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I found this crocheted double bed sized afghan at the Goodwill Outlet.  In case you don’t have an outlet it is the last outpost for the goods that they sell.  If they don’t sell at the outlet it is off to the scrap bales.  This afghan is crocheted in this awesome square pattern and in perfect shape.  I bought it for 59 cents per pound which works out to about $3.00!  Can you believe nobody bought it before it hit the outlet?

Button Bonanza…


I found the buttons at the 17th Street Farmer’s Market on Sunday.  The small buttons I bought from one gentleman.  He started with a large jar of them and they whittled down to a small batch.  I asked him today what he would sell the remainder to me for.  He told me he was selling them for the price on the card.  He sold them to me lock, stock and barrel for $6.  I was also going to buy the 2 sets of beading needles priced at 25 cents each, but he threw them in for free.  The buttons on the left side I bought from another seller for 50 cents per card.  I also bought the vintage shoe clip and the set of vintage clip earrings and the foreign coins from another vendor.




The Midlothian Antique mart was having a celebration so all of the booths were 20-30% off the marked price.  There is a booth that I hit often that sells vintage sewing notions and fabric.  She had the ric-rac for $1-3 per pack and with the 25% off they were 75 cents to $2.10 per pack.  The buttons were 50 cents and the packet of vintage button cards was 75 cents.  I also found the hand painted tape measure, the necklace (for the beads) and the flower brooch. 



I also found the box of vintage flashcards and the book at the Goodwill outlet.  The box of flash cards is almost filled.  The vintage bridge pad and the purse handles I found at the Thrifty Quaker along with some fabric.