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This week’s random act of kindness started with an observation.  I noticed a lady at my local grocery story that always looked so sad and forlorn.  I asked a couple of the cashiers about her and they told me her husband had recently passed and she was quite sad.  They told me that he would buy her a bunch of flowers on each of their shopping trips.  Now, they said, she just comes for her groceries. 

I handed them a $20 and said to buy as many bunches of flowers as that would cover.  They bought her three bunches and saw them scrounging some more money from the other cashiers.  They chipped in to buy her three more.  She was given the 6 bunches of flowers by the cashiers and she started to cry.  She told them that she had really been feeling all alone that day and the flowers were like her husband telling her all was going to be okay. 

She wiped her eyes and smiled a huge smile.  She told them with the exception of her wedding day and the birth of her kids this was the very best day!

It was for me, too!