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when two girls lived with a very funny guy.

when the landlords were dingy and suspicious.

when sexual tension caused hilarity.

Do you remember, too? 


RIP John Ritter, we all miss you!

Vicki’s blog is one of my favorite stops.  She does a little bit of everything, dyes the loveliest fabric and takes us all along with her.  Check it out

DSC02945 (1024x880)

First, I should give you a bit of background.  I recently consigned some jewelry made from scrabble tiles (pendants and earrings) and dominos (earrings) and some of the customers asked for domino sized brooches.  I, being the lover of brooches that I am, like a big bawdy brooch of 2 inches or so.  These are 1” by 1.75”. 

I have the images mod podged on top of the scrapbook paper backgrounds, but know they need something more, but am at a loss for what to add.  This is where the assistance part comes in. 

I could add a ribbon border around the domino, but that doesn’t feel right to me. 

I could add some text like on Princess Grace either Princess, Elegance or Grace or perhaps a word. 

I thought about glittering the edges, but they will be worn on coats or blazers and I wouldn’t want the glitter to come off on their clothes.  You can coat the glitter, but then it loses some of it sparkle. 

I have some microbeads and that is a thought as they would not come off, but I need some suggestions. 

Help me!  What do you think?

DSC02938 (514x1024) This month’s challenge on Art & Soul was to create a Garden Goddess doll using this template, embossing powder and glitter in the construction.

This lady was fun to make and she came together slowly.  First, I picked the background paper.  I then inked the edges.  Then I stamped fern leaves to her front which I then embossed with gold.  I added paper and silk flowers and jewels to the front also.  I used stickles to enhance the jewels and to give the body a bit more oomph.  I also used Stickles for the centers of the green flowers. 

Her face is created using sculpey which I then painted and sanded.  I was going for a weathered statue out in the elements kind of look.  Her hair is a combination of blue nubby yarn and some reddish metallic that has a lit of sparkle. 

DSC02939 (761x1024)










The wire was shaped using my new toy, the thing-a-ma JIG

Can’t you see her hanging out in a garden among the flowers?

DSC02885 (1024x765)

Last year I participated in Kate’s Birthday ATC swap and decided to do it again this year.  There are some fabulous fiber artists that swap and I am privileged to be a part. 

There was one birthday in January and 5 in February.  I was really stumped on what to do for the ATCs.   Then I was close to February and most of the ATCs are sent overseas so I thought I would take care of both months together. 

A heart theme started forming in my head and then watching all of the devastation in Haiti I thought it an appropriate theme.  As I was creating the cards I thought about all of the peoples of the world and the rainbow of hope for Haiti.  Then my card was named, Love’s Rainbow. 

I started with a background fabric that was light pink and looked like it was topped with white crazed paint. I then took my antique brown ink and my alphabet stamp and stamped the background.  On top of that I fused the heart and then roughly stitched around it several times.  I then added a piece of yarn that has a rainbow of colors.  The thread I used it variegated and has a lot of the rainbow colors in it.  Between the layers it timtek to give it some stability. 

I really like the way the cards came out.  I like the faintly stamped lettering and how it antiques the card. 

The January card will be late, but February’s will be on time. 

This gives me chills!

Hot L Baltimore TV Show Cast Memberswhen people could live in a seedy hotel and it was funny.

when “Berta” played a hooker and I first met her sassy self. 

when a year flew by quickly.

Do you remember, too?

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"What this world needs
is a new kind of army
- the army of the kind."
~Cleveland Amory

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