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I have a lot of bangles!  Seriously, I have baskets full of them.  I love them, I wear them, I pile them, I rearrange them, I pick them up off the floor all.the.time.  They fall out of the baskets and go tumbling to the floor.  I have been getting really frustrated with it.  The bending over to pick them up, although good exercise, is getting really, really old. 

As I hit the thrift shops recently my eye spied these old textile spindles.


And then I happened upon some wooden plaques all ready for a fresh coat of paint.  (I paint on Reynolds wrap as it can be wiped off and reused over and over and over…)


A little paint, some E6000 glue and after 24 hours of drying you have these.

DSC01582 DSC01584

While they were drying I placed one of my bangles on them so you can get the idea.

DSC01583 DSC01585

Now I no longer have to continually pick them up off the floor and I have some baskets to find a new use for.  Totally repurposed (on purpose) organization.  Best of all it is easy peasy!

What have you recycled lately?

I posted last week about my fun fusing fabric and yarn together with Mistyfuse.  Over the weekend I cut, bonded to Timtek, sewed the edges and added the eyelet.

It was hard to picture what the finished charms would look like from that piece that I completed, but here they are.  I really like them.  (P.S. It is amazing what a macro setting on the camera brings out in thread dangles that the naked eye misses!)

DSC01561 DSC01562

The finished charms are 1 inch by 1 inch.  I made plenty and will have enough to make myself a bracelet and still have plenty for the swap.


I also finished my scrabble tile pendants for the same swap.  (Again, macro catches something my eye cannot see and I CHECKED!)

The background is scrapbook paper from the Basic Grey line overlaid with a transparency with the silhouette image.  The edges are painted green to match the green in the paper and diamond glaze is on top.

I am going to check the charms again in the daylight and if I can see what shows in the picture on the 6 charms I made I will have to try again.  I have time.

Have you tried fabric charms or altering game pieces?  I am having a lot of fun with them.





My friend Brenda and I went to the movies yesterday and saw Gran Torino.  I don’t normally get all psycho about a movie, but you have to see this movie!  It is awesome and for the awards shows not to acknowledge it more is a travesty!  Some of the language is a bit salty (and most uttered by Clint) but get passed that. 


Clint is phenomenal and the ending I never saw coming!  Be sure to stay for the credits as Clint SINGS part of the closing song.  (If you have seen it and comment, don’t give the ending away so as to spoil it for those that are going or have not seen it.)


I know he is 74, but he still has it…that swagger, that twinkle, that backbone.  It has been said this is the last picture he will star in and what a way to go out.


I was reading some of my favorite blogs on Bloglines and came across this post on Craft.  You wonder what she was thinking as she looked at Barbie.  What part of an artist’s brain says cut her up for jewelry? 

Do I like it?  Yes.  Would I buy/wear it? No.  But it is cool!

If you are interested she has an Etsy shop.

DSC01542I saw this lovely hand painted Japanese teacup and saucer at my local Goodwill and it was love at first sight.  Then, the inspiration struck me.  Wouldn’t that be neat to hold jewelry on the top of your dresser? 

Add a lead crystal candlestick to give it a bit of heft.  You begin by gluing the candlestick to the saucer using E6000 glue.  Then glue the cup to the top of the candlestick (where the candle is inserted). 

Let it dry overnight and you have a lovely way to organize your jewelry.  You can hang your earrings along the lip of the cup, place a few bracelets inside and lay rings in the saucer.


The longest part of the process is finding the right cup, saucer and candlestick. 

What everyday items have you upcycled?

You put some yarn in,

You add a crochet hook,

Top with a pretty button,

And follow with a pin back…


You do the crocheted broochey pokey and you pin on your lapel

And that’s what it’s all about!

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