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I finished the chapeau pendant and decided to create a tag, too.  It looks like she is strolling by the Eiffel Tower and on her way to a New Year’s party.  Are you planning to celebrate in the New Year?  It has certainly been a very tough year for a lot of people and I am certain many of us are glad it is coming to an end. 

The new year always brings a lot of hope and new possibilities.  I am hoping it brings a job for me.  That is my new year’s resolution.  I resolve to find a job!  The odds are stacked against me, but I am a very determined lady and obstacles may slow me, but they don’t stop me! 

What is your wish for the new year? 



Every new year people make resolutions to change

aspects of themselves they believe are negative.

A majority of people revert back

to how they were before and feel like failures.

This year I challenge you to a new resolution.

I challenge you to just be yourself.

~Aisha Elderwyn


All night, all day,

angels watching over me, my Lord…









All night, all day,

angels watching over me…









Sun is a-setting in the West;

angels watching over me, my Lord…








Sleep my child, take your rest;

angels watching over me…









All night, all day,

angels watching over me…






I believe in angels, how about you?

Don’t you love surprise packages?  The present that you didn’t expect, but somehow you were longing for?  I saw the Prada Schmada totes that Heidi made which she learned to at Silver Bella on her blog.  I fell in love with them, but never let on too much (I am sure Heidi will correct me if my recollection is incorrect on that).  Imagine my delight and surprise when I came home Saturday evening to a package from Heidi on my doorstep. 

DSC01493 At first, I thought, “did I order something from her Etsy shop and forget?”  I brought it inside and tore into it like no one’s business to find this lovely tote all for me.






Isn’t it so pretty with its faint pattern, its bits of lace and ribbon, its little pearly brooch and ribbons!  It is lovely, it is handmade, and it is all for ME!  I love it so much, thanks again Heidi! 








Now for the giveaway part!  I ended up with two of the clothespin doll ornaments left from the Christmas giving and one can be yours.  Leave a comment on this post and I will pick the winner on Sunday evening and announce the winner on Monday, the 5th.  If you send a friend, I will give you two entries, just tell them to mention that you sent them.  (Just in case you are new{ish} to my blog you have to scroll way down below this post for the comment box.)  Good luck and remember there are two to give away so there will be 2 winners!


Good luck! 

I just love her voice. 

I was raised Catholic and most Christmas Eve’s when I was little I attended mass.  This was one of my favorite songs of that service. 

Of course it was usually sung by the Sisters, not this singer.  I do feel his is the loveliest rendition I have ever heard.

DSC01484…your family and friends.

…your time with spent with others.

…the love you feel on the holidays.

…the joy as you open the presents.

…the magic of the season.

…that ugly sweater given with lots of love.

…the ones that you hold near and dear.

…the family that was brought to you by blood or by circumstance.

…the joy of the new year yet to come.


Merry Christmas My Dear Bloggy Readers! 

I cherish each and every one of you!

For the celebrations I will be attending tomorrow…DSC01463 

but first, I have to get the girls dressed for the evening.







the tops, hats and skirts are on, but wait you forgot…









the greeting, that is the bestest part!





Tune in tomorrow I will show you what the greeting says! 

(Do you think 8 will be enough?)

That Cally Elf Vallen sent to me…

DSC01486 DSC01488


a quilted ornie with a deer on top of thee…


My bloggy


sent to



a bauble from Katja in Finland,








handmade Christmas cards from Barbara, Talida, Katasha, and Vane’,

DSC01478  DSC01482









Two ATCs each from Margaret and Judy,

DSC01473 DSC01474


A lovely brooch and altered calendar from Margaret,

DSC01471 DSC01475


DSC01480And a handmade


from Nancy



A Very Merry Christmas To Me!

Quote O’ The Month

"What this world needs
is a new kind of army
- the army of the kind."
~Cleveland Amory

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