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DSC09799 (1024x717)

I was emptying a box I received via UPS today and decided to make some more postcard templates.  I cut off a couple of the flaps and then measured and cut them into 4X6 inch blanks. 

While I was feeling in the creative mood, I decided to make another postcard.  I started with the paints on the background, then used a bit of bubble wrap to make a stamp. 

I added an image I cut from a newspaper and wrote on some text that I thought fit the image. 

DSC09798 (1024x715)

The back of the postcard has some different colors of paints and a wash of glitter paint that I used the heating tool to bubble a bit.  I used the postcard, line and flourish stamp directly on the card this time. 

It has been addressed and this one will be taking an international journey.  Let’s see how it makes it!

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DSC09766 (555x1024)Recently, I came upon a vintage Anagrams game.  It is from the 50s.  The tiles were plastic and were open at the back.  I liked the look of the letters and then the idea came to me…shadowbox! 

I do not solder, so look for ways to incorporate that look using other mediums.  I do want to learn to solder, but until I do, I will try this trick again. 

DSC09764 (598x1024)

Inside, I put a square from a vintage French dictionary, then sealed it well with a few coats of Mod Podge.  On top I glued a mother of pearl button with E6000 glue.  I let the glue dry overnight as it says. 

Then I filled the inside compartment with Diamond Glaze sealing in the button.  I took my time to make sure there were no spots that an air bubble could be created.  Sealing around the button tightly, then filling the button holes completely.  As you know, with Diamond glaze you will get air bubbles anywhere that air can be trapped.  I watched it for several hours checking for air bubbles so I could pop them if needed.  I only had one tiny bubble, that I popped!

When it had set up overnight I then drilled two holes at the corners for the jump rings.  Since it is a plastic game piece it is pretty light, so used some heavier beads at the bottom to give it some heft. 

I love how it came out in the end.  My next one, I will be sure to overfill the center as if you look closely you will see a bit of a wave effect as the Diamond Glaze settled. 

DSC09696 (759x1024)I took a drive on Saturday to Smithfield, VA.  Yes, THAT Smithfield, home of the ham!  The old town section was lovely and so quaint.  It was lined with art, shops, antiques and restaurants.  Also, many historic homes.  It was one of those trips that fed the soul as well as the junking jones!






DSC09700 (1024x755) (2)

I ran into Ben Franklin outside of the Smithfield Times newspaper office.






DSC09697 (1024x756) (2)

This porky beauty outside of the art gallery and visitor’s center.  It is part of their Porcine Parade






DSC09701 (570x1024) (2)This lovely was given to the Isle of Wight County by the Isle of Wight, England.  The phone was long gone, but it still had the crown at the top. 








DSC09705 (1024x768) (732x998)

I would love to live in this house beyond the Crepe Myrtles.  I love that window on the 2nd floor. 







DSC09706 (768x1024) (2)

Check out this lovely confection of a Victorian home.  Isn’t the Gingerbread fabulous! 








DSC09703 (756x1024) (2)

This was the view over the hill at the corner of Main and Church Streets.  It was lovely! 







I managed to find a few trinkets and hit a few thrift shops, too.  I also had the best burger ever!  So, I will definitely be back again! 

Happy 4th of July!

I thought this one was too great not to share! Hope you are having a snappy 4th, too!

DSC09690 (1024x702)

I was cleaning out some papers from my desk when I came upon a scarp of cardboard.  Likely it was packing for something I ordered from Etsy or Ebay.  I thought, “that is the size of a postcard.” 

Then the wheels got turning.  I mixed some paints to make the background, found an image in my tin where I cut out cute images to use one day, and stamped the quote by Thomas Edison. 

DSC09692 (1024x705)

On the back I used scraps of book text to stamp the postcard, the line and the flourish on it. 

I added a thank you message for some craft goodies I received recently from a crafty friend, affixed a postcard stamp and it will be on its way tomorrow. 

I hope the recipient enjoys it!

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