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I have always had a love affair with office supplies as far back as I can remember.  If they are cute, new, colorful or vintage I MUST have them.  If it is a new line of file folders…put them in the cart.  New colors of gel pens…ring ’em up.  I have been in love for a long time.  If they are vintage supplies I love them, too.  If they still work all the better. 



I went to the Goodwill Outlet this weekend and found a couple of scores.  First, this  (I am guessing) 1950 Bostitch stapler with the original staples. The staples are full and in the original box.  Woohoo!








Just a few boxes down I found these.  Three full boxes of staples from Colonial Printing and Stationery Company.  The company is still in business, but they no longer sell the office supplies.  I am guessing by the staple closure on the side of the box they are from the 50’s also.  It indicates on their website the company was started in the 1960s.







Lastly, I found this file folder organizer.  I need to put some felt feet on the bottom of it before I can put it on my enameled desk.  I found the enameled desk, actually a kitchen table with a convenient utensil drawer several years ago at a local antique shop.  I bought it before it became popular and the prices started to soar.  The top is a caramel color of brown instead of the traditional white with the black stripe.  The base is also a light oak colored wood instead of the usual white. 




I also use a couple of flower frogs for my scissor holders.  It makes my work space a happier place! 

‘Cause it is sure bloomin’ up a storm here at the Casa de Crafty…DSC01569

Here a posey, there a posey…








Everywhere a posey, posey…








The Casa de Crafty is a bloomin’ along…




Have you seen any signs of spring?

DSC01558This week MAMMA challenged us to create a triptych.  This is an ATC that folds and has 3 sides.  It gives you a lot more area to work with than the traditional ATC which is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.  It also gave me an opportunity to play with the Grungeboard I recently purchased.

The Grungeboard was painted and then inked with gold and bronze inks on the outside and on the inside it is inked with burgundy and bronze inks.  On the outside is an old blind pull with an image of a Madonna inside it.  The card closes with ribbon secured to buttons and threaded through eyelets. 


Inside the card are 2 leather mini frames, French language textbook pages, the image from a needle threader, a vintage clothing label, a feather from a vintage sewing hook/eye card, a stamped bird image and an angel pig image from the collage image group. 

I enjoyed the triptych as it gives you a lot more room to work with. 

You are beautiful ATC for MAMMA challenge by DianthusMoon.

I received the card from the supplied image swap, but forgot to post it last week so I will share it this week.  It was created by Dianne

This week’s challenge scares me a bit it is Zettiology.  You can see examples here.  This one will take some time. 

Wish me luck!   If you have done one before, give me pointers, please!!!

DSC01542I saw this lovely hand painted Japanese teacup and saucer at my local Goodwill and it was love at first sight.  Then, the inspiration struck me.  Wouldn’t that be neat to hold jewelry on the top of your dresser? 

Add a lead crystal candlestick to give it a bit of heft.  You begin by gluing the candlestick to the saucer using E6000 glue.  Then glue the cup to the top of the candlestick (where the candle is inserted). 

Let it dry overnight and you have a lovely way to organize your jewelry.  You can hang your earrings along the lip of the cup, place a few bracelets inside and lay rings in the saucer.


The longest part of the process is finding the right cup, saucer and candlestick. 

What everyday items have you upcycled?

You put some yarn in,

You add a crochet hook,

Top with a pretty button,

And follow with a pin back…


You do the crocheted broochey pokey and you pin on your lapel

And that’s what it’s all about!

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