DSC02670 (1024x620) A while back, I was trolling some of my favorite thrift stores as I seem to do a lot when I spied a button necklace.  It was lovely, had some great buttons and was really different.  I, however, didn’t like the price tag.  The buttons were great, but not $25 worth of great.  Instead of waiting for markdowns and hoping it stayed there I decided to think through a way that I could make it. 

The buttons on the thrift shop necklace were held on a carrier that was plastic.  I have seen them since at some of the craft stores, but thought I could figure out how to make it with what I already have.  I was picking up some wooden checkers DSC02671 (1024x896) when the inspiration hit me.  Use the checkers to hold the buttons.  That is how this necklace came to life. 

I love how it came out.  I added a second string so that I could add some additional beads to the front of the necklace.  I like how it turned out. 

Next time I will make some changes: use thinner checkers, drill two holes in the checkers so they will sit flat with the help of the necklace, and make it a tad bit shorter.  This one is 18” and it could be a bit tighter, but not a choker.  I cannot tolerate chokers!

What has inspired you?