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Send me your address and I will get it into the mail to you! 

I saw this image and fell in love immediately.  DSC09572 (814x1024)

So much so, I made 5 with different backgrounds on a Rummikub tiles.

DSC09571 (1024x625)

I gave three away on Sunday, the one at the top and the two on cards below. 

DSC09574 (731x1024)DSC09573 (665x1024)


One of the remaining two will be for me and I will give the other away to a lucky reader.  It is the one on the right of the top two that are not tied to a card you will have to choose from. 

Just leave a comment and you are entered to win!  I will pick a winner on Friday, the 21st!

cinderella dreams

Beginning tomorrow, February 6, the Cinderella Dreams Project will be collecting new or slightly-used prom dresses, shoes, accessories and new make-up at all Puritan Cleaner locations and metro-Richmond YMCAs. Collection of dresses will continue through March 12th, 2012.

The project coordinator, Midlothian Junior Women’s Club, will make those items available in March to any teenage girls needing prom help.

The Cinderella Dreams dress shop will be open at The Village Marketplace Shopping Center at 13100 Midlothian Tnpk. in Midlothian on Friday, March 23rd from 5:00-8:00 p.m. Saturday, March 24th from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and Saturday, March 31st from 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. Girls will be helped on a first-come, first-served basis. A donation of $5.00 is suggested.

Cinderella Dreams on Facebook

Jan 6 - shirts

…for tied dyed shirts to say thanks for picking up some vintage napkins here and there for Vicki to use (and for letting me “borrow” her pic of them). 

She asked me a while ago if I wanted a tie dyed shirt and I said yes.  Imagine my surprise to get 3!  I have already worn the one on the right to Physical Therapy and it was quite a hit with the rehab tech. 

Thanks, Vicki!  I love my new shirts. 

If you are interested in tie dyed shirts, you might contact Vicki through her Etsy shop to see if she might make one for you, too.

DSC05105 (1024x766) Saturday was the Memory Walk for Alzheimer’s.  It was held here in Richmond at the Genworth campus off of Broad street.  The morning started out cool and crisp which was great for walking.  It was also nice to be there with hundreds of people all walking for a good cause. 

There was music, fun, fellowship, dancing and bubbles.  It was fun blowing bubbles into the breeze and watching the little children try to catch them.  It made me blow faster. 



DSC05104 (983x1024)


In the crowd I saw a cow dancing the Macarena along with a gecko and a few friends.








DSC05108 (737x1024)  

I learned that even restaurant mascots have to take a bathroom break!  I know I am sick, but this was a shot I could not resist taking.  If you look closely at the lady’s feet you will see the bottom of the costume laying in a heap at her feet.  Remember that next time your kid goes in for the big hug!






DSC05107 (1024x742)



It was nice, too, staying with the crowd of walkers.  When I was younger, during gym I was always huffing and puffing and lagging behind!  This time I kept up!




After I finished with the walk, I went to the Have a Heart Bazaar to raise money for the heart association.  Then I went to the 43rd Street Gallery to pick up the print I won at the festival last weekend.  I won this lovely print by the artist Steve Hedberg entitled First Snow In Forest Hill.    Then I treated myself to lunch at the Positive Vibe Cafe

Positive Vibe Foundation (formerly Get Lost MD Foundation) prepares people with cognitive or physical disabilities for paid employment in the food service industry.  We accomplish our mission by training and employing people with disabilities at Max’s Positive Vibe Café.

It was an all around great day for giving back! 

DSC05036 (1024x1009)

I used to be so caught up in my blog numbers.  How to increase the numbers and get more comments on the blog.  I was even at one point obsessed.  Then I realized I did it for two reasons, to meet others and to inspire others.  I feel like I have accomplished both. 

As I was approving some comments the other day I realized I completely missed a bloggy milestone.  I have posted 1,092 posts.  This one will be 1,093.  I will be soon at 1100 posts. 

I thought it appropriate to put together a little giveaway to thank all of you for your support, your comments and the friendship.  I recently made two more Poe brooches.  One was a special order for a friend.  I made two so she had a choice.  She picked hers so I am giving away the other. 

The fabric is hand dyed fabric by my friend, Vicki.  The image of Poe is printed from an image I found on the internet and it is adhered to a button with Mod Podge.  I encircled the pic with some seed beads.  I think he is quite the smashing dude!  It is also a large brooch measuring 4.5” wide. 

All you need to do to be entered is to leave a comment on this post.  I will take comments until the first of October.  I will pick the winner on October 2nd.  If you send a friend and they comment you sent them you get an extra entry.  I will use the random number generator to pick the winner. 

Good luck! 

The President and First Lady have designated today a National Day of Service to honor the lives lost on that terrible day.  Let us join together and serve our fellow man and in that honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

If you are not able to volunteer try doing something selfless for your fellow man.  Buy coffee for the car behind you, pay for the next person in the drive through, bring snacks to your co-workers.  Do something nice today! 

DSC02719 (1024x944)As I go about my thrifty and estate saling ways I keep in mind my friends.   I know that this lady loves gingham.  She loves it.  So when I hit a church rummage sale and saw a couple of yards I immediately thought of Vallen.  I put it in the mail and sent it off to her. 

A bit later these lovelies arrived in the mail.  Along with some loose felty roses she had made.  She knows me…broochy, sparkly, flowery…yep she knows me!

Aren’t crafty friends the best???  Thanks , Vallen!

and I am all about a good cause.  I will share this with you.

Won’t you either make or buy a blanket and send it along?  If you decide to participate let me know.  And if you can pass the word along!  Everyone knows somebody…and it only takes one to get it started!  And one to make a difference!

And, remember, on Saturday I will see you here


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