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I recently took a 4 hour class in Nuno Felting at my local quilt store.  It was awesome to learn a new technique and use a needle felting machine.  I had always done needle felting before so the machine made it speed along.  I brought along my wool roving as well as some silk ribbons I bought a long time ago off of Etsy.  I bought the ribbons with no idea what I was going to use them for. 

The scarf is silk and was dyed.  I then added the felted embellishments to it.  It is fun to work with wool and wet felting as you never know what you will end up with as the fibers shrink in the felting process. 

The silk scarf fabric is a bit stiff and I am trying to figure out how to soften it up a bit.  If anyone knows, please let me know. 

It was a lot of fun and so much fun in fact I bought a needle felting machine off of Amazon.  It is a Singer and $59.  I found the same machine on other sites for $199.  I should have it by the weekend.  Will have to play some more when I receive it. 

DSC05119 (1024x738) I saw a blog post a long time ago about a shawl that had several moth holes.  The owner of the shawl used needle felted circles to fix the holes and it gave the shawl a polka dot effect.  I thought the finished product looked so cool, that I had almost been itching to find a hole in one of my sweaters.  I cannot find the blog post, but here is a tutorial on Martha’s site to tell you how to do it. 

On a trip to my local Goodwill, I found a vintage Scottish wool scarf with a few holes for $1.99. 

I got out my wool roving and my needles and had a go at the holes on the scarf.  It didn’t take very long and it was all finished. 

DSC05139 (1024x713) DSC05140 (1024x768)

I could have changed up the roving to make multi-colored spots, but I was trying out the technique.  I think it ended up kind of cool and was a great way to fix an item of clothing to extend its life with a stylish twist. 

Is anyone interested in the scarf?  I can’t wear wool around my face or neck as it give me a nasty reaction.  I can wear sweaters, but have to wear a t-shirt between it and my skin.  With a scarf that is not an option.  So if anyone would like my experiment, speak up!  I will be happy to send it to you.

DSC02740 (1024x767)

I blogged about the scarf that I knitted while I was dog sitting and snowed in a couple weekends ago.  I mentioned that I thought it might need some felt flowers and two ladies agreed with me.  It was almost like they were reading my mind as the ideas they had were the same as mine. 

This weekend I had some time and decided to finish it.  I dug into my felted wool sweater stash to find some green and blue.  Then I dug into my button stash to find green and blue buttons for the centers.  I cut the wool in strips then gathered them to make the flowers I then used craft cord to sew them onto the blooms and the scarf.  It hid very well among the yarn. 


DSC02741 (1024x768)   DSC02742 (1024x783)

Now it feel like it is finished!  Don’t you agree?  I love the mismatched buttons.  How about you?

DSC01685 (719x1024)


Needle felting is an art which I am still learning.  I work on it in bits and pieces as I watch television in the evenings and learn it as I go.  Much of it is by trial and error, but every so often it happens purely by chance I get magic. 


I entitled this ATC Snapdragons as it reminded me of them.  How about you?  It will be sent for a May birthday in Kate’s Birthday ATC swap. 


Have you tried anything new lately?  Retried something that you ceased long ago?  What is on your crafty radar this week?

Last week’s MAMMA challenge was to create a work influenced by your favorite artist.  I don’t really have a favorite artist.  I have lots of favorite images, pictures, works and paintings, but no one artist stands out.  Most of my group drew or painted their ATCs which is not my best method.  I am still working through the embellishing stuff and to create a work of art, that is just madness for me! 

The work of art that came to mind for me was Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  I love that it is abstract and the colors.  I also love a good starry and clear night.  I always have.  I decided to try to needle felt my interpretation of his painting. 



The background is cream wool felt with blue, black, yellow wool roving felted in.  I also added some seed beads to give it a bit more texture.  Not an exact match, but a worthy interpretation of the original.





I received my Spring Doll from MoCross for the February MAD MAMMA swap.   I love the colors pink and yellow, my favorite color combo and my fav colors, too.  I believe she was meant to come live with me.  Thanks, Maureen!








On Saturday my local quilt shop was celebrating National Quilt Month and had a number of classes scheduled on Saturday.  Saturday was supposed to be rainy and miserable all day (as was the entire weekend) and the shop is a bit from my home up the interstate which, whenever there is rain, is always a mess.  I really wanted to take one of the classes, but thought I would play it by ear.  I hit a few of my favorite thrift shops and meandered my way north toward the local quilt shop.  I made my way to the shop with 10 minutes to spare and asked if there was still a slot open in the class.  There was and I got the LAST spot.  The class was called Pin Pals.  You knew it was a brooch class didn’t you?

The background fabric is a batik topped with some Angelina fibers.  I ironed the Angelina a bit too much so it lost its sparkle, but I think she is still cute!  The layer between is Timtex, a very sturdy interfacing.  I did a bit of “quilting” by sewing some straight lines across her body.  The face, arms and feet are Art Girlz charms

I think she needs some hair a a bit more embellishing.  I am still deciding just what she needs.  When I have completed her I will show you the new updated version.  Pin Pal 2.0! 

What have you been creating this week?

I participated in Debra’s Halloween Flight Night swap.  For the swap you had to create a jointed paper doll, and ATC card, and an owl of your choice of medium.   My partner was Amy of Life In the Lyon’s Den.  I hope she liked the swap package.  I know it has arrived, but have not heard from her. 




First up is the ATC I created.  I love the Wizard of Oz and found this image of the Wicked Witch of the West.  I borrowed the title of Kermit’s book for the text on the card.  I gathered some raffia for the brook and tied it with some string.  A bit of ribbon with the word “yikes” and the background paper is some of Martha Stewart’s Halloween paper from Michaels.







My next creation is the paper doll that I settled on for Amy. I used this template to create the body.  I then created her clothing using various combinations of scrapbook paper and finished it with a bit of lace and ribbon, some gems and some raffia for her hair.  






DSC01304 Lastly, my owl item.  I used the image below to cut out the parts of the owl.  I enlarged it to the size I needed.image The owl is cut from felted wool, his branch is made with brown seam binding and yellow buttons make his eyes.  He is resting on a piece of vintage fabric I found at the Goodwill (1970’s I would guess).  I thrifted a messenger bag and he was placed on the bag.  Orange satin stitch completes it. 

I had the hardest time putting this bag in the swap package.  I wanted to keep it for myself.  I have a real sickness love for bags and this one was so very hard to part with.


I hope Amy likes her goodies.  I had a lot of fun creating them for her.  Thanks, also, to Debra for a fabulous swap! 

As if I need to learn or purchase another thing as far as crafts are concerned!  I have always been fascinated by needle felting and wanted to try it.  I was at Ben Franklin on Friday to pick up something that I will show you tomorrow when I DSC01199happened to be in the aisle with the needle felting supplies.  I always hesitated to buy it as the cost was kind of high, but they had it and it was reasonably priced.  I had to give it a try! 

I used a piece of a sweater that I felted and then had at it.  Don’t laugh, but I was going to make a daisy when the first petal came out kind of wonky and I saw a duck beak.  To the circle with the beak I added an eye and then another circle for the body. 

He is not perfect, but is the first supposed to be?  Pretty good for a first attempt, no? 

Do you crafty attempts always end in success or do they get rerouted in the creative process?  A lot of my creations are the result of happy accidents and I like it that way.  It keeps my creative eye always at the ready. 

My Ducky Duck Duck

by Kalikala Smith

My ducky duck is a yellow duck
and he likes to duck with the other ducks
in the small, cool pool after a day at school
when the trees have bees and the honey is amuck.

Oh what to do with my ducky duck duck
when he sits in that pond without any luck
in the small, cool pool after a day at school
and he makes one good friend who goes by Chuck.

I know what he’d say, oh my ducky duck duck
if he knew that I worried about his getting stuck
in the small, cool pool after a day at school
he’d say, “relax and smile and I’ll make you a buck.”

So that’s what you do with a ducky duck duck
when you know that he’s yellow and doesn’t have much luck
in a small, cool pool after a day at school
you stick him in the mucky muck muck.



I spent some time creating felty brooches with novelty fabric.  The first batch uses golf theme fabric.  I placed the fabric pieces on top of pink felt and then lime felt to complete the look.  I love the images on this fabric and think they made really cute brooches. 











The Dick and Jane brooches were created with a Dick and Jane theme fabric.  I put the images on blue felt and then on top of pink felt.  The words on the brooches are from the Dick and Jane book that I used to make the bracelet charms.  I used Alene’s craft glue to affix the words. 

My quilt top is getting some use as a background for my pics.  The colors on it are really happy colors and make me smile. 

They are saying on the news that 6 confirmed tornadoes and possibly a 7th touched down on Monday in Virginia.  The pictures of the devastation are overwhelming.  They have also said there were no fatalities.  That is remarkable!  Suffolk was the most badly hit and they have indicated it was a category 3 tornado.  You can see more pics here

If you are inclined you can donate to your local Red Cross.  You can earmark your donation Virginia Tornadoes.  Or better yet, make a donation to your local Red Cross so that they can help others when disaster hits them. 

Now please go and hug those that you love!  Hold them a bit longer and tighter!   

Miss Sandy is hosting an Easter Parade today and you are all invited to join us. 

Today she will have a special post for you to link to using Mister Linky. You will enter linking to a specific post that shares one of the following: Easter or Spring décor, Easter or Spring Crafts, Special Family celebration ideas for either of these, Recipes or Family favorites for this time of year, If you have an Easter Bonnet, please do post it, The first signs of Spring around your area, anything that relates to Easter or Spring.

So grab your bonnet, put on your prettiest Easter dress and promenade along with us. 

Easter is usually in April and that reminds me of the phrase about April showers bringing May flowers.  I think there is nothing lovelier than when the crocus, the daffodils, and the forsythia start to bloom.  I went to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday and bought a bunch of daffodils from my favorite vendor.  They look so sunny and full of spring on my kitchen counter!

She also had some mini pies and I bought a few of those, too. 

I found lyrics to an Al Jolson song titled April Showers.  (You can hear him sing it here.)

DSC00829_0 Life is not a highway strewn with flowers,
Still it holds a goodly share of bliss,
When the sun gives way to April showers,
Here’s a thought that we should never miss:

Though April showers
May come your way,
They bring the flowers
That bloom in May;


And if it’s raining,
DSC00828_0 Have no regrets;
Because, it isn’t raining rain, you know,
It’s raining violets.
And when you see clouds
Upon the hill,
You soon will see crowds
Of daffodils;
So keep on looking for the bluebird,
And listening for his song,
Whenever April showers come along.

The ‘brella brooch was inspired by the red umbrella Laura created and posted here.   I ordered one from her (my first of her brooches), but I have been a long time blog reader and admirer of her handiwork.  I decided to use a bit of my fabric scraps for the umbrella.  Each red circle is outlined in pink so it worked on its pink felt background. 

The felty bangles I purchased from Madsbelly on Etsy.  She customized the colors and the size for me on both sets.  She was gracious enough when the first set was lost in the mail to make me another set.  I received them today and they are AWESOME!  You can use the request custom order option and she will hook you up, too.

Here’s hoping that you see just enough rain to make lots of  pretty flowers. 

DSC00732Some birds fly south for the winter seeking warmer climates in order to nest.  Mine, on the other hand, decided to do it backwards.  She decided to fly north to WISCONSIN!  Surely she got her signals crossed?  Maybe she went mad?   Maybe she saw the warm and cozy glow from my swap partner’s home and decided it was cozy enough to make the journey. 

I participated in the Speckled Egg’s Sweet Little Nest Swap.  My partner was Christine from Mumblings of the Incoherent.  I had a lot of fun making this nest for her and decided to build it in a teacup.  I found the cup at a thrift shop and it had a couple on it dancing.  I thought how appropriate for a songbird. 

I made the nest from a bulky white felted wool sweater.  I then lined it with shredded sheet music strips, felted wool scraps and some pieces from a barkcloth tablecloth.  Inside the nest were 3 eggs that I found at Tuesday Morning

DSC00733The pattern for the bird’s body came from this blog.  I modified it slightly in order to stuff, have in a profile and for the beak to be open.  The bird is made also from felted wool.  I added some feathers to it to make the tail.  For legs I used craft wire that I wrapped and shaped into bird feet so it could sit atop the eggs. 

I blinged out the nest by wrapping it with bits of a candle ring.  I used the stem of the ring in order to make an arch for the back of the nest.  It was wrapped with the stems also.  The bird needed a bit of the stem to carry in her beak to complete the look. 



Christine, I hope you liked it and it arrived all in one piece.  I wrapped it tightly and placed it in a box within the box so it wouldn’t move. 

It was a lot of fun to make the nest and to add the bling! 


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