I have a lot of bangles!  Seriously, I have baskets full of them.  I love them, I wear them, I pile them, I rearrange them, I pick them up off the floor all.the.time.  They fall out of the baskets and go tumbling to the floor.  I have been getting really frustrated with it.  The bending over to pick them up, although good exercise, is getting really, really old. 

As I hit the thrift shops recently my eye spied these old textile spindles.


And then I happened upon some wooden plaques all ready for a fresh coat of paint.  (I paint on Reynolds wrap as it can be wiped off and reused over and over and over…)


A little paint, some E6000 glue and after 24 hours of drying you have these.

DSC01582 DSC01584

While they were drying I placed one of my bangles on them so you can get the idea.

DSC01583 DSC01585

Now I no longer have to continually pick them up off the floor and I have some baskets to find a new use for.  Totally repurposed (on purpose) organization.  Best of all it is easy peasy!

What have you recycled lately?