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pair of decorative metal pieces for assemblage or collage CSSTeam


Karla, whose blog I follow and her Etsy shop I cruise, recently went to a sale of an assemblage artist and bought some interesting goodies.  I immediately spied the treble clef and since I love music I HAD to have it. 

I was sitting around on Sunday since we were having a wintry mix for most of the day found myself with a lot of time indoors.  All of a sudden inspiration hit me and I knew what I was going to do with my treble clef. 



DSC01623 I present to you Miss Kitty, the Queen of the Pussycat Cabaret.  Did any of you watch Gunsmoke?  Remember Miss Kitty the saloon owner and (I believe, but they never said) Madam?  Well, she was not modeled after that Miss Kitty, but that is the name I decided to give her. 

Her torso is the treble clef that I backed with some scrapbook paper, her face is stamped onto a piece of pink paper, the arms, legs and ears are all scrapbook paper.  Since there was not much area to affix the arms and hers were a bit low I added the lace collar to help a bit.  She was quite freakish looking without it. 

DSC01624     DSC01625


So now you know what rolls through my mind…altered doll ideas and old west show madams, but not necessarily in that order.  Now let me introduce Miss Kitty to the other dolls, button fairies, and Dotees in my collection.  She will be hanging out with me and the girls for much longer than an hour and I won’t have to pay her!

I belong to a Flickr group of altered domino and other game pieces creators.  It is a lot of fun and Jo always seems to come up with great swaps from time to time.  I join the swaps as the project interests me.  I joined the swap recently for an ATC using a game piece.  I had a hard time thinking of my idea with this one and brought it almost down to the wire.  Last day to mail was 2-28, mine was mailed on 2-26.  Made it with two days to spare. 

I have participated in other swaps including a domino doll.  I have also been intrigued lately with ATC dolls where people place jointed dolls onto ATCs that when they fold they are ATC size.  Mine is not that intricate, but it is a doll and is on an ATC.

DSC01617 DSC01618

I painted a mini domino light blue using acrylic paints and then covered it with polycrylic to seal it.  I added a stamped face glued with dimensional dots to raise it a bit, used a little crown charm, added stamping to the background and the arms and legs along with a bit of ink.  The arms and legs both move, but the body, head and crown stay put. 

I really like this one and almost made one for myself.  My partner is in Israel and it is on its way.  I hope Yafit likes it. 

I have been reorganizing my apartment a lot since I have so much free time.  It is maddening the length of days and weeks when you don’t have a job to go to.  There are sometimes 2-3 days I am not sure what day it is.  I have to sit and think what TV show I watched the previous night to recall the day of the week. 

Part of the reorg involved clearing off my sewing machine table.  The table and my sewing chair seem to be the catch all for the stuff I bring into that room.  It piles up quickly and prevents me from using it as I hate to move it all to move it all back.  Sad, huh?

Since the sewing machine and the chair are now all clear I have been using it a bit more and creating fabric ATCs for the latest MAMMA challenges.  This week’s challenge was to use a Mona Lisa image for your creation.  I decided to use an image via gel medium transfer.  Since I never know how it will work and I don’t put all of my eggs in a single image basket I normally start with 3.  Usually, I end up with one that I can use.  This time, perhaps because I am getting better at the technique or I just lucked out I ended up with 3. 





This card is entitled Mona’s Heart.

The Mona image is transferred onto white muslin material.  That is sewn onto another piece of fabric.  The heart image is from a dictionary page that is sewn onto the card.  A bit of yarn and some beading complete the card.




DSC01619 DSC01620

I made two other cards with the extra images, but didn’t enter them in the swap.  These will be used for Kate’s Birthday ATC swap for some upcoming birthdays.  I added polka dot bias tape , vintage lace, a vintage flower image, and some vintage buttons to complete the cards. 

DSC01622 I received a couple of great cards in trade this week.  The first is from Fidgetrainbowtree and is for the bird swap. 

The second is from Nancy for the India swap.  She drew the lovely image by hand. 



What have you been up to? 

DSC01590This week’s MAMMA challenge was to create a Zetti ATC.  I  have seen them, I liked them, I have received them, but never have I created one.  I had no idea where to start.

I knew they were a bit out there, they were usually black and white or had those colors in them and that they normally had a black and white border.  They could be scary, they could be weird, they were definitely a work of artistic fancy.  You can see more examples in this Yahoo group

This was my attempt and my very first Zetti.  I used a black and white image of a child holding their breath.  For that image I drew a fish body with black and white stripes.  I also drew the polka dots and borders all using my gel pens.  I added the text also to the card.

I think I did pretty good for my first attempt. 


I also received my swap for last week’s triptych swap.  This is from Hattie Heart.  I remember watching Red on The Tonight Show and Merv Griffin.  I also watched the reruns of his show often.  I thought he was great. 

Thanks, Hattie, for bringing back such nice memories.

Have you tried a new technique lately?

DSC01581 This month’s challenge for the MAD (Monthly Art Dolls) MAMMA group was spring.  The template for the doll was loaned to us by Tootieu.  Her doll template is so whimsical and I loved it when I first saw it.  Imagine my delight when she let us use it and MAMMA chose it for the February swap. 


DSC01580 DSC01577

The background is scrapbook paper that I stamped and inked to distress it.  I added some paper flowers, a stamped face with a paper flower behind it.  Flower brads finish the look. 

She reminds me of the blue skies of spring.  The blue skies that show up after the April showers.  The ones that bring the May flowers.  Man, I cannot wait for spring to get here!  The last few days have been in the 70’s here in central Virginia.  I have spring fever BAD.  Really, really BAD!


I received last month’s doll from Meggymay.  Her name is Petunia.  I love her hair and her cuff bracelet!  Her petunias are lovely, too. 

Thanks, Yvonne!  She will be right at home with my button fairies and Dotees. 

What have you been making lately?

DSC01558This week MAMMA challenged us to create a triptych.  This is an ATC that folds and has 3 sides.  It gives you a lot more area to work with than the traditional ATC which is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.  It also gave me an opportunity to play with the Grungeboard I recently purchased.

The Grungeboard was painted and then inked with gold and bronze inks on the outside and on the inside it is inked with burgundy and bronze inks.  On the outside is an old blind pull with an image of a Madonna inside it.  The card closes with ribbon secured to buttons and threaded through eyelets. 


Inside the card are 2 leather mini frames, French language textbook pages, the image from a needle threader, a vintage clothing label, a feather from a vintage sewing hook/eye card, a stamped bird image and an angel pig image from the collage image group. 

I enjoyed the triptych as it gives you a lot more room to work with. 

You are beautiful ATC for MAMMA challenge by DianthusMoon.

I received the card from the supplied image swap, but forgot to post it last week so I will share it this week.  It was created by Dianne

This week’s challenge scares me a bit it is Zettiology.  You can see examples here.  This one will take some time. 

Wish me luck!   If you have done one before, give me pointers, please!!!

I participated in Cyber Fyber’s World ATC day which was held on January 17th.  I sent 3 ATCs for the swap and received 3 in return. 


There is this lovely water color Sleeper by David Yaghjian.  







Nordic Runes I by Shirley Whitlock.  The description indicates it is acrylic and mixed medium.









And this lovely and vibrant piggy card by Ingrid Dijkers. 









The second week of 2009 challenge for MAMMA was birds.  This is the card I created for that swap.  The quotation on the card is from Sadako Sasaki.  You can read more about her and her story here

The background is scrapbook paper with a thick layer of gesso to give it texture.  The bird image is from a thrifted birding book, the text is printed on vellum paper.  I added a few soft pink blossoms as a nod to Sadako and the Japanese gift of Cherry trees to the US. 

If you have never been to the tidal basin in DC when the Cherry trees are blooming in the spring you have missed out on quite a sight. 






I also created a second ATC using the same quote that is available for trade if you are interested. 



Have you been in any great swaps lately?

DSC01535The MAD MAMMA challenge gave me a bolt of inspiration.  I decided to create an altered ballerina.  Her face is made using sculpey, acrylic paints, markers and stickles glitter on her eyebrows and lips for a bit of sparkle. 

I cut her body from scrapbook paper (backed with a cereal box) and then rubber stamped it using my bird and flower stamps.  A bit of pink lace scrap gathered for her tutu.  She is topped off with some fun fur hair containing all the colors in her body and topped with a silver crown charm. 




I really like how she came out.  I like that she is very alternative swan lake.  When I was younger I liked playing with dolls so this is my grown up play. 

What toys do you incorporate with your crafting today?

I joined a birthday ATC swap hosted by Kate.  There are a total of 33 participants.  We create for birthdays each month.  Next month, February, is the largest group with 6.  On my birthday in April I can look forward to receiving 33 ATCs.  How cool will that be?  The ATCs can be created using any medium.  I have been making 1-2 extras each time I create for a swap.  This is the batch that will be headed out at the end of this month so I can make the first birthday on the 4th.  She is in the Netherlands, so I will have to mail by the first of next week to be sure they arrive in time.

DSC01545 DSC01546

DSC01547 DSC01548

DSC01549 DSC01550


This is also a great excuse to practice some of the new techniques I am working on.  Like rubber stamping backgrounds, doodling, and scripting.  

I have also joined a couple of art groups on Yahoo.  One is a Dremel for Artists group and the other is a Mixed Media Art Group.  The Mixed media group is having a charm swap.  You create 5 and get 5 in return.  I have joined two of the swaps, one for game pieces (small dominos or scrabble pieces) and the other for fabric/sewing.  I want to learn to make quilties so no time like the present.  It combines some of my favs: sewing, beading, and embroidery.  I will also gain 10 charms from some great artists.  That will be enough to make a charm bracelet. 

Cool, huh?

Are you in any good swaps or challenges?  Or maybe just working on something new?

It was freaking cold this passed weekend.  Friday night it was 8 degrees!  EIGHT. DEGREES!  Saturday topped out at a delightful 29 degrees. TWENTY-NINE. DEGREES!  Today was better it was a balmy 42 degrees.  We were supposed to have some rain/snow mix today, but thankfully it missed us.  We always get the mix here in Central Virginia which translates to either sleet or freezing rain.  Glad that missed us!

The temperature is supposed to stay in the 40’s for most of this week with the overnights in the teens and 20’s.  That is wear my socks to bed kind of cold.  I normally have to have my feet cold in order to sleep, but when it is that cold, the socks are required wearing.  Woolen ones even! 

I have another good weekend at the thrifts.  I scored a Coach purse at the Goodwill for $4!  It doesn’t look like it has been used at all and is in perfect shape.  It is the older leather style in black and not the newer cloth styles that are the rage now.  I almost passed it by, but that chunky brass zipper and the feel of the leather stopped me.  I then checked inside for the telltale seal and serial number.  Both were there…score.  I had a lady that saw me looking inside for the seal and serial number follow me around the store.  She thought I was going to change my mind.  FOOL!  I must admit I had a little fun with her and made u-turns and went down some aisles twice.  I think I heard her curse me as I headed for the checkout, too!


Last week’s MAMMA challenge was Man/Men.  This is the card I received from Sherry entitled So Macho!

This week the challenge was to create with a provided image.  This was the card I created.


I used scrapbook paper for the background, added some rubber stamped images, affixed the image to a balsam wood square and then topped it all with gel medium.  I love the texture of the brush strokes on the image. 


I also received my charm from T for a swap in the altered domino and other game pieces group I belong to.  I love the image on this domino and also the dangly charms she sent and the extras to change as I go along. 

Thanks, T, it is great! 

What did you do this past weekend?

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