DSC05105 (1024x766) Saturday was the Memory Walk for Alzheimer’s.  It was held here in Richmond at the Genworth campus off of Broad street.  The morning started out cool and crisp which was great for walking.  It was also nice to be there with hundreds of people all walking for a good cause. 

There was music, fun, fellowship, dancing and bubbles.  It was fun blowing bubbles into the breeze and watching the little children try to catch them.  It made me blow faster. 



DSC05104 (983x1024)


In the crowd I saw a cow dancing the Macarena along with a gecko and a few friends.








DSC05108 (737x1024)  

I learned that even restaurant mascots have to take a bathroom break!  I know I am sick, but this was a shot I could not resist taking.  If you look closely at the lady’s feet you will see the bottom of the costume laying in a heap at her feet.  Remember that next time your kid goes in for the big hug!






DSC05107 (1024x742)



It was nice, too, staying with the crowd of walkers.  When I was younger, during gym I was always huffing and puffing and lagging behind!  This time I kept up!




After I finished with the walk, I went to the Have a Heart Bazaar to raise money for the heart association.  Then I went to the 43rd Street Gallery to pick up the print I won at the festival last weekend.  I won this lovely print by the artist Steve Hedberg entitled First Snow In Forest Hill.    Then I treated myself to lunch at the Positive Vibe Cafe

Positive Vibe Foundation (formerly Get Lost MD Foundation) prepares people with cognitive or physical disabilities for paid employment in the food service industry.  We accomplish our mission by training and employing people with disabilities at Max’s Positive Vibe Café.

It was an all around great day for giving back!