DSC09799 (1024x717)

I was emptying a box I received via UPS today and decided to make some more postcard templates.  I cut off a couple of the flaps and then measured and cut them into 4X6 inch blanks. 

While I was feeling in the creative mood, I decided to make another postcard.  I started with the paints on the background, then used a bit of bubble wrap to make a stamp. 

I added an image I cut from a newspaper and wrote on some text that I thought fit the image. 

DSC09798 (1024x715)

The back of the postcard has some different colors of paints and a wash of glitter paint that I used the heating tool to bubble a bit.  I used the postcard, line and flourish stamp directly on the card this time. 

It has been addressed and this one will be taking an international journey.  Let’s see how it makes it!