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I saw a tutorial in a craft magazine years ago about a brooch made with old guitar keys.  I set out to locate some old guitar keys.  No one seemed to want to give them up if they might have them.  I checked guitar sales stores, guitar restoration stores, but no one wanted to sell any. 

I went to an estate sale company’s warehouse sale and found a bag of banjo keys.  The motherload! 

Then I couldn’t find the magazine that I was sure I saved with the pic, so I went for it. 

For the body I used a Jenga game piece, the head a checker, the arms the banjo keys.  I added some twisted wire for her hair, a watch crystal to cover her face.  I printed some music images onto a transparency and then put text from book pages inside it.  

I added some brass feet and seed beads and called her complete. 

DSC07390 (895x1024)DSC07389 (993x1024)

I love how she ended up and she proudly sits on my kitchen windowsill.  I just love her.  My altered angel.