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getting in costume, grabbing the pillow case and hitting the houses.

coming home changing costumes and then going back out again!

getting caught by the lady in the next block.

hearing her tell the neighbors, that I had already been there!

moving on to the next block and collecting more candy!

I remember trick or treating!  Do you remember, too?


I read an article a bit back about how much food we Americans throw away.  My cabinets, as I am sure yours, have some impulse buys.  You buy them and then never eat them.  The item has not expired, but it is just languishing in your cupboards.  Well, I gathered mine up and took them to the local food bank drop off bin at my local grocery store. 

I have cabinet space and someone has a component for a warm meal.  All it takes is some effort and you can make a difference

DSC05220 (593x1024)Let’s just suppose that you take a class at your local quilt store about oh….a year ago.  In that class you learn to make an art doll like, say, the one in the picture.  You go to another class taught by the same teacher oh…a year later!  How do you find out it is the same teacher?  She says, “you look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?”  She mentions some of the classes she has taught and then you remember that she taught that art doll class that you were going to make into a brooch in the picture.  You never make the connection that you have not seen the brooch, which was unfinished, since the class oh…a year ago!

You get home and while reaching for some lacy bits to add to tags you made recently out falls a plastic bag.  In that bag is this art doll, still unfinished and lacking the pin back.  You then remember you took the class and made this brooch. 

What kind of problem would that be?  And can you tell me what the treatment is??

DSC05217 (802x1024)

I recently took a 4 hour class in Nuno Felting at my local quilt store.  It was awesome to learn a new technique and use a needle felting machine.  I had always done needle felting before so the machine made it speed along.  I brought along my wool roving as well as some silk ribbons I bought a long time ago off of Etsy.  I bought the ribbons with no idea what I was going to use them for. 

The scarf is silk and was dyed.  I then added the felted embellishments to it.  It is fun to work with wool and wet felting as you never know what you will end up with as the fibers shrink in the felting process. 

The silk scarf fabric is a bit stiff and I am trying to figure out how to soften it up a bit.  If anyone knows, please let me know. 

It was a lot of fun and so much fun in fact I bought a needle felting machine off of Amazon.  It is a Singer and $59.  I found the same machine on other sites for $199.  I should have it by the weekend.  Will have to play some more when I receive it. 

DSC05209 (1024x749)

Last year I bought some of Heather’s little Halloween house themed charms.  I had the intention of making a charm bracelet for them.  It didn’t happen last year.  As I was getting ready for Halloween this year I happened upon the charms.  I completely forgot about them!

I got out my trusty Kumihimo and some of my yarns and made a fiber bracelet for them.  I used a hand spun yarn that I picked up at a yard sale this summer as well as some other yarns.  The bracelet is thicker and stiffer and holds up well with the charms. 

This video brought it all back.  The fun of playing in puddles!

Do you remember, too?



This week’s random act of kindness post is about another’s random act of kindness and a “thank you” that made a HUGE difference.  Watch the video below and if you are so moved start something with you local food bank.  It only takes as little as 93 cents to get something wonderful started! 

It could be as simple as a group of people donating the cost of a meal out at a restaurant.  With the current economy a lot of people are depending on the local food banks.

Kindness, pass it on!


DSC05134 (1024x725)

Sue started an interactive mail art challenge and I was thrilled to receive a postcard from MaryAnn.  My contribution is the stop and smell the flowers one.  I mailed it next to a local artsy friend of mine that I thought would enjoy the challenge, too. 

You can learn more about the project here.  It is fun to be part of an art project. 

The Oz tags arrived last week from Karla’s swap.  I love the tag book she created for me. 

DSC05145 (630x1024)

Once again, Karla made the covers.

DSC05146 (767x1024)

Glinda was created by Janet

DSC05147 (1024x765)

The basket with the scarecrow and the flying monkey was made by Samantha Miranda. 

DSC05148 (745x1024)

This cute tag was made by Becky

DSC05149 (723x1024)

This vintage lovely was made by Linda

DSC05150 (641x1024)

This tag printed on fabric was made by Evelyn.

DSC05151 (671x1024)

A trip to the Emerald City was by Debra

DSC05152 (668x1024)

I added one of my tags to the book.  I remembered this time! 

DSC05131 (531x1024)



I was playing with an old dictionary I thrifted and decided to use some of the pages to make tags. 







DSC05132 (577x1024)





I used this one to send the Poe brooch to Loralynn.





DSC05133 (585x1024)





And this one, well, I guess you can figure what inspired it. 





DSC05143 (1024x695)



I bought a pack of papers at the thrift shop and played while I was watching Sunday Morning. 




DSC05144 (589x1024)



I love my little creepy lady assemblage here.  Her head is a magazine image I but out a long time ago and thought it would be great for a paper doll.  Her arms are made using the Claudine Helmuth Poppet stamps I bought off Ebay recently. 






The fun part about tags is they are a quick and easy art fix. 

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