey pokey and you pin on your lapel

And that’s what it’s all about!

DSC00831_0 I knelt down and I thought I spied something among the flowers at the garden center.  I had to move really fast as she was quick and was fast on her wings.  She had a bit of an attitude about my finding her and then taking her picture.  She was quite perturbed and told me she would be the laughingstock of the fairies in her neighborhood.  Did I care?  Was I concerned for her plight?  No, I wanted proof for all of you that I saw her and caught her!


DSC00842_0 DSC00843_0

I created the flower using a small wooden spool, a vintage green pipe cleaner for the stem and leaves, 2 different sized yo-yos and a crochet scrumble with a vintage covered button in the middle.

The fairy is a picture of Jodie Foster I found in a magazine for the face, another image’s arms for hers.  Her ensemble was made from scrapbook paper and the wings using vintage sheet music papers that were layered and the edge finished with ink.  Her smart beret is a leftover yo-yo from this bird brooch project. 

She stands 5.25″ high from spool to top of flower.  Jodie is 2.5″ high.  The spool at the base is 1.5″ high.  I am contemplating what to make with her.  I am leaning toward a captured fairy, but we shall see what happens as I often change my mind mid-stream. 

DSC00764 I posted previously about playing around with Sculpey and making faces with molds.  I had a hard time getting the ink  to dry, but found with a bit of sanding and a lighter hand on the inks it worked.  I like that the color remains a bit rustic looking. 

I knew I was going to use them for brooches, but was not sure of the exact way I wanted to use them.  Since this one looks a bit sun-like, I decided that I would crochet a flower to go behind it.  For the flower, it is a very easy pattern of chain four, join with a slip stitch, then chain 10, slip stitch to join to chain 4 circle (repeat 7 times) and then tie off.  Then glue the face to the top and the pinback on the back and you are done.  The finished dimensions are about 2.5″ X 2.5″.  The yarn is a wool yarn that is a bit bulky, but not extremely so. 

The ink I used is the Tsukineko Dew Drop Brilliance in Cosmic Copper.  It took it a day or so to dry completely on the face.  I am pleased with the result, but am still working on the inks and shadings, etc.  More to come.

DSC00766 Also, I have been working on a decoupage wooden cigar box.  I used pattern pieces for the base layer and am still deciding what to do next with it.  It will be a work in progress for a bit as I decide what to do next.  I like how the wood shows through the layers.  It gives it a more rustic look.  I tore the pattern pieces into irregular squares.

It was a glorious day yesterday and today will be awesome also in central Virginia.  It was 70 degrees yesterday and will be 74 today.  We have a bit of rain on tap for the evening, but it was nice enough to drive with the windows open. 

My Clematis thinks it is spring and is sprouting a few sprigs of leaves.  My lilies have popped up out of the ground.  I am hopeful that the frost will not kill them and delay the blooms.  In the garden that is Cindy’s it is live or die.  I don’t coddle or pamper the flowers. 

Hope where you are it is nice, too.  It is days like this my spring fever goes on overdrive! 

Since I am an Irish kid and it is the first of March, I better get cracking! :O)

Bonjour mon amour…hello, my love!

vallen hearts

These are the crocheted heart brooches that I purchased from the Queen’s Etsy shop.  They are even lovelier in person and I will be wearing them proudly.  Check out the other goodies she is selling including her button bracelets and calla lily brooches made from felted wool.  So lovely and sweet!

Inspired by Vallen’s creativity and this picture, I used my chocolate and pink wool yarns and created this brooch for a friend.   

choc heart

J’ai entendu dire que…a little bird told me…

bird brooch

I bought this sweet little bird brooch from Phoebe’s Fascination Station on Etsy.  It is sweet and simple.  I believe it is a stamped bird on felt. 

I packed up Barb’s hanging heart to ship it today.  I should be able to show you what I sent by the end of the week. 

 Here’s hoping your week is filled with sweet surprises!

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