DSC00831_0 I knelt down and I thought I spied something among the flowers at the garden center.  I had to move really fast as she was quick and was fast on her wings.  She had a bit of an attitude about my finding her and then taking her picture.  She was quite perturbed and told me she would be the laughingstock of the fairies in her neighborhood.  Did I care?  Was I concerned for her plight?  No, I wanted proof for all of you that I saw her and caught her!


DSC00842_0 DSC00843_0

I created the flower using a small wooden spool, a vintage green pipe cleaner for the stem and leaves, 2 different sized yo-yos and a crochet scrumble with a vintage covered button in the middle.

The fairy is a picture of Jodie Foster I found in a magazine for the face, another image’s arms for hers.  Her ensemble was made from scrapbook paper and the wings using vintage sheet music papers that were layered and the edge finished with ink.  Her smart beret is a leftover yo-yo from this bird brooch project. 

She stands 5.25″ high from spool to top of flower.  Jodie is 2.5″ high.  The spool at the base is 1.5″ high.  I am contemplating what to make with her.  I am leaning toward a captured fairy, but we shall see what happens as I often change my mind mid-stream.